1. E

    R55B7120UK - does this TV have Automatic Content Recognition?

    Hi All, I recently bought the R55B7120UK from Argos as it was on sale. I wanted to see what the fuss was about 4k as I'd been on an old 37" samsung for 10 years or so. Seems like a decent upgrade for the price bar the lack of real HDR or any high end features like VRR/120fps etc, but as it's a...
  2. J

    Corrupted main screen on Hisense 55" 4K Roku TV

    Any thoughts by anyone on what causes the main screen on my Hisense 55" 4K Roku to be corrupted as shown in the attached photo. It happens every time I turn on the TV and when I select a program to run it sometimes continues to the icon for that program as it launches but then totally disappears...
  3. B

    Some Roku questions from a noob trying to help in-laws

    First, WOW! Lots of posts all through this website! I am trying to help my inlaws with a TV they just got that has Roku built into it. I haven't used streaming devices much - just chromecast from an iphone really. I googled roku forums and found Roku Community | Support, Help &...
  4. RiseAbove

    Question Roku - Amazon App

    Hi guys, I’m going abit mad here I have a roku premiere which is connected to a dx902 Panasonic led tv, the Amazon app, in honestly, looks dreadful, is it my settings? Tv? Or is this how bad it looks in general? i mean if I were roku, why make the competition look elite but this is really bad...
  5. E

    Sonas Arc, HDFury Arcana, Roku Streaming stick plus

    Hi I am planning on purchasing the Sonas Arc, though due to my Samsung TV UE49KS7000 not having eARC I am also planning on getting the HDFury Arcana together with a Roku Streaming stick plus to enable Dolby Atmos from Amazon Prime & Netflix streamed content Two questions : Is this a good...
  6. JabbaNut

    Hands-On With Roku OS 9.4: HBO Max via AirPlay and Speed Improvements Tested

    Thought I would share this article with others
  7. C

    Roku through AVR not showing volume change on TV

    Hi all...not a show-stopper but was wondering why when I change volume whilst playing a programme on the Roku stick, any changes to the volume doesn't show on the TV. All other sources i.e. TV, Sky Q and the blu-ray player do this. The AVR is a Denon X1100W, the TV is Samsung and the Roku stick...
  8. MisterMD

    Losing Live TV Channels Roku TV

    Hi, does anyone else find free-view channels disappear and have to do a retune. I don't mean when the frequencies and channel numbers change, I mean every couple of days. I have a Hisense Roku TV in the bedroom and it loses BBC non HD channels( everything on Multiplex Channel 24) every few days...
  9. Kapkirk

    Will a Roku TV streamer work in the HDMI input of my Bluray player

    As title suggests, I don't have any spare HDMI inputs on my TV as it is quite old, but I DO have a Cambridge CXU Blu Ray player with 2 x HDMI Inputs one of which is MHL so could I just use one of those and select that input from my CXU and use the Roku through the BR Player?
  10. JabbaNut

    Roku Ultra 2020 Review: More Speed, More Features, and a Bit More Ultra
  11. AVF Bargain Finder

    Bargain Expired Amazon Prime Day: Roku Streaming Stick+ HD/4K/HDR Media Player - Save £25, now £35

    Amazon’s Prime Day 2020 is finally here and there’s a wealth of offers on home entertainment products including TVs, projectors and soundbars. The Roku Streaming Stick+ HD/4K/HDR Streaming Media Player has 42% off its RRP and is now £35 (was £60, save £25). Non flash-deal offers run until...
  12. J

    For Sale Roku 4k streaming stick

    New in unopened box Roku 4k streaming stick. Never been used and still factory sealed.
  13. JabbaNut

    Bargain ROKU Sale
  14. H

    Roku Cable TV Channel Guide not working

    I am having a problem with my tv set. I live in Florida. My set is a TCL Roku 40FS3800 which I purchased in November 2016. The problem is that with my CATV coax cable screwed into the set, the channel guide displays incorrectly. I will show the local antenna channels where the cable channels...
  15. JabbaNut

    USA: Roku Announces New Streambar and Roku Ultra Gets a Bit More Ultra with 2020 Update

    " Today, Roku’s taking the wraps off a couple of new pieces of hardware as we speed toward the holiday buying season. Headlining the new 2020 class is an updated Roku Ultra that the company says will bring better WiFi performance and Dolby Vision HDR support to the top-end streaming device. "...
  16. RiseAbove

    Question Roku - 4:2:2 / 4:2:0 setting

    Hi guys, so I’ve had a roku (premiere) for a little while now and have always set it as 4:2:2 under the HDR subsampling setting in the menu, I’ve heard this is correct and i would agree that it looks better? I guess, but my question is - “is this right and better?” Because setting it to 4:2:2...
  17. J

    All of older sony, samsung, roku, players ,any life for the 1`s that can`t stream netflix any more

    an upgrade for their OS`s ?????? particularly the Sony SMP N-100 and is there anybody that has the hardware to view the operating system on the {Sony smp n-100} that`s not cost prohibitive
  18. Damo121

    Question Help with 5.1 Audio from Roku streaming stick via Blu-ray

    Hi guys. This is my set up: Panasonic VT50, Panasonic SA-BTT290 Blu-ray and Roku streaming stick. I have the Roku stick plugged into HDMI 1 of the Blu-ray player and cannot output 5.1. The TV is wall mounted with side HDMI inputs which are difficult to access. The Blu-ray player is connected...
  19. J

    LG smart tv and roku

    I have an LG smart tv. I want to sign up for philo streaming tv. It's not available on this tv but philo is compatible with ROKU. Can I buy a ROKU box and plug it into the back of my tv and then be able to get Philo?
  20. D

    Question HDCP 1.4 2.2 Denon AV Amp Roku and BenQ W2700 problem would Lindy fix this?

    Hi all hope someone can help. I have a Denon AVR-X3100W AV amp, just confirmed by Denon its not HDCP 2.2 compliant Roku streaming stick plus is HDCP 2.2 compliant HDMI cable HDCP 2.2 compliant BenQ W2700 projector HDCP 2.2 complaint If I place the roku in the amp then stream netflix etc. to the...
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