Router may refer to:
Router (computing), a computer networking device
Router (woodworking), a rotating cutting tool

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  1. T

    Question Recommendation for home WiFi router

    I currently have a very poor network setup: Virgin Media SuperHub 4.0 which broadcasts a WiFi network and a guest WiFi network. It's located on the ground floor and I have 500Mbps connection I have a ceiling mounted WAP the ground, first floor and loft which each broadcast another WiFi network...
  2. I

    2 internet providers

    Hello all and greetings. I just moved to a house where I am renting a room. The house has already internet from a provider called Quantum Fiber, the thing is this is a 2-story house with 5 bedrooms, and I tell you internet sucks on wifi. So I thought to myself, maybe I can get another internet...
  3. T

    For Sale Netgear Nighthawk M1 4G Travel Router

    I have the above for sale. It’s unlocked and works flawlessly. It has a few light scratches on the screen but you can’t see them unless in the right light with the screen off. I’ve taken photos under bright light to capture them.
  4. alextheg

    For Sale ASUS AC3100 -AC88U VDSL / DSL Router

    Selling my ASUS AC3100 AC88U router. Used but in immaculate condition. All accessories and original packaging. Works perfectly, only selling as surplus to requirements. Very good router with numerous features. Compatible with WRT firmware, router level VPN, to name a couple. From a smoke and...
  5. S

    For Sale Netgear router and Netgear WiFi mesh extender

    Selling a Netgear router model R6260 which has been unused and stored away for the last 6 months. Comes with power adapter but I cannot find the box so please bear this in mind. Also have a Netgear Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band WiFi Mesh Extender. This has also been unused for last 6 months and put...
  6. zantarous

    Using WiFi router as a switch with ISP modem, getting intermittent network dropouts with ethernet

    I recently moved house and got a new ISP (Now Broadband) and have added my old Nighthawk into the mix as a switch upstairs with an additional WiFi SSID. I reset the Nighthawk to factory setting and turned of DHCP so it should now just be a dumb switch. I also set up a WiFi on it. I have done...
  7. S

    Deal Agreed Dell 3030 Micro pcs + 4g Router - £15

    Hi, I have two of these Dell 3030l micro pcs (wyse units) both fully working, in great condition and includes power adapter. They both are identical units with dual core N2807 processors, 4gb/2gb, Display ports, USB3 etc. They also have mSata slots to upgrade to SSDs etc Priced at £15 each...
  8. M

    Question Garden office internet

    Hi all Soon i will be working from home and due to not having a spare room and it's a fairly busy kitchen, I'll be getting a summer house in the garden, maybe 7 x 5, and working from there. I'll be setting it up starting spring/summer and i think starting the job in July. So plenty of time to...
  9. M

    Which port do I plug the router into!?

    HI All, I have just purchased a TP Link LS108G Gigabit switch. I would be grateful if someone could advise if one of the eight ports is a designated input port from the router please? Many thanks MV
  10. H

    Question New to sky from virgin.

    Good morning. How do i change my sky router from 5g to 2.4 for my wifi bulbs ect. New to sky from virgin.
  11. S

    Virgin Media connection cable

    Need to move Virgin Media router to a different room, so need new cable and connections from the box they installed on the inside wall. Can you please tell me the type of cable and connections need to do this as the existing cable won't be long enough. Thanks
  12. bigt-

    For Sale Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 Router - H122-373 White

    Hey, I have the Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 Router (H122-373) in white, perfect condition, no box just router and plug. I was using this on Three and it has the logo on the router, when I call Three to unlock the device they inform me their devices are never locked to their network, but I only have...
  13. bogart99

    Question Household wifi

    I need to push the wifi around the house with a bit more strength. Tried various gizmos but have decided in the end to replace the 3 antennas on the router. They currently are 2dBi on 2.4Ghz and 3dBi on 5Ghz. Am thinking of changing to say 5-7dBi ones My question really is as the router has 3...
  14. Westindieman

    New router, same SSID and password

    If I change my router but use the same SSID and passwords will my devices connect, or will I have to set them up all over again?
  15. rpr

    Advice on new router

    I currently use an Asus RT-AC3200, I don't use it's wifi, I have two Ubiquiti Networks UAP-AC-LITE WLAN's for the wifi. Obviously the Asus is getting a little long in the tooth with no new firmware available, and in the next few monthsI'll be getting FTTP up to 900Mb. What are people's...
  16. sedalbis

    Question Asus RT-AX86U Pro WiFi Speeds

    Hi all, I have Sky Gigafast FTTP. My setup is the Openreach ONT on the wall to an Asus RT-AX86U Pro router. I have 2.4GHz and 5GHz separated, with separate SSIDs. Been consistently getting 900Mbps download over 5GHz WiFi while in the same room as the router, however, yesterday I had to unplug...
  17. Iancity

    Xbox 100% packet loss and other wifi issues

    Hi, so, live small 3 bed terrace by myself, internet comes into the house upstairs more or less at the top of the landing - wifi access upstairs good but downstairs has been poor - sky box would often not connect and occasional issues with wifi on the phone. Changed provider to utility warehouse...
  18. J

    Help to add a wired access point to a Three 5G router

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help! I have a Three 5G router (Zytel NR5103E) and want to add a wired access point using a TP link extender (TL-WA855RE). I have connected via ethernet and, surprise surprise, it doesn't work. Can anyone offer some advice on how to make this work? I have searched...
  19. C

    Create 2nd 5ghz networks at home- New router or Access point?

    I currently have an ASUS RT-AX86U at home. Most of the devices (including Wife + kids) are using the 2.4Ghz Channel while I have just kept the 5Ghz Channel just to 3 items i.e. work+home laptop & VR Headset. Tthe 2.4Ghz channel has gone wonky a couple of times with the mrs asking how come I...
  20. Tempest

    Extending WiFi from a TP-Link AXE5400 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E Router

    Wishing to know if I am understanding this right and this is exactly what I'm looking for. Or if I'm misunderstanding something? I recently purchased a: TP-Link AXE5400 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E Router For use with my Quest 3 to offer WiFi 6e speeds. This device is connected directly to my PC and...
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