Super Audio CD (SACD) is a read-only optical disc for audio storage, introduced in 1999. It was developed jointly by Sony and Philips Electronics, and intended to be the successor to their Compact Disc (CD) format. While the SACD format can offer more channels (e.g. surround sound), and a longer playing time than CD, research published in 2007 found no significant difference in audio quality between SACD and standard CD at ordinary volume levels.
Having made little impact in the consumer audio market, by 2007 SACD was deemed to be a failure by the press. A small market for SACD has remained, serving the audiophile community.

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  1. H

    For Sale Onkyo C-S5vl sacd player

    Nice boxed Onkyo sacd player , remote . very reliable , makes a great transport collection brum or delivered £110 . few faint marks on top but basically nice . great vfm P1080292 by, on Flickr P1080297 by, on Flickr
  2. sergiup

    Wanted SACD player with analogue outputs

    So, thanks to a bizzarre interaction between my Sony Blu-Ray player and my NAD T 758 V3i, I cannot listen to SACDs when transported natively over HDMI... So, if anyone has a SACD player up for sale that has 5.1 analogue outputs, I might be interested please. Please ping me if so :) Thank you!
  3. truehd


    hi, does anyone have a copy of this for sale or trade ?
  4. I

    Sony SACD player wont play some hybrid discs

    Hi, I bought this SACD player about a year ago, used. It plays some Hybrids discs ok but some it wont. It says 'NOT HYBRID'. I thought it was something to do with the disc format. Last week I bought 3 Hybrid SACDs from Presto Music and it wont play any of them, just says NOT HYBRID and plays...
  5. N

    Pioneer SACD player

    Hi guys. Recently acquired a Pioneer PD-10-K that is now 10 years old. After a failure from my old 20 year old Sony unit. (scd-xe670) Just wondering if anyone has one, heard one, used one and has an opinion on it's quality, sound etc. It doesn't have surround like the Sony but I'm a two channel...
  6. grunviz

    4k disc player with apps

    Hi there - I am thinking about adding a media player back into my TV set-up (LG C8 and Denon 3300 amp). I am thinking I need a 4k player, SACD would be nice, with other apps also available, netflex et al. Plex client capability would also be good. I don't need for CDs, as I have a set-up in...
  7. K

    Can I use my Onkyo TX-RX810 for SACD 5.1 multichannel

    I wanted to try SACD (or 5.1 multichannel audio), see if I like it. Bought 2 'SACD' players (different story, currently have Sony BDP-3200, Samsung DVD-HD950, 5.1 analog output) and finding out more and more that SACD is a big PITA. Before looking for another player (used, inexpansive), I...
  8. D

    SACD, CD, blu-ray and network player with digital audio inputs

    Hi I have an Oppo BDP-105 that is sometimes a little flaky - i.e. it will lock up and the only thing to do is to turn off at the mains and restart. I run a Sonos zone player into it via coax and have just bought an LG OLED 48A26 smart TV as a replacement for the old TV and that means I've been...
  9. RAY1946

    Help required with MARANTZ SA7003 SACD Player

    HI I'm new on here and with the world of SACDs. I bought a couple of Hybrid SACDs to play on a new to me (Used) Marantz SA7003 SACD Player. It is supposed to display "SACD" on the screen when it detects a SACD disc, but it only displays "CD" on the screen.I have cleaned the lens but made no...
  10. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Technics announces SL-G700M2 SACD and music streamer

    The new network/Super Audio CD player includes an all-new D/A converter for transforming digital data into even clearer analogue signals. Read the news.
  11. Tetlee

    SACD, DVD-Audio & Blu Ray-Audio Discussion Pt.2

    Continued from: Well seeing as my original thread is now 12 years old and still going strong with 2435 posts(a little above the usual 1000 reply limit for a Pt.2:rotfl:) I thought only right to start a new...
  12. Ugg10

    Pink Floyd Animal SACD For those that are partial to a SACD they are releasing a re-mix of the Pink Floyd Animals CD. It has Hires DSD, standard red Book and a 5.1 layer. Available for pre-order released...
  13. R

    SACD files in pendrive

    Guys I have a folder inside a pendrive with this Stones record in SACD (files in DSD format - .dsf extension, as you can see in the image attached). If I stick this pendrive into a Bluray Player capable of playing the SACD format (there are many compatible models from Sony and Pioneer)...
  14. C

    Anyone here use an Arcam AVR10? with a SACD Player? and a Macbook Pro (Audirvana, Roon, JRiver)? No sound playing DSD

    Anyone here use an Arcam AVR10? with a SACD Player? and a Macbook Pro (Audirvana, Roon, JRiver)? I am unable to get any sound when playing a SACD from a Sony BDP S590 via HDMI. I have tried changing HDMI output from Auto to PCM Mode, tried both DSD output mode On and Off, Tried setting the...
  15. mrlawrencelam

    Can my 20-year old Marantz CD player plays SACD and black CD?

    I believe my 20-year old Marantz CD-5000 can't play SACD because the format was invented years after the player was built. Right? How about the black CD? Please refer to image below. It is named "black vinyl CD" in Chinese. I wonder what the difference is.
  16. D

    Oppo and SACD

    I have a newly acquired Oppo bdp-83 SE with minimal mileage. It works great, and I am getting excellent sound for CDs. The amp is a Devialet Expert 120 (and set up for the Oppo as a CD player). The TV is a LG OLED. When a DVD is inserted, this plays appropriately via the TV and sound via the...
  17. K

    Reavon UBR-X100 (X110) and UBR-X200 Ultra HD Blu-ray Players

    These popped up in passing in a "recommend me a UHD Blu-ray player" thread but thought they probably deserved one of their own. There's currently not a lot of information on the manufacturer's website but you can sign up for notification of when they will be available: REAVON Full specs for...
  18. Helix Hifi

    Marantz owner thread. (Stereo amplifiers. CD players. SACD players)

    I can’t find any Marantz owner thread on avforums. So I’ll make one😊. What’s your opinion about Marantz, dynamic, silky smooth non harsh sound. Which Marantz amplifier do you own?
  19. I

    SACD player for Cambridge Audio edge A

    I own a few SACD that I'd love to listen to on my Edge A amp. It looks like the edge can only decode DSD through its USB-b port. What options do I have to do this because it seems there are no dedicated SACD players that output via USB. So other than using analogue rca leads does anyone have...
  20. ml337

    SACD Analogue 5.1 to HDMI converter?

    I have an SACD player which has 5.1 analogue out (but mo HDMI). However my processor doesn't have 5.1 analogue in. Is there any solution to still getting multi-channel from SACDs without buying a newer player with HDMI? I assume the digital connections will not help
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