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  1. R

    Samsung S7 FE tablet worth buying?

    I have a Samsung A7 10.1 tablet and have been considering an upgrade for a while. I've had a look around and while I would like an S7+ I can't justify the price and the only S7 tablets I can find in stock are the 5G versions which would mean I would be paying extra for something I probably...
  2. G

    Question AVR2300W inteference

    I have a Denon AVR2300W paired with a Philips 55PUS6401. It's all working well on the whole except when I use Online Music/Bluetooth. Whenever I unlock my Samsung S7 the TV screen distorts and shows visible corruption. I've never seen anything like it. It's happens fairly regularly; the below...
  3. yorkshirecath

    Transferring photos from a Samsung S7

    I can't seem to do it! Do i need a different cable than the one i use to charge it? Doesn't show up on my computer. Google says to drag down the notifications bar and it should say Media device(MTP) but it doesn't?? Help. Thanks
  4. GadgetObsessed

    Samsung S7 Screen Repair Recomendations

    I have a Samsung S7 Edge that has been dropped and the screen is cracked and the bottom 1cm of the screen now just shows a green stripe. There are occasional flashing vertical lines on the LCD too. I have contacted Screen Medic as they are well regarded and they quoted me £260 for a repair. At...
  5. twist

    Question Samsung S7 smartphone warranty

    Hi All, Want to buy one of these, will i require a re eipt/ proof of purchase to make any warranty claims? Thanks
  6. K

    Samsung S7 or Sony Xperia X Compact

    Hi It's upgrade time again and as I've had Samsungs for so many years now I fancy a change. There are so many phones that look alike now that there really isn't a lot of choice if you fancy something that looks different. I came upon the Sony Xperia X Compact and I have a choice of that or a...
  7. J

    samsung s7 warranty

    i bought a samsung s7 from carohone warehouse just under 2 months ago and today dropped it and the led screen an cracked a little and the screen has gone purple, im just wondering with me only buying it in a short period of time, if samsung or carphone warehouse will pay for the repair as it...
  8. S

    Question Samsung S7 edge blacklisted options

    So I bought an S7 edge a few months ago and now its blacklisted, reported stolen. Im waiting for the police to sort it out but if all else fails does anyone know the best way to sell the phone? I know it will work abroad as blacklisting is country specific from what i've read. Just not sure...
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