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Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy (stylized as Samsung GALAXY or SAMSUNG Galaxy) is a series of Android-powered mobile computing devices designed, manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics.
The product line includes the Galaxy S series of high-end smartphones, the Galaxy Tab series of tablets, the Galaxy Note series of tablets and phablets with the added functionality of a stylus and the first version of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, with later versions dropping the Galaxy branding.
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  1. Mr-Mixalot

    For Sale BNIB Galaxy Buds Pro 2 In Graphite

    Part of my S24+ promotion but I prefer my Pixel Buds Pro The asking price of £105 includes delivery Thanks for looking
  2. joesvx

    For Trade iPhone 15 Pro 128GB, White Titanium -> Pixel Fold + ~£75

    I'm looking to trade this for a Pixel Fold in all honesty - in person swap in Aberdeen(shire)/Inverness/Dundee/Perth/Glasgow/Edinburgh is fine, but as it's my only phone I'll need to reset it there and then, so please allow a bit of time for that. - Cosmetically okay condition - Telephoto and...
  3. smallsmall87

    Wanted Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 512gb Black Brand New Sealed or Pristine Condition.

    Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 512gb Black Brand New Sealed or Pristine Condition. Many thanks.
  4. Mr-Mixalot

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy S21 In White 128GB, Boxed With Cases

    I have for sale my trusty S21 in white, a brilliant handset in good condition It comes in its original box with cable & even the SIM ejector tool & I will also include a couple of cases as well (one is a 'MagSafe' variant one) I would describe the condition as good as its been in a case as...
  5. C

    For Sale Google Pixel 8 Pro - Bay - 128GB & Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 (256GB)

    Google Pixel 8 Pro Brand new and sealed Bought it in the beginning of January and it's been sitting ever since. Changed my mind and rather go with another phone now Any questions please feel free to ask. Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 (256GB) Bought from CEX on 2nd December 2022 It was at the...
  6. W

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128gb - Phantom Violet - Boxed and Unlocked

    This is is excellent, close to As New condition. Has been kept in a Samsung Clear View cover since day 1 (which isn't pictured as it isn't looking brand new/bit frayed on the top edge, but can be included if you want it) and the original plastic covers kept on as well. It's boxed, the charging...
  7. ghow172

    For Sale S24 Plus, 512GB, Marble Grey and Galaxy watch (New)

    Decided to sell the S24 plus as ordered it at the same time as the S24 ultra. wasn't sure which i would prefer I was previously using the regular size S23 and was worried about size but wanted a bigger screen. Tested the ultra 1st and decided with reluctance I can offset the size for features...
  8. G

    Wanted Galaxy S23 Mint

    Hello, Looking for a mint condition boxed Galaxy S23 under £400 please Thanks!
  9. E

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

    Galaxy 6 watch, 40mm, with an extra sports strap. Got these with my S24 Ultra purchase. Both unopened, in sealed boxes. The watch box has the seal on as in the photo. Someone may want it like that, particularly if collecting. Otherwise, I can open the box and take a photo or two of the watch, if...
  10. M


    As per the normal adverts on here watch came free with my ULTRA 24 Not even opened yet, includes the strap Strap is Black and the watch is Graphite
  11. DrPhil

    Recommend a replacement for a Galaxy Tab 4

    Hi, looking for suggestions on a cheap tablet to replace my Tab 4 which has pretty much reached the end of usefulness. I only use it to download or stream movies on flights or on night shifts so I don't need anything high spec, just something that can handle streaming on the usual apps like...
  12. Brava 210

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 - Excellent Condition

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G, 256GB 12GB RAM - Excellent condition, with warranty It's 256GB with 12GB RAM and is the grey green colour and unlocked Running Android 14 and fully up to date No marks on the phone at all and the fold still works perfectly. Samsung warranty expires 13/12/2024...
  13. ghow172

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy watch 6 40mm

    Received this as part of the S24 pre order promotions Not required as I already have a smart watch. Box is unopened and comes with the sport band S/M in graphite Price is £150 inc RMSD Thanks
  14. sergiup

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 BT/GPS 40mm w/black Sports Band 20mm S/M

    I got this with my S24 Ultra pre-order, and I won't use it. I did open one of the seals to confim 100% that the strap is included in the main box - it is (heard of some people not receiving the strap, and I've seen others with straps in a separate box). I haven't even powered it on, so for all...
  15. M

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 1TB Titanium Black BNIB + Official Samsung Clear Case

    Hi, As per the title BNIB Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 1TB Titanium Black. Purchased from Samsung directly (reciept provided) using a work allowence however I'm firmly in the Apple ecosystem hence selling. Item is completley brand new boxed and still sealed. Will also throw in a brand new official...
  16. A

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 with Strap (Graphite) - 40mm BNIB

    Graphite colour including Band. Received as part of S24 purchase. £150 inc. delivery
  17. C

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 40mm Graphite-New/Sealed with Sport Strap

    I have just received this Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 40mm Graphite with Sport strap included (bonus gift with my new S24 Ultra phone) It is brand new and sealed and includes Free Royal Mail Special Delivery. I accept payment via Paypal Gift and Bank Transfer Images are shown of the watch and...
  18. adbailey18

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 40mm

    As title, brand new and sealed. Came with my S24 Graphite, with Sport Band £160 delivered £150 collected (WA12) Any questions please ask!
  19. swift1

    Question Galaxy S10 to Xperia 10V or 5V?

    Hello, I currently own the Galaxy S10 and have been happy with it for the past 4 years or so, but the battery does not last long hence looking to replace the phone now. I was looking at the Sony models purely because of the Battery, SD card slot and the Headphone jack. I need the new phone to...
  20. TheMadMan

    For Sale Samsung Galaxy Fold 5

    Hi, Selling my Galaxy Fold 5. This is the Phantom Black version with 12GB RAM and 256GB SSD. I've owned from new and bought the device in October of last year. I will include the official Samsung case with S Pen. There's a screen protector applied to the front screen. I describe the phone...
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