1. O

    For Sale ASUS RT-AX86U Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 gaming router x2

    Both have been used but in excellent condition and perform as they should. Selling as no longer required and overkill for the internet speeds I get in new house. I had both of these set up with using one as main router and the other as a mesh node. I no longer have the boxes for them but they...
  2. A

    For Sale Asus GS-AX3000 dual-band WiFi 6 gaming router

    Hi all, Bought 26th October 2021. Not needed anymore. Fully boxed and as new. I just want to dig out the box and then I will get some pics up, in the mean time any questions please ask. Bought for £152 (now £148). Asking £120 posted.
  3. B

    Router & Tenda MW6 setup guidance

    I have recently purchased two double sets of Tenda MW6s, and have them spread around my house which have improved the Wi-Fi, and I also have a few things connected to them via ethernet cables. My questions are as follows: 1. Should I turn off Wi-Fi on the router provided by my ISP and just rely...
  4. R

    IP address conflicts showing in router log

    I wonder if anyone can help me with this. My Huawei 5G CPE Pro router loses its internet connection periodically. Looking in the system log, it seems like each of the outages corresponds with either of these two entries in the log: LAN side maintenance IP address conflict with...
  5. DucatiRossi46

    For Sale Netgear Nighthawk NR500 Gaming Router

    Selling my NR500 Netgear Gaming Router This comes with NetDuma and is fully customizable for gaming. Bandwidth Allocation Geofiltering Speed limiting for better, stable connections And loads more. Easy to to use UI. Fully working, will come boxed in its retail packaging. Only selling as I...
  6. C

    For Sale tp link ac4000 router

    I've upgraded to wifi 6 and selling my router. Good condition and solid performer - as you expect for the number of antennas :) full specs here - Archer C4000 | AC4000 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router | TP-Link United Kingdom
  7. Stevieh12003

    Wanted Huawei B818 4G Router or Huawei 5G CPE Pro 1 or 2 Router

    The router would need to be unlocked or on Vodafone (only network I get reasonable coverage). Happy to pay the going rate, most of the Pro 2 models appear to be locked to the 3 which is no good. Thought I would try my luck on here before trying to source one elsewhere. Thanks.
  8. J

    Purchased ASUS AX82U router , need access point to work with it.

    Hi, I bought an ASUS ax82u router today, I also bought for my lounge a TP Link Access Point to work with it also , to work in client mode so I could hardwire to an Ethernet switch in my lounge. The wifi I got was not good and the speed was poor. Could anyone recommend a good access point with...
  9. F

    Router recommendations to replace Hyperoptic Nokia router?

    Hi all, Have recently joined Hyperoptic from BT and not overly impressed with their router. The signal isn’t particularly strong and doesn’t seem to work with my Sonos system either. PS5 doesn’t seem to connect despite being 5m away (through a cupboard door). Does anyone have any...
  10. snadge

    best router for BT900 as SH2 is carp

    Hi Im recently got BT900 FTTP - for the first 31 days it was spot on, soon as that "grace period" was over it all went to hell with severe congestion (but BT won't have it) so - I'm looking to get e better router than the SH2 because it:- 1) it will not disable the hotspot even though it's off...
  11. -Spike-

    VDSL modem router recommendations

    Hi all, I have an FTTC connection with Plusnet and use my own router / modem which is a Netgear D7800. This has started to become a little unreliable and whilst I would have preferred to first try a replacement it appears the D7800 has been discontinued. Does anyone have any recommendations for...
  12. M

    For Sale BNIB Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien Wi-Fi 6 Router

    Hi, As per title I am selling a brand new and sealed Ubiquti Amplifi Alien Wi-Fi 6 capable router. Currently considered one of the best available. Reason for sale: I bought 2 however after setting up the first quickly realised that 2 would have been overkill! So I’m offering up for sale here...
  13. B

    New Router IP address

    Can someone put my mind at rest please. I have been using a Virgin-badged netgear router along with a Virgin 'hub' modem for many years. Ever since I first started with internet/networking many years ago the base IP address for my network has always been 192.168.x.x. As a result all my 18 NAS...
  14. Kais1

    Router Worries

    Hi newbie here. just recently had a 1gb fttp connecttion installed with VOIP. now i am thinking of upgrading my router from the basic one i was given by the provider.. i cant find any gaming routers that have a phone input... after reading some past threads on this forum i think what i need...
  15. boris

    For Sale TP-Link Deco M5 (3 Pack) Mesh Wifi / VR900 (V1) Router

    Following a recent upgrade to Wifi 6, my TP-Link Deco M5s are up for sale. Consisting of a 3 pack and one single, these have been faultless in the time I have had them. The 3 pack was purchased in 2019 and the single in 2020. All in very good condition, boxed with all accessories etc. They have...
  16. S

    Faulty router or ISP fault?

    I will try my best to keep this relatively short. I switched service providers some months back and was given a pre-configured Fritz!Box 7530 router but I keep running into two major issues, well one of those is a slight annoyance, the other is definitely an issue that ought to be escalated but...
  17. terencejames

    Does switching off your router achieve anything?

    I've had a few issues with my internet recently. Long story short, my ISP tech support told me to turn off my router for 10 minutes and then restart to 'Clear the routers internal cache'? I'm relatively competent with this sort of thing and not heard that before. Is it nonsense?
  18. dUnKle

    Connecting to Sky router and not being able apply changes

    Hi My dad has had sky internet for years and this week they have just sent him a new router etc. Rather particular in like to change the default password but no matter what we are unable to apply any changes Using iPads (have no wired devices) and have tried safari, chrome and edge. Just...
  19. E

    3rd Party router using TalkTalk FTTP

    Im hoping to go onto TalkTalks Fibre 500 Data Only at the moment Im on there normal FTTC 80/20 connection using a ZYXEL router version XMG3927-B50A. This is working great no problems Id like to still use it for the FTTP connection anybody know what settings to change (if any) I know it will be...
  20. F

    POE switch (with x8 100 Mbit + x4 1000 Mbit ports) and router recommendations (for 600 Mbit internet connection)

    I just switched to 600 mbit internet yesterday and I am looking to upgrade my home network. I am looking for: - POE SWITCH: I need x8 100 Mbit ports (802.3af) for IP cameras + x3 1000 Mbit ports (802.3af or passive 24V) for UNIFI UAP-AC-LR devices (at the moment I still use a single port...
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