1. J

    Budged speakers - used B&W vs. new Elac Debut B5.2 vs. diy SB acoustics kit Bromo

    If you could help me :D
  2. F

    Has anyone heard the castle Howard S3 or harlech S2?

    Hi all. Just been wondering about the above two speakers. I've always loved the design of castles, and once had a pair of castle knight bookshelves which sounded great, but weren't suitable for desk use so they had to go back. Something about the furniture look I love. Just curious about these...
  3. L

    B&W 602 s3

    Hi, I’ve been offered a pair of B&W 602 s3 for £140 they’re in mint condition. I already have a Cambridge audio amp to power then. At that price point is that a good deal or is there better speakers for the price. Don’t mind taking a risk at second hand.
  4. splinters69

    Replacement Bevel for Samsung Gear S3

    I have a Gear S3 frontier in almost perfect cosmetic condition but the bezel is not working as it should. I know there are 8 tiny magnets in the bezel so I suspect some have just stopped working as one full rotation only advances a few icons/screens etc. I need to rotate it four or five times...
  5. mryan

    Perforated dust cap on B&W 602 S3

    I am looking at purchasing some B&W 602 S3s, however, one of the dust caps is perforated on the mid-bass driver. How much will this affect the sound? And if so how easily repairable would it be?
  6. bi0drain

    Theta Gen VIII S3

    I Spoke to John Baloff and we also didn't find it But Where is the Unity gain for my Analogue balanced Input options on a GEN-VIII S3 Dac.... I Just Maxed the gain to Simulate unity gain on that particular input and letting my home theater prepro handle volume management for Movie Sources.... Oh...
  7. H

    B&W 603 S3 Vs Tannoy Revolution XT 6f

    Hello All, This is my first post here. I'm trying to decide between the B&W 603 S3 and Tannoy Xt 6f? Would you please have any recommendations? Its for music only ( 2 channels) possibly to be paired up with Yamaha RN 803 receiver. Regards
  8. Steve Withers

    Polk Signa S3 Soundbar Review & Comments

    Polk Audio offers yet another cracking affordable soundbar and subwoofer combo, delivering a performance that's punchy and musical. Read the review. Write your own review for Polk Audio Signa S3
  9. M

    Question Upgrade B&W LCR 60 S3 Centre Speaker 🔈

    Hi :hiya: I'm looking to upgrade my centre speaker and for now keep my other speakers - B&W DM601 S3 (x4) for front/rear and DM 600 S3 (x2) for surround. The centre speaker cannot be more than 26 cm high, 80 cm width and 32 cm depth and I'm using a Yamaha RXV3900 amp. Any suggestions that...
  10. Lonegunner

    B&w dm603 s3 compliments

    Hello all, first time posting a thread. I have two b&w dm 603 s3, and would like to know wat best alternetive to b&w centers speakers could i use to get the best sound. New or old speakers. Thanks in advance.
  11. B

    Samsung Gear s3 does not charge

    Samsung Gear s3 does not charge but turns on. It looks like it's going to charge but then red light flashes. I replaced the battery and Same problem. I tried another charger. Same problem. Seems it doesn't hold charge. Please help.
  12. sagaris99

    Car Insurance Insanity

    Aware that there's another thread on car insurance, don't wish to hijack 22 - 67 S3 Saloon - 5 years full licence - 4 years NCB - will be over 5 years since last claim when policy starts- no convictions. Done everything to lower risk class bar a black box (dashcam, both parents, PassPlus)...
  13. EViS

    Speaker Stand Recommendation For B&W 602 S3 Bookshelf Speakers

    Could I have some recommendations for a pair of stylish, but mid-range price speaker stands for a pair of B&W 602 S3's? I've had a pair of Apollo Olympus stands for as long as I can remember and fancy a change :).
  14. johnschatner

    Question B&W DM601 S3 ... and what amplifier?

    Hi, Pleased to meet all of you, it's taken me a couple of years but I finally managed to save up enough for a pair of proper speakers. Well proper enough for me anyways. I'm currently driving them with a vintage Rotel RX-845 that doesn't seem to do them justice. I've been researching these...
  15. SRT

    Question B&W 602 s3 replace with what?

    Hi, I have had these for some while now and am just looking for some tips for a possible replacement to something a little smaller in size due to a plan to change our bookcase etc. Its not set in tablets of stone mind as I guess we could always alter the bookcase to accept the 602. I have a...
  16. JonnyTester

    Question Sony SS-S3 speakers - opinions

    I've a chance of a pair of these speakers for £30. I can't find out much about these, there don't appear to be any online reviews. Any of you have these?
  17. MossyChops

    Question B&W DM-603 S3, DM-602 S3 & LCR60 S3 - Worth buying?

    A set of B&W speakers has caught my eye, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced them and could comment on their strengths and weaknesses - if I were to buy them it would primarily be for use as the spine of a home cinema audio system. Also, any opinions on what would be a reasonable...
  18. MrFraggle

    Question Samsung Tab S3 or S2

    Recently bought a LENOVO Yoga Tab 3 Plus and I am having niggles with it which make the experience not to my liking and am considering selling it on and returning to Samsung for a replacement. I am thinking that the Tab S3 is perhaps too expensive as it is around £500 whereas the Tab S2 is...
  19. fxv300

    SAMSUNG GEAR S3 update available in the UK

    NEW SOFTWARE VERSION R760XXU2CQL1 And tizen Is now available in the UK Quick Guide
  20. LinuxUser951

    Samsung S3 won`t play audio when connect speakers

    When i play some video(for example) there is sound from the device speaker but when put my speakers powered in the wall the speakers are not playing. I have tried with 2 other inside speakers but still nothing. Made a reset and then install stock rom with Odin but still nothing... Thanks in advance
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