1. B

    How can i make Dolby Atmos work on my Yamaha RX-V6A?

    Were do i need to connect the two Dolby Atmos speakers? Do i need to do anything else after connecting the speakers? Do i need to enable them or something? Thanks!
  2. K

    Wireless speakers for Yamaha rx-v6A

    I have the Yamaha rx-v6a receiver and original had this set up with an old wired speakers set up I had, however I've just moved house and the new living room is hardwood flooring. I know you can get the yamaha wireless rear speakers, but wondered if anybody knew of an alternative solution that...
  3. S

    Question Denon X3700h vs Marantz sr6015 vs Yamaha RX-V6A

    Hi everyone, I am looking for my first AVR. I currently own a stereo setup (Marantz PM6005 + Focal Aria 906 Speakers) and I am extending it to 5.1: +Focal Aria 900CC + 2 Focal Dome + Dome Sub. I would sell my PM6005. For my AVR, I first headed to the Denon X3700H after reading the Audioscience...
  4. F

    RX-V6A YPAO does not sense Right Front speaker

    Hello, I just rewarded my self for surviving 2020 with the rx-v6a. Everything but calibration tools seems to work. I have sound on all speakers, but YPAO will claim that there are no front speakers connected, as soon as its measuring the right front. I can hear the first two test sound things...
  5. S


    I am new to AV and compatibility between products and so fourth so bare with me. I have a problem and I would like some advice before I make a purchase decision. I have a 2020 Samsung QLED Q95T, Bose 700 soundbar and a ps5 + Xbox series X. The problem I have is that the TV has only one HDMI...
  6. M

    connecting klipsch R-12SW to yamaha rx-v6a

    Hi. how do i connect klipsch- R-12SW to rx-v6a? i have a 14 guage audio cable (red, black) running from AVR (under stairs) is to my TV in family room. can i use them as-is here. avr has pre-out on back. klipsch doesn't have that connector in back. please see pictures of avr subwoofer connecting...
  7. M

    yamaha rx-v6a configure surround rear speakers

    hi. i have 8 ceiling yamaha speakers in our home. they are like below: TV Center Channel 1L 1R 2L 2R 3L 3R 4L 4R I have connected all speakers to all...
  8. S

    Question How do I get AirPlay to work with my Yamaha RX-V6A / TSR-700?

    I just can't figure this out. Every other feature I've tested works. I've tried to set it up in Home app, and just trying to send something through AirPlay to the receiver, but the receiver never pops up for anything. I don't see a lighted AirPlay symbol on the receiver display, but not sure if...
  9. S

    Bargain Yamaha TSR-700 (RX-V6A) for $329 @ CostCo until Feb 7 [$69 off CostCo price, $269 off normal]

    CostCo Page Online and in-store! Just grabbed mine yesterday.
  10. RicoAV

    Question RX-V6A Sleep Mode?

    Did I assume incorrectly that the RX-V6A would be smart enough to not automatically go into it's preset sleep mode (I have it set for 1hr) even while it's processing audio through the system?? I'm a bit astonished if they're not keeping competitive in this regard with a feature that is now...
  11. R

    Differences Sony STR-DN1080 (2017) vs Yamaha RX-V6A (2020)

    Hey! I'm about to upgrade a couple of things in my home cinema room 100" 🔜 120" electric 🔜 fixed screen 1080p 🔜 4k no HDR 🔜 HDR10 5.1 🔜 5.1.2 Atmos (built in ceiling speakers) 60Hz 🔜 probably rarely used [email protected] from PC The projector will be Optoma UHD42 (UHD50X) (no HDMI 2.1 but can...
  12. J

    RX-V6A not connecting to musiccast

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and have a problem with my rx-v6a receiver not connecting with the musiccast app. Have had the receiver for about 6 weeks with no problems up until a few days ago when my Yamaha 20 wireless surround speakers stop working with the receiver and now the receiver...
  13. ThommyGunn

    AVR Yamaha RX-V6A with an Xbox One X sound issues....

    Afternoon, I've done a lot of troubleshooting myself, even read several of these posts hoping something similar would come up, but no luck. So to my issue, here is how its laid out, I have the Yamaha AVR hooked to an LG OLED CX (2020) using the eARC and then my Xbox One X into the TV using...
  14. Planet__

    Help choosing an AV amp for Yamaha MusicCast or something completely different

    I used to use a pretty good (albeit old now!) AV system comprising of a Pioneer AX5i AV amp, Mission speakers all round and a Pioneer Kuro KRP-500A. I say used to because the Pioneer AX5i amp gradually failed on it's digital inputs but I muddled through. Then we moved house and decided to retire...
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