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  1. w4tchmaker

    Is edge light bleed fixable, even by a pro? (Samsung KS9000)

    I've got a 65" Samsung KS9000 that was purchased new in 2017, so it's been in use for 5 years. Old, but not that old. Over the last year, some small points of light bleed on the bottom edge have begun to spread. I'm also noticing uneven light all around the bottom, especially in dark movie...
  2. w4tchmaker

    How to access the service menu on Samsung KS9000 from 2016?

    Hi there! I can't figure out how to access the service menu on my Samsung UN65KS9000 TV, which is a model from 2016. I'd like to disable the awful Pulse Width Modulation / Global Dimming "feature" which reduces the luminance on dark scenes when the TV perceives a certain threshold of pixels...
  3. S

    Question Apple TV 4K, Roku 4K or New TV?

    Hi All I have ditched Sky Q as I mostly watch free channels anyway and also have an Amazon Prime Subscription and I am considering signing back up to Netflix I really like the idea of the Apple TV App and its universal search feature and machine learning suggestions but my Samsung UE55KS9000...
  4. A

    samsung KS9000 internal sat tunner not working on fixed dish single lnb

    Hello, Iam havng probkems getting my in built sat tuner to on my KS9000, it used t work before when used but not anynore as I was using a sperate dedocated sat tuner before. I have a single dish and LNB set at 28.2 e The dish works with seperate sat box but not with my TV. I connected a single...
  5. Y

    Question Sony XE9300 or Samsung KS9000

    Hello, Decided to finally upgrade to UHD and think I've narrowed it down to the Samsung KS9000 or the Sony XE9300. Looking at the 65 inch models and will be watching a combination of standard, high, and ultra definition content. Any advice/thoughts would be much appreciated Thanks
  6. Dylanno1

    Samsung KS9000 HELP PLEASE

    Okay so i have contacted Samsung and the retailer from ebay about this issue and non have helped me my problem is that the tv sticker says it is a ks9000 BUT on contact Samsung says it is a ks8000 this is on display shows serial number etc, what I'm confused on is the fact that the ks8000 is a...
  7. gskhoro

    Samsung KS9000 and select chrome

    Good day! I need your help. Today I found on the Internet about the input lag of my TV one thing. If you play in the mode 1080p @ 60Hz - 20 milliseconds. if 1080p @ 60Hz @ 4: 4: 4 - then 37 milliseconds (this is bad for online games). In 4K resolution too. 4k @ 60Hz - 20 ms. 4k @ 60Hz @ 4:4:4 -...
  8. sanjit

    Samsung ks9000 series wall mount screws/bolt size?

    I sold my 49ks9000 and upgraded to the 55" version, the chap I sold my tv to wants to mount the tv on a alphason stand but he is finding it hard to source any mounting bolts, anyone have any clues as to what size is needed?
  9. Lunatis

    Answered Samsung KS9000

    Hi there, I hope im writing in the correct place with my question and ill try to explain my issue the best I can and maybe you guys can help me out. So, i bought a new TV at a good price the Samsung KS9000. Im very happy with it apart form one thing. It doesn't have a 3.5mm output for...
  10. regis

    Question Yamaha YSP-2700 perfect match with Samsung KS9000?

    Hi everyone, after so many thoughts I came to the conclusion of matching the TV Samsung UE55KS9000, with a soundbar Yamaha YSP-2700. What do you think? Has anyone already bought the YSP-2700?
  11. J

    Question Samsung KS9000 won't connect to BT Smart Hub

    Hi, I have a Samsung KS9000 tv, when i first got it i had an older BT router and it was connected to the tv fine, i could search for and download updates etc, i have recently upgraded the internet to BT Infinity and got a new smart hub with it, not i can no longer connect the tv to the router i...
  12. R

    Samsung Ks9000 with Denon Ax2200 Issue

    Hi Currently have a Samsung Ks9000 connected to a Denon AX2200w amp. My sky box is connected to the amp. Up until recently I was able to control the volume on the receiver through both the sky remote and to remote. Not sure if this is to do with the automatic updates on both, but I am no...
  13. A

    Samsung KS9000 not detecting Dolby Digital/AC3 on Freeview HD

    All was working fine on my TV and AVR for a month, then all of a sudden I m no longer getting Dolby Digital output / AC3 as sometimes from my KS 9000 TV to AVR when watching freeview HD channels it only show up as Dolby Pro Logic2 on my AVR? It used to show up as Dolby digital on the AVR...
  14. Mish23

    Samsung ks9000 back ground all blured out of focus and motion probs tv new what is wrong please help

    New samsung ks9000 picture showing shocking everything in background is so blured out of focus it is impossible to see trees books on a book shelf peoples faces all blured except for main person in front. It is not possible to watch as give me migraine feel drunk trying to focus . Some pics even...
  15. jettyson

    Question SSD external hard drive for Samsung KS9000

    I purchased a 55" SUHD 4k Flat Smart TV KS9000 Series 9 (UA55KS9000S - that is NZ model number) last year. I have decided to give SKY TV the punt and am looking for a suitable external hard drive so I can record TV. Ideally that would be a >1TB solid state hard drive so as to have no 'low...
  16. J

    Will settings on Samsung KS9000 reset after a software update?

    Hi, just out of interest, as soon as i got my samsung ks9000 i updated the software straight away, but after setting it up and also changing all the colour settings via the recommended setup guide on here for this tv, i dont want to have to redo all that if there is a new software update, so...
  17. J

    Answered Does the samsung ks9000 supposed to have a slight judder?

    Does the Samsung ks9000 supposed to have a slight judder / pause in the picture every now and then? up to now i have left the settings as default, but i have noticed when watching a program, it seems to be if there’s a change in the scene from one to the next sometimes it will give a slight...
  18. P

    Samsung KS9000 bright mark on light colours

    I bought a 49" Samsung KS9000 from a returns/refurber warehouse (saved £700) just before Christmas, the only issue with it was a small section of the antiglare coating had been scratched near the edge, so small actually that it took me a long long time to find. Anyway, all was going swimmingly...
  19. jupebox

    Samsung KS9000

    How much is a 48" display (floor) model of a Samsung JS9000 worth? What would you pay? I really appreciate your input.
  20. L

    Samsung ks9000

    lost source menu? it's blank
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