1. W

    Rotel A14 MKII - Temperature

    Hi, I've just upgraded my stereo integrated amplifier to a Rotel A14 MKII. I had been using a Rotel A10 previously. Paired with Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 bookshelf speakers. I am very happy with it, it sounds great via usb and my turntable. It runs quite hot compared to my A10 which was very...
  2. H

    The Rotel A12 and streaming from Android

    I'm happy with my Rotel A12 but confused about how to get it to play the music library on my phone (Media Monkey) through the USB port(s) . The one of the front of the amp is supposed to be where I plug for the phone, the one on the back from my computer. But when I attached the phone to the USB...
  3. A

    RB-991 repair or replace?

    Hi everyone, happy new year. I’m not an audiophile expert so if this is a confusing question please bear with me. I have a pair of Morduant Short 816 an old Onkyo Tx-SR875 AVR and a Rotel RB-991 power amp. The onkyo is in place as the old pre-amp died with the Rotel connected as a power amp...
  4. P

    Wanted Rotel RMB-1512 Power Amp

    Hi all, As title, does anyone have a Rotel RMB-1512 12 channel amp with black facia they want to sell. Must be in excellent condition and full working order. Let me know , many thanks Tony
  5. M

    Update Rotel A12 firmware

    I am a very happy user of the Rotel A12 amplifier but want to upgrade the firmware to implement the Signal Sense. I can find online manuals and software to do this with an RS232 link, but the version I have does not have such a connection (an older version?). What I do have is a mini-USB...
  6. H

    Cambridge CXN to Rotel RA 1572

    Hi folks i may be being a complete simpleton here but could someone please advise on the best way for me to connect my new CXN to my Rotel amp. I’m currently using the digital connection- which I believe I’ve read is advised - but the volume is low and the sound is frankly poor. Should I be...
  7. P

    Speakers & Room treatment for Rotel RB-1582MKII

    Hi All. Newbie here. I would like your advice/opinion on getting a good sound experience. I have: B&W DM603 S2 speakers (from 1999) bi-wired to Rotel RB-1582 MKII 200W Power amp RC-1572 MKII Pre-amp. Initially I used Marantz PM8006 that subjectively lacked power to drive 603s and I had to...
  8. H

    Rotel separates + Sonos Port (???) to B&W 705S2

    Hi guys & gals Thanks so much for reading post. So, I believe I’ve researched thoroughly but still not sure I‘ve answered my query; differing to your oracle knowledge ! Im moving from an old-school system, Rotel RA 1570 & RCD 1570 through to streaming. I’m about to invest in some [email protected] 705S2s...
  9. dignaty

    Rotel A10 volume issue?

    Hi, Just purchased Rotel A10 (with CD11), b-stock. The sound is great but the volume control knob is very loose, a one mm turn makes the volume significantly higher and I am not even turning the volume knob up to an 8 o'clock position (from the starting point of 6 o'clock). It is a massive...
  10. wronaldo

    Bluetooth USB Dongle for Rotel RA-1570

    Good afternoon, I damaged the USB dongle that provides Bluetooth connection to my RA-1570. I am not sure how but it's not hard to believe that the overall arrangement is not very resistant. Little harm I though, I'll buy a new one. Rotel is out of stock with these items (and I can just wonder...
  11. D

    Rotel RA 980bx phono problem

    Hello...I just bought a Rotel RA 980bx amplifier .I always wanted to have this amp but...I tested it before i buy it with a cd player and it was fine.At home when i pluged my turntable a buzzing noise came out the left channel and no music.I unpuged everything from the amp and left only the left...
  12. R

    Rotel RAP-1580

    Hi, I am currently looking at one of these Rotel RAP1580 av amplifiers has anyone on here got one and if so what is it like? Is it that much out of date My Tv is A Samsung 65q9.
  13. V

    Streaming Setup Advice - Replacing a Chromecast Audio and Rotels Amp internal DAC with a Bluesound Node ?

    Hey all, I am slowly moving into a more smart home setup and the next thing on my list due for an upgrade is the streamer. I am currently using a Chromecast Audio (nice little cheap device that does the job for the last 4 years or so) which is connected via optical cable to a Rotel RA-12...
  14. C

    Rotel A12 or Hegel H95 ?

    Hi. I presently own the Rotel A12 integrated amp which sounds good but looking to upgrade with the Hegel H95 that is approx in the same output power range. There are very few reviews on YT for the A12 Where as the H95 has tons !!! It seems that Hegel sounds better from what i'v seen in reviews...
  15. R

    opinions on Rotel A11 tribute amp driving wharfedale Denton 85th anniversary speakers (4ohm)

    I Know theres a few threads on here regarding the rotel A11 amp, but I was wondering what the opinions here would be regarding driving a pair of wharfedale Denton 85th anniv speakers. They're 4 ohm jobbies, but they don't appear to be problematical when driving them with a cambridge Audio AXA35...
  16. Danhifi

    Rotel 14 series vs 15 series

    I have the Rotel 14 partnered with B&W CM8 S2. I am considering getting a used Rotel 1572 and Rotel 1582MKII. Any sonic differences with the 15 series? Will more watts "help" with anything? Thanks, Dan
  17. G

    New System Amp Advice

    I have recently purchased a Hi-Fi set up and am awaiting delivery in the next few weeks. Sonus Faber Lumina II speakers REL HT1003 subwoofer BlueSound PowerNode 2i The system is mostly for music listening however it will also be connected to the TV therefore the Amp/Streaming Device needs to...
  18. F

    Advice on selling high-end HiFi.

    Hi all, I hope everyone is well. I'm looking for some advice... I have a Rotel Michi (original) system which I'd like to sell. I'm not sure on two things: 1) Where the best place to sell hifi is in the UK. I've used ebay before, but looking for any suggestions for better/dedicated...
  19. FootHealer

    Speakers for Rotel A11 Tribute

    Hi folks, I have a Rotel A11 Tribute amplifier and am considering changing speakers to get the most out of it. I have tried Dali Oberons and found the combination too "exciting", "forward" and "sharp". I am very sensitive to high frequencies, sharpness, brightness, whatever you want to call it...
  20. Phil Hinton

    Oculus Quest 2 VR headset + Rotel A14 MkII Amp Reviews & Best of the Month (28th July 2021)

    This week Steve gives us a review of the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset he has been using for the last few weeks and Ed reviews the Rotel A14 MkII Integrated Amplifier. Plus Tom joins us to discuss the best of the month for music, movies and TV. Presented by Phil Hinton with Ed Selley, Tom Davies...
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