1. U

    Question Nad 3020i with TDL Rtl3 speakers - should I upgrade

    I've got more time at home and can listen to music without kids. Currently using hard drive flac files via Topping E30 DAC into NAD 3020i out of TDL RTL3 floor standing speakers. It does sound good, but I've got an itch. I've have "permission" for £400 to improve my sound. Happy with new or used...
  2. SaladFunky

    TDL RTL 3 / Rega Brio combination?

    Hello, I have 2 beloved TDL RTL 3 floor standers (bought in the 90s) and am looking at a replacement for my faulty NAD 306(also bought in the 90s). I am wondering if the Rega Brio will power these ok?? The sound I got from the TDL/ NAD combination was right up my street, rich and warm with...
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