1. A

    roku fee for hisense TV's $100 activation fee?

    Hi guys :) .. apologies if this has been asked before in the forum, I did a search on the forum and couldn't find any related topic for it but maybe I wasn't looking properly :) I have purchased a Hisense H4 year 2020 series TV, 43 inches, model number 43H4030F3 ... it's a gift to a refugee...

    eARC Compatibility Issues? Yamaha RX-V385 & Hisense 58R6E3 Roku Smart TV

    Happy Holidays Gang! I do see others are having similiar issues and I'm trying to understand :thumbsdow I have a Yamaha RX-V385. Recently bought a Walmart Hisense Smart TV 58R6E3 (with eARC). Cables are newer 4K HDMI Atevon High Speed 18Gbps HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 & backwards compatible. I do...
  3. M

    which streaming device to get?

    Hi, I have a pretty old Samsung smart TV and a Sonos Beam 5.1 system (i.e. just DD 5.1, not DTS or Atmos, etc). I live in Spain and I have my TV set up with UK as its region. Together with a smart DNS I can use UK apps on the TV. Recently HBO Max started in Spain and I jumped when offered a 6...
  4. RobTi

    Hisense Roku R43B47120 harmony remote control

    Hi tried to add this to my harmony twice now and half the buttons don’t control it, harmony software finds the model okay. So can I ask if anyone has successfully got this tv working with harmony ? Thanks
  5. T

    What remote do I need for a Sharp Roku TV?

    I have the Sharp Roku TV model LC-58Q73+. It came with (and we still use) the Roku type remote that has NO numeric buttons to enter digits to select a channel. We are at a campground in Florida which furnishes cable TV that has 200+ channels. You can get to any channel (eventually) by...
  6. mattyredsox

    Want a simple 75" or 85" television to use with Roku and VPN- in Switzerland

    Hi All. I'm looking for a new television. We want a large screen as we've a decent sized living room. 75-85 inches should work. We watch 95% of our content through a Roku run through VPN so that we can access US and Japanese programs. We would like to hook it up to a stereo or a sound bar as...
  7. T

    LG C9 OLED65C9PUA 4k issue LG app vs Roku app

    I was hoping you can tell me if this is a problem or if this is normal. Until recently I noticed if I use the LG app, like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+ etc, I do not get any 4K streaming, if I use the same app on my Roku, that is attached to the TV, I get 4K stream. As an example, I watch House...
  8. mtenga

    Roku Express 4K

    When I plug this into my processor, an Anthem AVM60, I get HDCP errors and it will not do UHD on BBC iPlayer. Plug it directly into the TV and everything is golden. Anyone else have similar problems?
  9. J

    TCL Roku 55RP620K or alternative? (<£500)

    Hi folks, great to see this forum is active! In need of some advice: Looking for a bedroom/office 55” TV which will be used primarily for Netflix and mild gaming. Budget is £500. I’m intrigued by the TCL Roku RP620K which seems to have rave reviews and is available for £400 after discount at...
  10. Hornet4000

    Hisense Roku R55A7200GTUK, WhatHiFi award winner - VA or IPS panel?

    Does anyone know whether the 55 and 65 inch versions of the Hisense R50A7200GTUK are VA or IPS panels? The 50 inch version seems to be a VA and recently won a product of the year award from WhatHiFi (yes, I know, no absolute guarantee of quality), and so I want to know whether the larger panels...
  11. chelseasf

    Roku Streambar Pro for C7?

    Hi, I have a 65” C7 and tend to find dialogue a bit muddy. I need a new Roku anyway so was thinking of getting the Roku Streambar Pro. Would this improve the sound quality? I don’t need surround sound, just want TV shows to sound better. Thanks!
  12. D

    Replacement for Roku box with better performance

    I have a Roku 2 XS from 2013 running Plex that works fine 95% of the time, with a wired ethernet over powerline to a windows 10 PC running the Plex Server. However, there's always some nervousness that playback will dropout. TV: 12 year old Pioneer Plasma TV 1080p Soundbar: Philips Fidelio B5...
  13. C

    Whats Max Resolution avail in Mac/ MacBook Screen Mirror/ Extend Display via Airplay 2 direct to TV? (LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Roku TVs)(No Apple TV)

    Whats Max Resolution avail in Mac/ MacBook Screen Mirror/ Extend Display via Airplay 2 direct to TV? (LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Roku TVs)(No Apple TV) PLS SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES: Apple Device > Airplay 2 > TV Brand Model (Not via Apple TV - From Device to Smart TV w Airplay2) Resolution/...
  14. petrolhead737

    Hisense 50 inch R50B7120UK Roku Help

    Hi, Just wanted some help and advice about a new Hisense Roku TV I recently purchased. Previously was using an old Samsung 40inch 720p LCD display for years and had no problems. I decided it was time to upgrade, and after hours of research went for the Hisense R50B7120UK. I have had the TV...
  15. C

    Are folks able to 4K Mirror/ Extend Display via Airplay 2 (to their supported big TV)? (Apple Ref List linked: LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Roku TVs)

    Are folks able to 4K Mirror/ Extend Display via Airplay 2 (to their supported big TV)? (Apple Ref List linked: LG, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Roku TVs) PLS SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES: Apple Device + TV Brand Model + Resolution/ Quality/ Performance. Note: Display Mirroring/ Extend is NOT same as -...
  16. A

    Roku TV - R55A7200GTUK - Prime video - variable brightness

    Hi There If anyone has one of these 2020 Hisense Roku TVs from Argos, could you test the prime video app? I have a repeatable issue where I press the options button on the remote and the brightness varies. Press it - brightens, press again, darkens, you get the idea. Doesn't happen as far as...
  17. C

    Roku Streambar Help needed!

    Hi all. I'm looking for some help and hoping someone out there may have a solution to an issue I am having with a Roku Streambar connected to my Panasonic HZ980b. The Streambar is connected via ARC and when I initially turn the TV on there is an issue in which the Roku picture cannot settle on...
  18. M

    Roku AVR passthrough not working (Pioneer VSX-324)

    I have just bought my first projector/receiver setup and have spent weeks (on and off) trying to get it set up... and it's just not happening. My setup is: Source - Roku Streaming Stick+ (and/or Roku Premiere) Receiver - Pioneer VSX-324-K-P Projector - BenQ TH585 Speakers - Mordaunt Short M10...
  19. Beans Stinkwater

    Roku Steambar?

    Is it the best compact sounbar for under 150 green queen's?
  20. Jessel723

    Tv screen problem tcl 5 series

    Hey guys I've having a problem with my TCL 5 series roku tv. I've actually been having problems with it for about a year but found a ghetto fix now I'm looking for a real fix if possible. If I turn off the tv next time I try to turn it on the screen is super dim. It barley looks like the tv is...
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