Rotel is a family-owned Japanese manufacturer of high end audio and video equipment: home theater, amplifiers, compact disc players, etc. The company was established in 1961. In the early 1980s Rotel joined the B&W Group forming a strategic alliance with Bowers & Wilkins and later adding Classé Audio. The company was formed by Tomoki Tachikawa and is currently run by the Nephew, Peter Kao.
The global affiliation between Rotel and the B&W Group dates back to the early 1980's with the establishment of exclusive distribution in North America and several European markets. Over the next 20 years, Rotel appointed virtually all Bowers & Wilkins distributors globally. In 2000 the B&W Group established Rotel Europe in the UK to consolidate all Rotel sales and support activities outside of North America.
Rotel maintains an exclusive network of specialist hi-fi dealers around the world.

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  1. B

    For Sale Rotel RB993 Power Amp

    For sale - Rotel RB993 3 channel power amplifier. 3 x 200 Watts THX ultra Certified Incredible amp. Been in Cabinet for the last forever. Was running front 3 speakers upgrade to Arcam AVR 30 relegated it to running ceiling speakers. Now upgraded (downgraded?) to Arcam 4 channel power amp...
  2. worcesternaf

    Deal Agreed Rotel RB985 MKII 5 channel power amp

    For sale is my very good condition Rotel 5 channel amp. It has in the past powered my 4 atmos speakers. It comes with the db25 Output cable for a nice tidy connection, this was not cheap when I purchased it. Specs in the pics. Very strong amp...
  3. silouette

    Question HELP trying to get my old Rotel 1068 processor to display OSM

    Used to have a 1067 receiver but sadly bit the dust. Replaced with a Rotel1068 processor and Sherborne power amp.This was to work in conjunction with my new Panasonic L72000 which sadly has only HDMI inputs and tricky to set up as the processor has only legacy outs. I do have a Projector system...
  4. SoundsCrazy

    Marantz AVR as a digital source into Rotel Michi X3

    I want to temporarily use my little Marantz 1509 as a digital source to feed my Rotel Michi X3 series I. I am expecting a Melco NA1 soon. One question is which DAC? I don’t know. In such cases I like to try both. Of course this changes the question. Now I can use RCA analog preout out from the...
  5. Danhifi

    System opinion

    Putting together a small vinyl system including Rotel A11 (non tribute), Planar 2 and B&W 606 s3. I am selling my Rotel RC-1572 and Rotel 1582 MKII and CM8 s2 which were used to play CD's and streaming music via my iPad. I am no longer looking to play loud and want a simple small system to...
  6. silouette

    Question HELP Trying to get set up menu from Rotel pre 1068

    Driving mr crazy'Trying to get menu on TV display so I can set up Speaker configuration ( Processor replacing old Rotel receiver) Trying component and composite via converter to HDMI. Using Phono to phono on monitor out, but no display ( using an old tv for maximum variety of inputs, but just...
  7. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Rotel unveils RAS-5000 stereo integrated amplifier & comments

    With built-in streaming support and HDMI-ARC compatibility, the new addition looks to offer two-channel support for your wider home entertainment needs. Read the news.
  8. C

    Question Amplifier for Bowers and Wilkins 702 S3?

    I ordered a pair of Bowers and Wilkins 702 S3 and and currently have a Rotel RA-1572mkii integrated amplifier. Curious to know what others are running these speakers with, and thoughts on how my Rotel will perform or suggestions for another integrated amplifier to consider?
  9. Steve@Rae

    Denon AVC-3800H

    Hi This is my first post and I’m just starting to venture deeper into home cinema. I’ve recently bought the AVC-3800H from Denon. The difference between this and my AVR-2200W was night and day. My setup is as follows: All Dali Speakers Fronts- 2 x Zensor 7 Centre- Vokal Surround- 2 x Zensor 1...
  10. worcesternaf

    Rotel RB-985 mk2 or sherbourne 7*110

    Hi All, Currently use different amps to drive my speakers as follows with the processor being an arcam avr 550. Atalantic technology A-2000 to drive bed layer of 7 channels. Power Output 7 x 120 watts @ 8 ohms, 20 - 20kHz, 0.08% THD (has trigger on) Rotel rb-985 mkii to drive 4 atmos and my...
  11. M

    Rotel A11 Tribute or A12

    Hi I’m looking to get a Rotel amplifier. I’m looking at the A11 tribute or the A12 mk1 (can’t afford mk2) just wondering which would be the better amp and give the best sound quality as are both similar price. It will be used for playing music from iPhone. Will they both be ok to drive my Q...
  12. silouette

    Rotel 1068 pre amp advice

    Hi There, Recently invested in a new Panasonic OLED. But the only connections are virtually all HDMI. Is there anyway of using a HDMI Adaptor to connect to preamp so that I can just set up the surround sound parameters as of course the Rotel is Old School and just hasloads of various phono style...
  13. rich watts

    Question Rotel 1572 Surround sound processor issues?

    Recently purchased a home cinema system including Rotel RSP 1572 surround sound processor, Rotel RB 1572 amplifier, and Rotel RMB 1575 amplifier. The amps are fine and been independently tested, however the processor, although video working fine, the is an intermittent crackling across my the...
  14. J

    Question Rotel A12 Amplifier Volume

    Hi I recently bought a Rotel A12 amplifier to replace an old Rotel amp that had died. It’s not quite filling the room like my old one. Is the fact I have to turn the volume up to 68 for normal listening a clue to something being wrong? I can only hear the amp coming on at about 55. I’m using...
  15. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Rotel set to launch RMB-1585MKII and RMB-1587MKII amplifiers & comments

    The new-and-improved Home Theatre Multi-Channel models bring upgraded Class AB amplification with the choice of a five or a seven-channel solution. Read the news.
  16. Nathan Brazil

    Question Does this sound like a good combo?

    Thinking of pairing a Bluesound Node X with a Rotel A11 Tribute and Wharfdale Linton speakers. Does anyone here have experience fo such a combo?
  17. G

    Rotel A14 LED blink problem

    Hi folks, I recently purchased a Rotel A14 integrated unit. Everything has been working beautifully until yesterday power went out at home and now the protection indicator LED blinks blue every second, and now the unit won’t turn on. The unit has the latest firmware update (version 3.05) and...
  18. G

    Audiolab 6000A vs discontinued Rotel A14 for warm speakers

    Hi folks, I'm currently building a small separate system for my living room. I'm quite new to Hi-Fi and have done some research that could aid in building my setup. My main goal is to have a quality sounding system under $2000 that will last me several years. I went for a relatively budgeted...
  19. M

    Rotel 12v Trigger Issues

    Hello, Just joined the Forum and hope that I am posting in the correct place. I have several Rotel components (RMB-1075, RMB-1080 & RMB 1050) and all of them have the same 12v trigger failure. The 12v source trigger is coming from an Anthem AVM-60 which is putting out 14v out when the unit is...
  20. Question Elac f5.2 pairing: Rotel a11 tribute or Cambridge audio axr100

    Hi all, I'm new here and about to get my first hi-fi setup. I'm going with Elac debut 2.0 F5.2 speakers - based on reviews they're great value for money, and decent floorstanders for small to mid-sized rooms in this price range. I've been looking for an amplifier to match it and I'd like to...
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