1. nickyvicar

    Newbie router question.

    I had FTTP installed yesterday. Existing set up is a BT broadband router, wireless for my TV in the lounge and wired connection to PC in office. Do I connect the LAN cable to the NTE plate or the router? The wireless signal to the TV doesn't appear to be as good with the Gigaclear Linksys...
  2. terencejames

    Question Recommend me a router

    Long story short - recently upgraded my Plusnet router to a TP Link AC2100 VR600. Worked OK for a couple of weeks but now I'm dropping connection all over the place and the wifi drops off with certain devices constantly. I added an AC750 mesh extender but that doesn't work particularly well...
  3. lgans316

    Question Using Own Router instead of Virgin Media Router

    Hi Friends, I am a Virgin broadband customer since October 2020. Would like to know if an alternate router can be used instead of the supplied one. If it's possible, please can you share some links. I am looking to use the alternate router for VPN.
  4. zaka789

    ASUS Router Dropping Connection Frequently

    Hi all. I moved over to Sky 9 days ago now. I have my own set up in a Draytek Vigor 130 and an ASUS RT-AC86U with Merlin installed. The day my Sky connection went live I sorted everything out and the connection was fine. 70mbps and all as expected. Yesterday however, on the morning of day 8...
  5. G

    How to setup SFTP server on a GL.iNet router

    I'm trying to set up a SFTP server on a cheap little N300 Mini Wireless Router (GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 "Mango"). It runs OpenWRT. Has anyone got anywhere with installing SFTP on an OpenWRT device? The aim is to serve some videos over the internet via the attached USB drive. Possibly culminating...
  6. dgill2703

    Taotronics AC3000 Mesh router blocking PLEX

    I have just setup the taotronics mesh router system and am now having issues with remote access to my plex server. I believe i have to set my laptop which runs plex to have the same IP address on the router. i have no idea how to do this. does anyone have the taotronics routers and know how this...
  7. G

    FTTP router location

    Hi, due to get FTTP installed next week. Currently have sky ADSL broadband with router centrally in the house in a cupboard under the stairs. There is an ethernet network socket in this cupboard with Ethernet running from the router to 4 rooms in the house (all installed during building...
  8. B

    devices connected via ethernet -> unmanaged switch -> LAN port on router not visible via wifi

    I have a SKY wireless router, this has 4 LAN ports I have a basic netgear gigabit unmanaged network swtich I have a home with CAT5 cabling I have a number of 'smart' TVs, a SONOS system consisting of 3 x SONOS AMPs and a Synology NAS. Ideally, I want to connect as many devices as possible via...
  9. G

    Question New sky router, Netflix issue

    Hi. Apologies if this isn’t in the correct forum but wasn’t sure where best to put it. I’ve just recently changed to a new sky broadband package as my old one was very old and costly. They’ve given me a new hub and it’s all set up. I use a nvidea shield tv for most of my tv viewing but since...
  10. Shooter1

    Another Which Router Thread

    Hi All, Apologies for another which router thread. My parents currently have Sky TV (not Q) and sky broadband. The router they have is the SR102. The wifi signal is terrible and they've asked me:facepalm: to sort it out for them. I've had a bit of a read around and can see that there are a...
  11. jefflad

    Asus RT-AC1200G+ Router throttling wifi

    So.... We have Virgin Broadband and have had various speeds with no issue, however we've moved from 350Mbps to 500Mbps and the speeds on speediest haven't changed, still showing around 300Mbps. Connecting my MacBook to the router directly gives me speeds over 520Mbps, the router should give me...
  12. D

    Wanted Vpn router. Wanted. All flashed

    Hi guys looking for a router pre flashed to load nord or shufshark on to it thanks
  13. mjturner

    Wanted Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 AC2600 Wireless Router

    I'm in the market for a Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 AC2600 wireless router - anyone got one they're looking at offloading? I'm looking specifically for this model as it's well supported by OpenWRT. Thanks!
  14. H

    Sky Broadband Fibre Router

    Hi, Does anyone know which routers support Sky fibre broadband? I understand that the TP Link VR2800 is one of them but they cost slightly more than i want to spent (£160). Are there any router/modems that offer decent Wifi coverage for around £100 that supports Sky Fibre?
  15. zaka789

    Asus Merlin Router for impending Sky ISP Change over (Option 61)

    Hi All, I am a long term admirer of the advice on this forum, for a multitude of topics, but I haven't been able to find the answers to my specific situation this time around, so have created an account and would be most grateful for any assistance. My current BB set up: BT ISP > Draytek...
  16. M

    Question Sky Q router - Where can I find a longer power lead?

    I've done a search but I'm not sure!! I have a Sky Q router which I would like to place in a different position to improve my wifi signal around the house. My Sky Q router came with a small length of lead attached to the plug. In my house I do not have a mains socket at the point where I would...
  17. B

    Wifi so poor on Smart Hub even in next room, any suggestions?

    I have BT broadband and last 2 weeks it's been awful, even in next room. I have a BT Smart Hub, any ideas please. The wifi has been so bad, did wonder if a Smart Hub 2 would make a difference as we have older version but it's same amount of antennas. Thanks
  18. R

    Virgin Hub 3 and a 2nd (none Virgin router) WiFi router issues, is there a clash?

    I have Virgin Media and whilst it generally works well I am trying to run a 2nd WiFi hub and I think by doing this I have caused some sort of clash. I need a 2nd router as I need to have WiFi in my shed. I have a Virgin Hub 3.0 called “Office WiFi”. Thankfully when we built the house we put cat...
  19. W

    Plusnet - old modem and router changing

    Hi i have a BT Openreach modem with an old plusnet router that keeps dropping signal. i’m looking to replace with an all in one product so after advice on options and how easy to set up?
  20. Blujelly

    Upgrading Router??

    Hi all, I’m currently on Virgin 300mb 3.0 hub. What I’m trying to find out with my current situation is if a new router, mesh, booster or setup of some devices would need to be changed. I currently have 12 devices connected 10 of those are WiFi of which 8 are 2.4ghz the remaining 2 are 5ghz...
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