1. justin95

    Fibbr Quantum Series or Ruipro 8K

    Fibbr just launched a new Quantum Series cable in October/November, and it is priced significantly lower than the Ruipro. The price of Ruipro for me on Amazon including shipping is about 2x of the Quantum Series. I know FIBBR is the largest fibre optic manufacturer by market share and they...
  2. fullshred

    Occasional dropouts on 25m Ruipro 8k cable

    Hi folks, it feels like my home theatre is cursed! I recently upgraded to a (faux) 4k Projector (Epson EH-TW9400W / 6050UB) and therefore replaced my old HDMI cables with Ruipro 8k. There's a 25m run from my PC (Nvidia RTS 2070 Super) to the receiver (Anthem AVM-60), and a 20m run from the...
  3. GhostOfJericho

    LG CX (OLED55CX5LB) Disconnect/Reconnect Issue when Gaming or Browsing

    LG CX (OLED55CX5LB) Disconnect/Reconnect Issue when Gaming or Browsing Hi AVForum, hope whoever reads this is doing well. I've been a lurker here for a while (just created an account), and appreciate the knowledge and respect everyone shows here. Which is why I'm looking for help if possible...
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