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  1. G

    Best full Samsung QLED reset

    For best results, are there any advantages by resetting the TV from the hidden menu? If yes, are there any possible drawbacks by attempting this procedure? Thanks
  2. I

    Samsung QLED Q64 with Denon Soundbar wrong input source

    Hello my fellow avforumists, I'm having some issues with the sound on my Samsung TV. I have a Samsung QLED 4K 43Q64T (2020) in combination with the Denon DHT-S216 connected through the ARC connector. The Denon (Soundbar) works fine ok. I have a Nintendo switch connected to the TV and also the...
  3. videonastie

    Connection to Sky Q UHD & Samsung QLED

    I have had the YSP-2200 for a few years now & it all worked great with my Panasonic Viera HD plasma TV. I have recently upgraded to a Samsung QLED 4K set, plus a Sky Q UHD box & I can no longer get HD sound via the ARC on my TV. I now have to connect the Sky Q UHD box directly to the TV & the...
  4. Jimmyjamwhambam

    Denon amp Samsung qled TV surround sound issues

    Hi all I have the Denon avr 6500 and the q9fn qled TV. I want to put all the hdmis into the one connect box and have one hdmi going to the amp through the arc output tondonall the sound. When I donthis I cannot get surround sound through my blubray player, it will output stereo fine but not...
  5. S

    How to make voice search on Samsung QLED TV QN55Q60TB like Roku or Fire Stick

    Whether I use google assistant or bixby voice search on that TV it's pretty much useless. If I speak stuff like hbo max or starz it doesn't show up. I say Aquaman it should show me its available on HBOMax which it is but only gives me the VOD options. If I do voice search on Roku or FireTV it...
  6. S

    Possible to disable HDR on Sony X800H and Samsung QLED TV QN55Q60TB?

    The Samsung TV plays HDR on everything and the Sony TV plays HDR only on HDR continent. I looked through everything and googled too can't find anything.
  7. Kes32

    Samsung QLED 55" 80T

    Just bought Samsung QLED 55" 80T TV. I have resolution set to 1080 but each time I switch on TV to watch a recorded program I get pop up message saying something like..... "change your resolution setting for better picture". Is this just a programmed pop up or do I really need to make some...
  8. J

    Is this normal for a Samsung QLED TV?

    Hi all, I recently complained to Samsung about a vignette around my new QLED TV. They were initially very helpful, organising a local company to look into it and saying they were going to send an engineer round and "order some parts". I have just received an email from them though to say that...
  9. J

    Samsung QLED Satellite feed x 2 - which ones have it?

    Evening all. I’m considering ditching sky and using the twin satellite cable to connect directly into the TV. I’ve searched and searched on so many sites including Samsung itself, even downloading manuals and I can’t find the answer... Which TVs in the OLED range have twin satellite feeds or...
  10. L

    Samsung QLED (Q70/75T) - feed two external audio systems

    I have a Q75T feeding a Sonos Beam via the HDMI arc socket on the TV. I would like to also feed a pair of headphones at the same time but, unlike Sony TVs, Samsung don't provide a pair of RCA phono sockets. Are there any gadgets that I can insert in the HDMI feed to the Sonos Beam and which...
  11. P-P-S-S

    How to change the names of the USB inputs on a Samsung Qled?

    I have a couple of WD external hard drives which I have connected to the USB ports of the Oneconnect box on my Samsung Q90R. I have changed the names of these two hard drives (on my Mac) however the names I have given them do not show on the menu bar of the Samsung. Do I need to do anything else...
  12. moneybanks77

    Samsung QLED purple lines advice

    Hello people! I have an issue with my ks8000 in the bedroom. It sometimes gets these purple lines on the screen whilst viewing, they get worse during bright HDR areas and can spread all the way along the screen but can also completely dissapear. I can go a few days without them showing up then...
  13. Rich5ltr

    Question Samsung Q7F 49" One Connect - Sound Cut Out Issue - Ideas?

    I have a Samsung QE49Q7F and the sound cuts out momentarily. Just a really short cut out, say 1/4 second but it's very annoying. If I turn the TV off at the mains and restart it it may be ok for a day or two but then the fault starts again. It's completely random because some days it will do it...
  14. K

    Samsung QLed TV Screen separation

    We have just noticed the front of the screen on our QLed TV is separating from the TV. Of course, we bought it 2 !/2 years ago, so no warranty. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  15. jaksirak

    Need assistance: Denon AVR-X4700H Compatibility

    Hello everyone, I'm new here in this forum, this is actually my first post. :) I'd like to share with you guys, an issue I am experiencing hoping maybe somone could assist me... Recently I upgraded my receiver from Denon AVR-X1400H to Denon AVR-X4700H. The following inputs are connected to the...
  16. brat1111

    Sony Bravia FWD-65A9G/T or Samsung QLED QE65Q950TS for gaming only?

    Having a hard time choosing between these two. I'd imagine the Samsung one is better image-wise but Sony has kick-ass motion handling.
  17. A

    4k movies revert from 60p to 24p on Samsung QLED. Does anyone know why?

    Hello, I have a Sony UPB-X700 4k blue ray player connected to Samsung Q70 65" QLED TV with a 18Gbs HDMI cable. Purchased TV last month & Sony player over the weekend. I played a 4k movie the other day & noticed, just prior to movie loading up, the player displayed 4k/60p/SDR & screen blacked...
  18. Boostrail

    What do I get for £500 more for me 49/50" Samsung QLED

    OK having read the informative thread on the Sony and LG OLED 48" TV's I have decided that I will go for a Samsung QLED. However I find that there are essentially 2 different models with a price differential of £500. QE49Q80T £1199 and QE50Q65T £699 Firstly are these both Samsung VA panels or...
  19. J

    Satelite picture help

    Just recently upgraded my TV to a Samsung Qled with Freesat, not impressed with it so far as the dark scenes still are ‘blocky’ This cannot be third faulty TV in 2 years? Our last LG TV suffered from the ‘blocky image and the TVs went back and confirmed they had a fault and couldn’t be...
  20. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Samsung QLED TVs awarded screen safety certification

    Leading safety institutes have granted Samsung’s high end 8K and 4K QLED TVs eye safety verification. Read the news.
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