1. mark occy

    Prince Williams & Kate Middleton Range Rover Up For Sale

    A royal Range Rover driven by Prince William is up for sale between 30 & 40k. Didn’t say whether it was bullet proof and those features were removed Anyone?
  2. D

    BG Range Rover Autobiography 5.0V8 Supercharged

    So whilst we downsized from a Mercedes GLS to a GLC to an Audi A3 as the main family driver we missed having a larger car. The last trip to Amsterdam in the Audi A3 was fine, but we missed the space and comfort you get from larger vehicles. I didn't want to spend too much as we aren't planning...
  3. =adrian=

    Range Rover Sport (or similar)

    We are considering moving further out in the countryside. I would need a car that I can hit the roads whatever the weather. Snow, ice, mud, water... Also looking for comfort for family and myself as I would have to be the family driver, so spending quite a lot of time in the car. Looking for...
  4. J

    Question Land Rover Discovery Sat Nav error

    I've got a problem with the sat nav unit on my 2008 Discovery 3. A couple of months ago the unit stopped reading the DVDs in the sat nav unit, throwing up error messages on the screen. I've tried the laser cleaning discs and cleaning the DVD itself but nothing has worked. Does anyone know of a...
  5. aVdub

    NASA to release findings relating to Martian atmosphere on.....

    Thursday. Perhaps a slow build up to the final revelation that Mars once supported life. NASA Set To Make Huge Announcement On Thursday Regarding Mars' Atmosphere
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