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  1. DevonMike

    Samsung Qled QE55Q65B. Opinions please..

    Been looking into a possible replacement for my aging Sony 7073 TV that's done me proud for a few years. I finally settled on my Sony as out of many that I checked out it didn't have any dse or banding as iam unable to deal with such things. I'm looking into paying extra on top of a potential...
  2. S

    QLED to OLED

    Hello, I currently have a 65" Q9FN and I am considering moving up to a 75-77". With some of the 2021 prices starting to drop now (including in the current Prime day offers) I have been looking at OLED's as a possibility for the first time. The TV is in a North facing room, tucked in a corner...
  3. Turnbullissimo

    Samsung QLED USB recording query

    I have ditched me old box recorder to use the built in facility with an external hard drive. Recording from the EPG is no problem. What happens when the programme has started? There is no record button on any of my Samsung remotes. I'm befuddled.
  4. BloodOfDoom

    Samsung QLED Q60A Menu Glitch

    My Samsung QLED Q60A that I have a owned for about a year now has a strange line that appears and disappears in the settings menu. It seems to only be triggered when I cold boot the tv. The line appears on the bottom and right corners of the settings menu. I am unsure if this line is being drawn...
  5. Y

    First 4K TV - Samsung QLED vs Sony

    Hi everyone, I’m buying my first 4K TV, coming from a 2012 Hitachi, so anything will be an upgrade. Budget not the greatest (approx. £600), but happy to increase if justified. Uses: Movies (Netflix, Prime, Disney+) Gaming (PS4, with an upgrade to PS5 next year) Listening to Music (Spotify)...
  6. S

    No video signal from Onkyo TX NR686 on Samsung QLED 2021

    hi and thanks for reading! I've been using my Onkyo TX NR-686 without issues for a while, upgraded my tv yesterday to a 4K Samsung QLED 65QN95A and it won't display anything at all. Arc works, I'm getting audio if I plug another hdmi device into the TV over the HDMI arc port to the Onkyo, CEC...
  7. A

    Samsung qled q7580aa screen has high frequency noise at times

    In December I've brought the Samsung qled 75q80aa mid range sort of screen for 120hz for my Xbox series x. I upgraded from a Samsung 65 8000 series LCD. Anyway when the Xbox was on YouTube with the sound muted I've noticed a high frequency noise coming from the left side that I believe not...
  8. I

    Samsung QLED Repair

    Hi All, I have a 43" Q60R that will turn itself off after a few minutes and reboot. It's out of warranty and most of the threads I find point to either; 1. A bulged capacitor 2. A problem with the main board I've disassembled the TV and there doesn't seem to be any bulged capacitors. Does...
  9. MarkSapsford

    Samsung QLED TV & Samsung Q950A combination together

    Hi Everyone, I have a Samsung QLED TV & Q950A combination, having purchased a Samsung Q950A Sound bar (system still in box), and a 65 Inch NEO QLED TV. I now have the issue of finding a suitable stand/media unit Either one with a pull out shelf that the sound bar can be pulled out for when in...
  10. M

    Samsung Qled One Remote and Sky Q

    So I have: Samsung Q 6 series Sonos Playbar Sky Q I had everything working for years with my Samsung One Remote. I could control the Sonos Playbar and also the Sky Q (in a closed cupboard) I have literally jjust moved everything into a different room and for some reason had to set the one...
  11. Emila

    Samsung QLED tv with dark cloud and brighter line - how to fix?

    Hi. I purchased my tv in Dec 2020. In Sept 2021, it developed this horizontal darker cloud area with a brighter line under it. About a week a later, it got slightly bigger and turned down on a slant. I've attached a photo. Is this something I can fix myself by adjusting settings or resetting the...
  12. P

    TV Samsung QLED 65"

    Hello, how to hide the virtual keyboard on TV QLED 65 "If external keyboard connected Thank you
  13. user444

    Samsung QLED 4K 55Q64A vs PHILIPS The One 58PUS8545/12 ( or other 55-60'' TV recommendations)

    Hi everyone, I am willing to buy a TV around 55-60'' (mostly for watching sports and Netflix movies). I have found these two TV's at around the same price (600e): Samsung QE55Q60A - 55 inch - 4K QLED - 2021 and PHILIPS The One 58PUS8545/12 . My first concern is about the difference of the...
  14. P

    My LG CX is coming tomorrow - first time OLED please help

    Hi, I got a Samsung Q9FN 65" QLED. Now I got a CX coming tomorrow to replace it. I have never seen an OLED in person before and I have never seen Dolby Vision content in person before either. Will there be any noticeable difference or brightness? It's in my bedroom, light is dim because I...
  15. B

    Samsung QLED Q900R 75" Screen Issue -Resolution Needed

    Hi guys, I need your earnest support and advice. I had purchased a new Samsung QLED 8K TV in the year 2020. The date of purchase was 12-09-2020 which means the TV is still under the one-year manufacturer warranty. Q900R 75" (Model No: QA75Q900RBKXZN) I would like to tell you also that I used it...
  16. G

    Best full Samsung QLED reset

    For best results, are there any advantages by resetting the TV from the hidden menu? If yes, are there any possible drawbacks by attempting this procedure? Thanks
  17. I

    Samsung QLED Q64 with Denon Soundbar wrong input source

    Hello my fellow avforumists, I'm having some issues with the sound on my Samsung TV. I have a Samsung QLED 4K 43Q64T (2020) in combination with the Denon DHT-S216 connected through the ARC connector. The Denon (Soundbar) works fine ok. I have a Nintendo switch connected to the TV and also the...
  18. videonastie

    Connection to Sky Q UHD & Samsung QLED

    I have had the YSP-2200 for a few years now & it all worked great with my Panasonic Viera HD plasma TV. I have recently upgraded to a Samsung QLED 4K set, plus a Sky Q UHD box & I can no longer get HD sound via the ARC on my TV. I now have to connect the Sky Q UHD box directly to the TV & the...
  19. Jimmyjamwhambam

    Denon amp Samsung qled TV surround sound issues

    Hi all I have the Denon avr 6500 and the q9fn qled TV. I want to put all the hdmis into the one connect box and have one hdmi going to the amp through the arc output tondonall the sound. When I donthis I cannot get surround sound through my blubray player, it will output stereo fine but not...
  20. S

    How to make voice search on Samsung QLED TV QN55Q60TB like Roku or Fire Stick

    Whether I use google assistant or bixby voice search on that TV it's pretty much useless. If I speak stuff like hbo max or starz it doesn't show up. I say Aquaman it should show me its available on HBOMax which it is but only gives me the VOD options. If I do voice search on Roku or FireTV it...
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