1. paulfoley

    For Sale Sony Blu Ray/ SACD Player/ 4K Upscale / Dual HDMI Outs/ DLNA/ MKV & 3D

    S790 Player, hardly been used as was in a second lounge, does so many things like sending sound & picture signals separately, Plays SACD Discs, Network DLNA, optional 4K Upscaling, 3D Disc Playback, MKV Playback, Smart Apps, etc. A brilliant tool for any Home Cinema. Full Spec: Specifications...
  2. ml337

    SACD Analogue 5.1 to HDMI converter?

    I have an SACD player which has 5.1 analogue out (but mo HDMI). However my processor doesn't have 5.1 analogue in. Is there any solution to still getting multi-channel from SACDs without buying a newer player with HDMI? I assume the digital connections will not help
  3. N

    Demon SACD 1600ne problem.

    I have a strange problem. I bought the Denon new in April this year. I have just started to use it daily. Playing track 3 of Martina McBride‘s The way I am, towards the end of the disc it starts to skip several times. It is the only track where this happens. I played the track on an old Sony...
  4. Baron Mole

    Pioneer DV757Ai Universal Disc Player Multi-region - Any good ?

    Am unboxing a room full (yes really) of ancient but still working old kit with the intention of freeing up some space. The question is keep or get rid. But am looking for an idea of whether it's still of decent quality or old junk. It's multi-region and plays CD, DVD, DVD-A, and SACD and...
  5. P

    SACD connection

    Hi, when my multi-region blu-ray player died, I also lost the ability to play SACDs. However, a scramble around in the loft unearthed an old DVD player with SACD capability ( Pioneer DV-600AV). However, when I connect it to my amp (Yamaha RX v377) with an HDMI cable, I get sound but not 5.1...
  6. Danhifi

    Worth getting an SACD Player

    I currently have a Rotel A14 and Rotel CD14 and have purchased many Reference Recording classical hybrid SACD's and Analogue Productions jazz hybrid SACD's. Is there a benefit to hearing the SACD layer by buying a SACD player? If the answer is yes, what model would I need to invest in to get a...
  7. Ed Selley

    Marantz Model 30 Integrated Amp & SACD 30N Streaming SACD Player Review & Comments

    Marantz resurrects a classic name and some equally classic styling cues for their latest stereo components - is this nostalgia or a worthwhile look back? Read the review. Write your own review for Marantz Model 30
  8. UnseenArchives

    I have purchased a Arcam FMJ DV139 for SACD and DVD-A, will I be able to run 5.1 without an amplifier?

    I am new to this world, so hello, and forgive my remedial question. However prior to purchasing an old 5.1 system I wanted to check that the FMJ DV139 will power passive speakers without an amp? The DVD player has 5.1 out RCA sockets on the back (image attached).
  9. J

    Question 2.0 and 5.1 tracks on SACDs and BluRay audio discs. How many versions do I have?

    I just bought Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique. It came with two discs and three or more versions. A BluRay audio disc and an SACD / CD hybrid. So, the hybrid disc will necessarily have different layers for the SACD and CD. The next complication is that both the SACD and the BluRay offer 5.1...
  10. J

    Question UHD BluRay and SACD player recommendation

    I have a Denon X3200W with an Atmos speaker set-up and a Samsung RU7020 55" UHD TV. I am already enjoying the system with material from Netflix and Disney but I would like the ability to play UHD discs. I don't want to break the bank so I am not expecting a high end player. I don't expect to...
  11. B

    Proceed AVP2 doesn't play most 88.24 flac files. DSD / SACD issue?

    All other sampling rate and bit rates play with no issues, but I've noticed most 88.24 do not play. Is this because the DAC in the Proceed APV2 doesn't support DSD from SACD? How would I verify if the files are DSD, to identify if that's the issue?
  12. N

    Question Denon 3910 not reading SACD multi channel discs

    I recently picked up a Denon DVD-3910 with the intention of using it for SACD only as my current player is old and the format is not supported on most modern players inluding my Panasonic Blu Ray player. It's a dead format, but for me it's worth having an SACD player just for Pink Floyd's two...
  13. MaryWhitehouse

    Question Sacd titles that show off the medium?

    Evening all Hopefully getting my first SACD player next week. Admittedly mainly for CD playback but as it plays both I’d like to hear (maybe) what SACD can do. so can anyone recommend titles that show off SACD well that I can pickup for not too much money? Most genres considered but Dark Side...
  14. A

    Marantz SACD players

    Hi. I know that some of you on here own Marantz SACD players and I am seeking your advice/experience on the different models. To cut a long story short I am thinking of getting one for my 81 year old father as a gift. It would not be new (unless there is a fantastic deal going) but I would...
  15. deantown

    BD player with sacd

    Hope this doesn't sound stupid, but after watching a film on a Sony Blu Ray player I noticed it had sacd on the machine. I have one sacd disc and put it in the machine and it played but I didn't have any sound, is there a way to connect the Sony to my Marantz 6005 amp and would it play sacd's?
  16. Mathematiques Modernes

    SONY XB-940 - replaced the tray belt but now drive teeth don't engage? Help!!

    as per title have just replaced the rubber drive belt on the tray on my SONY XB-940 - was quite tricky getting the mechanism out and moving the tray into a position where I could access the area where the rubber belt needed to be replaced. having put it back together the cogs don't appear to be...
  17. Mathematiques Modernes

    Arcam CD72T reads/displays text on CDRs and SACD but not on regular CD's?

    Arcam CD72T displays text on CDRs and SACD but no Text on regular CD's? Is this a drive issue or something else?
  18. P

    Drawer on my Denon DVD-1920DVD-A CD SACD player keeps opening and closing!

    This just started - when I load a CD into the drawer, it constantly opens and closes the drawer! Hardly enough time to load the CD before it gets ejected again...then repeat! Any idea what could be causing this behaviour?
  19. S

    SACD, what do you use to play them.

    Been buying CD since day one,going though them i have noticed over the the years,i have brought quite a few SACD,usually the hybrid type,that plays in an normal CD players. If they dont or want to hear them in 5.1 i use my Oppo 103 blu ray player,i have just upgraded my DAC,to an Audiolab M-Dac...
  20. N

    4k blu ray and SACD player... say X800M2 vs say LX500

    Hi, Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have a Samsung 4k bluray player but it doesn't play my multi-channel SACDs so I need to upgrade but there are so many well rated players to choose from and across a wide range of price. For example, I could go for a cheaper player like a Sony...
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