1. J

    New House, New Living Room, New Setup....

    Place holder...Spent the last few years sorting out our new house, which has now included a 5.0 setup which I've always wanted. I'll be updating this thread in the next few weeks as I sort through photos etc. It'll be about the DIY of the room, as well as the AV equipment element.... Cheers...
  2. L

    Wanted Intel NUC with ROCK for ROON

    Hi, new subscriber to ROON and would like a device with the ROON OS already installed, as its a bit complicated for me. Appreciate your help
  3. DavidT

    What sub for a room roughly 3m x 4m

    I have the urge, if not the need, to upgrade my subwoofer. At the moment I have a BK XLS200 mk2 which actually works pretty well in my room but whenever has that made any difference when upgraditis takes hold! At the moment I am looking at the BK P12-300SB-PR or the BK XXLS400 but I can't decide...
  4. Bells

    65” TV Advice - Living Room

    I’m looking for some advice please as I’ve seen loads of reviews online and don’t seem to be getting anywhere! I’m moving out in the next few months and instead of using my existing bedroom TV in the living room I’ve decided I’d like to upgrade. Can’t really fault my existing TV, it’s the...
  5. D

    Big AVR or separates for large living room 5.2

    Hello, I’m putting together a system for my main living space. It will need to control two outside speakers as a second zone. The TV area will have 2x B&W 603s2 towers as front L/R B&W HTM72 center channel. If I can convince my wife it’ll be an HTM71 2x B&W CCM683 rear surrounds in-ceiling 2x...
  6. A

    Small Discreet (sort of) Movie room

    Equipment Sony x85g Denon x3700h MONITOR AUDIO WSS230 Super Slim in Wall Speaker Left Right MONITOR AUDIO WSS430 Super Slim in Wall Speaker Centre MONITOR AUDIO Bronxe EX, rear MONITOR AUDIO Pro65 4 Atmos Ceiling Rel HT1003 Sub. I wanted a discreet room, that would get more use than my old...
  7. Spurs4ever

    Streaming PC Games To Living Room TV

    As I have a 3060ti, is the NVidia Shield the best way to stream games to another TV in another room, or is there a better way? Also, any real world advice, or experiences (regarding setup, lag etc?)
  8. C

    Is there a guide for speakers by room volume?

    Hey all! I have a KEF t305 5.1 system that sounded great in my living room but now sounds strained in my family room - We've moved from a 4 x 3 x 2.5 = 30 cubic meter room to a 7 x 5 x 2.5 = 90 cubic meter room... so my guess is the speakers are just not up to the task now. So, it got me...
  9. adkozak

    Living room pair of speakers - turntable, Netflix, Spotify

    Hi, I have what appears to be a quite unusual living room audio setup requirements. What I am trying to find: a pair of speakers for stereo sound the two speakers are connected wirelessly (don't want a cable across the whole room), one of them has access to ethernet socket I want to be able...
  10. Sign of the times

    The room with many faces

    Hi all , Thought i would share this . I moved house back in august 2020 and have been busy since knocking seven bells out of it including a dedicated hi-fi room , a lounge diner and a cinema room . The cinema room has been many things in the past ! It stared life by the original owner as a...
  11. R

    Best Soundbar for asymmetrical room?

    I have a thro' lounge diner measuring 7.5 mtrs x 4.25 mtrs wide. The area is split roughly 60/40 in favour of the lounge. The TV is located in the far corner next to the fireplace and to the other side is an archway through to the sun lounge. Main viewing point is about 3 mtrs from the screen...
  12. Recoveryone

    My new/upgraded living room setup

  13. W

    Where to put speakers in a tiny room

    I have a very small home theater – it is almost like a cockpit. The room is only 78” wide and 102” long. My cabinet is 75” wide so it is a perfect fit. Until now I had my Focal speakers sitting on the cabinet on each end and a wall-mounted 60” Panasonic plasma screen in the middle. It is mounted...
  14. 3

    Humax 1100S x 2 not working in one room

    I have two Humax 1100S boxes in different rooms. Very recently one became very intermittent in response to the handset, and is connected to a Samsung UE48JS8500T via the Samsung HDMI connection box. After changing batteries in handset and checking all connections it is still intermittent. I have...
  15. Syphon

    Your thoughts on TV size for our living room (with photos) please (65vs77)

    Hi, Torn between paying the premium for a 77" C1 over the 65". Worried the 77" may feel too big for the room. We sit 3.5M / 11.5 Feet away. Currently got a 50" plasma. I've done the cardboard box thing with the exact dimensions for both and superimposed the TV's into the photos below. Also...
  16. T

    How to link two amps in two different rooms

    Hi, What is the best way to link two different amps in two rooms to play the same music? I'd also like the capability to turn one room off if required. Thanks
  17. G

    AV setup for new living room - speakers vs soundbar

    Hi guys Just moved into the new house and now need to choose a new AV setup for the living room. I currently have Pioneer VSX LX303 with 5.1 Yamaha speaker set. Originally was thinking about the new set of speakers but my living room is an open space and there is no easy way to lead the cables...
  18. A

    Asking for a friend - room sensor/audio hookup

    Hi there - this really is asking for a friend, because I don't know why anyone would want to do this, but .... .... has anyone hooked up something like Shelly Motion Sensor | Shelly Cloud to a streaming music solution to have music follow you around the house ? Anticipating derision !!
  19. afzal

    Looking for SW advice for corner of large open plan room

    Hi everyone. After searching through the site, I've not found anything which addresses my issue, so I'd like to ask for advice on 1 or 2 subs for an HT in the corner of a large open room. First, top line constraints and info. My budget for sub(s) it about 900 euro. My size limit is about the...
  20. I

    Atmos Sound bar for small room

    I wanna add a sound bar to the panny tx58dx902b that sits at the bottom of the bed. The room is 2.7w x 2.2l x 2.0h. I can kick the TV with my foot if I want to. The TV has optical out and ARC. Im using an Xbox one s for 4k content. So, is there a sound bar; preferably with Atmos, that would be...
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