1. A

    Will this amp Rotel rb-985 make my system sound better?

    I have a Yamaha Htr-8063 with front and center b&w DM603 with rears . i have never had a external amp before, if i use the Rotel rb-985 to power my fronts and center will it give my sytem more punch since the yamaha wont be powering those speakers? Just want to know the advanteges this amp will...
  2. C

    Rotel A12

    Was looking to buy a $1000 integrated low power amp that has great sound quality. I finally went with Rotel A12 which is in the mail !! Meanwhile i'm reading reviews now saying that Cambridge amps for example have better sound quality for a similar price. Should i regret my purchase or have i...
  3. R

    For Sale Rotel RC995 stereo pre-amp

    Having just upgraded my AV processor to something more suitable for playing stereo music, in the interest of domestic harmony, this is up for sale. Whilst I am happy with my new Anthem MRX, I feel this pre-amp still has the edge when playing stereo. Unfortunately for me, one of the criteria for...
  4. Anton1982

    Inherited ROTEL System Please Help!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and would like to ask does anyone knows how much this Rotel system is worth? ROTEL Power Amp RB-1070 ROTEL Stereo Control Amplifier RC-1070 ROTEL CD Player RCD-1072 I'm planning to post it on eBay in the next few of days, any ideas on prices and how much to...
  5. Q

    Question Rotel RA-1592 Vs AVR

    Hey all, I'm looking for a new amp for my B&W seems Rotel RA-1592 pairs very well. Does anyone have any recommendations if I wanted an AVR instead so I can use for home cinema as well as music? I might move to 5.1 with 702 S2 at a later date. Thanks all for your help!
  6. G

    Time to upgrade my B&W/ Rotel combo - thoughts appreciated

    Hello! I have had my current setup for around 20 years (monogomy at its finest) - B&W 601 S2 & Rotel Ra-01 amp. I have always quite liked the sound and therefore seen no reason to change it. Most of my music these days is streamed and I tend to use my Samsung smart TV as the receiver...
  7. T

    Rotel 1056 & 4K Inputs

    Hi Everyone, I have an older Rotel 1056 receiver and would like to enjoy 4k shows on the TV instead of 1080p. Is there a good HDMI switch or something that I could plug my devices in and it would split out the audio (HDMI) to the Rotel and (HDMI) to the TV? I see a ton on Amazing but which one...
  8. AnilS

    For Sale Rotel Integrated Amplifier A971

    Selling due to hearing loss and decluttering. Lovely sounding amplifier with much more grunt than it's power rating suggests (as is the Rotel way). Owned from new and fully working. Please see pictures for condition (very good). Drives my Ruark Talisman 2s easily (also upcoming for sale)...
  9. ntsarb

    Rotel RB-1552 / RB-1582 owners

    Hello, I just purchased my first power amplifier, a Rotel RB-1552, and decided to start a thread for the exchange of info and experiences with more people. My previous amplifier was an integrated one, which I purchased as an undergraduate student from part-time work, ~26 years ago! After ~15...
  10. ManorParker

    For Sale Rotel RA-04SE Amplifier very little use

    Selling my Front room set up. Rotel RA-04SE this was in my front room with dreams that I'll be listening to this set up at the weekends reading the papers. But little did I know how much time the kids would take up. I packed these away before the kids could get their hands on anything. Now we've...
  11. T

    Rotel RX-1052 RECEIVER

    "Good day all, I have a Rotel Receiver RX-1052 that gives me a popping , and a high pitch sound when turning up the volume no matter what type of source I select. Is it cost effective to have it repaired."
  12. AntM

    Rotel RA-1312

    Good morning everyone, I have a small question for those who can answer :) I have the possibility to buy a Rotel RA-1312 with one channel not working. The front panel is not in mint condition then it will need a good restoring and some money invested. Do you know if components for this...
  13. S

    Question Cambridge Audio 851N and Rotel RC1090

    Hello everyone, first post here. Need some help! I’m currently buying components to upgrade my system running my monitor audio silver 300s I made three purchases thus far, which was the Cambridge Audio Azur 851N, Rotel RC1090 preamp, and Rotel RB1582 mkii power amp. I was originally planning on...
  14. T

    Advice: B&W CM8s + Audiolab

    Hi folks, Coming here for a bit of friendly advice on a possible upcoming purchase. Current set up: - B&W CM8s (Airplay connected, which I use for 90% of my music listening) - Rotel RA 1520 - Rotel RCD 1520 - Panasonic Viera VT65 (Apple TV connected) - (Ancient!) Thorens TD160s Mk.4 turntable...
  15. Mroy62

    Should I upgrade my integrated amplifier (1987 Rotel)

    I am putting together a second stereo system for my home office and resurrecting my 1987 Rotel RA 820 AX amp that I brought to the US from the UK. Because of the voltage difference I have to use a 110v to 220v transformer. My source is primarily Pandora and Spotify through a Schiit Modi 3 DAC...
  16. R

    Speaker Suggestions for Rotel RA-1570

    I currently run a Rotel RA-1570 with B&W DM603 S2 (the ones from around 2002) and am looking to upgrade the speakers. What would people recommend I take a look at please, that suits the Rotel tonally but is an upgrade 'quality' wise from the 603's. 603's are entertaining enough but not very...
  17. chaz

    Problem With Rotel RMB 1795 Power Amp

    Hi Having trouble with the above Amp Yesderday my wife and I was siting in the back garden with a few friends round put some music on I put it on a bit loud as we where in the garden about 89 on the volume dail very loud indeed in the house but nice and loud. Well after playing Supertramp...
  18. S

    Question Four speaker, one pair 6 ohms, the other 8 ohms running on a Rotel RA-01. Will I blow up my speakers?

    Hi, I have two sets of speakers that I would like to hook up to a Rotel RA-01. One pair has a nominal impedance of 6 ohms and the other of 8 ohms. The manual states that running four speakers all with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms is fine. Will running my four speakers together damage my...
  19. R

    Power Amplifier to power Kef R900 pair connected to Marantz SR7011 for Stereo

    I have a pair of KEF R900 speakers that are connected to a Marantz SR7011. Being an AV Receiver, the stereo performance is not up to the mark. HAve been looking for a power amp to connect to the pre out of the Marantz to power the Kef pair. The Kef pair is also used as part of the 5.1 setup...
  20. S

    Yamaha NX-N500 vs Rotel A10 amp+ monitor audio bronze 2s

    Source is Vinyl with built in pre-amp setup will be about $300 extra to go the seperate amp and passive route. Then another $400 odd to get that comnected to music cast with the rest of the house but that can come later. Yammys has that built in Worth the cost? concerced that the yamahas are...
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