1. S

    Loseless or Hi Resolution Audio using Apple Music from Android (Samasung Galaxy S20) or iPad Pro 2nd gen to Soundbar JBL 9.1

    So I have the following burning issue: My setup is: 1. Samsung Galaxy S20 with Apple Music capable of playing Hi-Res Loseless Audio and Dolby Atmos music 2. Apple Multiport USB-C - Digital AV Adaptor muf82zm/a that I used to connect the phone via a certified HDMI cable to soundbar 3. JBL 9.1...
  2. cjx

    Is it possible to have two profiles work/home on Samsung S20

    Ive tried searching but cant find anything so assume this isn't possible but I would like to have a home profile as I am sick of getting texts/what's app and calls at home from work over weekends and evenings. I assume the only way this would be possible is from 2 phones or dual sims but if...
  3. R

    Multi part help S20 ultra with a Spotting scope and portable Projector help????

    Im doing some camping to Colorado. Thinking of trying to use the power of s20 ultra camera and the range of my Spotting scope. With a portable projector to view on screen at night or dusk for entertainment. The projector is limited to 720 with 3000 lumens i believe. Just 1 hdmi in and 2 usb...
  4. quatter

    Samsung S20 Ultra 5G

    For sale on Amazon UK at the moment for £749.
  5. Greg Hook

    Lypertek Soundfree S20 True Wireless Stereo Earphones Review & Comments

    Chinese audio brand Lypertek's new release looks to build on the surprise success of the Tevi (now renamed to Pureplay Z3) with the Soundfree S20, a £69 set featuring wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.0 and up to 40 hours battery life. Read the review. Write your own review for Lypertek...
  6. cirian75

    Question Samsung S20 FE 4G battery life

    Got my shiney new Samsung S20 FE 4G on Tuesday So far deeply unimpressed, its snappier, but not that much faster than my year old Motorola One Action which the benchmarks say is x2 slower, and some x3 slower The main gripe is the battery life, -20% per hour of screen on with brightness at...
  7. GameDos

    Samsung s20 FE 5G vs OnePlus 8T (for gaming and YouTube)?

    I am currently looking to upgrade from my 5 year old Galaxy note 4. I was looking at phones with oled screens and Snapdragon 865 and currently focused on the 2 above phones. I mainly use my phone for reading (manga and books), YouTube, and playing Fate Grand Order which turns my note 4 into an...
  8. PbP42

    Question Samsung software update has screwed up my phone - g981bxxu5cua3

    my phone software updated last night to g981bxxu5cua3. now i cannot access my messages or my phone app to actually make a call. its crashes. how can this be fixed please? also have issues with my notification display. each time i pull it down.. and try to tap one of the notifications, the...
  9. L

    SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 plus software glitch

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 plus on the o2 network and I've encountered a problem. I've not received a security patch update since the 01st July. Google Plaistow and Galaxy store does still update. Has anybody encountered this problem before and if you did, how did you fix this?
  10. SimonHavfc

    Question Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Price?

    Hi, I am looking at buying a new Samsung TV and will receive the S20 5G as a free gift. I would look to sell it as I am an iPhone user and was looking for an idea on what I could look to sell the S20 for? Thanks.
  11. N

    Samsung Galaxy S20 - buy one now or wait?

    I would really like to replace my current Samsung Galaxy S7 with a Samsung Galaxy S20 (or S20 Plus/Ultra). Since I'm not someone who buys every single new version every year (S7, S8, S9 etc.), I am definitely going for the 5G-version, because 5G will most likely be widespread in a couple of...
  12. M

    Samsung Galaxy S20 Moisture detected in charging port

    Ok, so I cleaned my phone with an antiseptic cleaning wipe and a little must have got in to the charging port as the phone is now registering moisture in it. That was 4 hours ago and it doesn't seem to have dried yet. Should i just leave it overnight or get the bag of rice out now?
  13. tillytomps

    Question Oppo x2 Pro vs OnePlus 8 vs Samsung s20

    Guys sorry if this has been asked before a million times, but looking for a new android phone, The short list is Oppo x2 pro OnePlus 8 pro Samsung s20 Been a Samsung fan for yrs now but feel I coukd get better. It seems 50/50 on the reviews on the oppo and one plus, I'm leaning towards to...
  14. ultraman1

    Question NEW Samsung S20 ultra owner. How many on earth has had enough updates to fix auto focus?

    I am on snapdragon locked carrier in the usa. there must be someone with good news that updates fixed issue.
  15. David Phelan

    Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Review & Comments

    For the first time ever, Samsung has opted to change the number of its latest Galaxy release by not one but ten. So last year’s Galaxy S10 is followed by the new S20. You didn’t miss a decade, but Samsung is suggesting a huge step forward. Read the review. Write your own review for Samsung...
  16. SteveAWOL

    NEWS: Samsung launches Galaxy S20 smartphone range plus Z Flip foldable

    Official unveiling this evening at 7pm UK time... https://www.samsung.com/uk/unpacked/?gclid=CjwKCAiAvonyBRB7EiwAadauqY4Cmwmwtb5ve5mGvf7yFz8uK-fETdsXS6NMLf2ZwPZc7iZ2ByvhZhoCeRgQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
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