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  1. Delta38

    Music DVDs Collections.

    Hi all Just wondering what people have a Music DVD Collection ? If so what do they have , How many ? I hope this was not already a Thread ? There are some good Concerts / Albums out but You Tube seems to be Cutting the choices back Heavily ? Nice to Listen to your Favorite Music without Ads or...
  2. S

    Scottish Rock band vs Brexit

    Scottish rock band Cold Years have gone all in against the Brexit lot in their latest video. Good for them
  3. Gregifur

    Question Rock Band 4 DLC and PS4 backup

    I keep getting bounced back and forth between Harmonix and Sony. Will the PS4 backup utility include Rock Band 4 DLC? I have over 800 songs and downloading them again will be very painful after I upgrade the hard drive in the system.
  4. D

    Can you help me find this song by the description

    Basically, it's a metal/rock song. I use to listen to it a lot but it's completely gone out my head - at the start there's this man, he's dragging a body in a carpet. It's in a field surrounded by trees. He puts it in a car, and then the car just goes up in flames. It's a band - not a single...
  5. E

    Rock song strange video

    Hello everyone. I just joined because I need help locating a song that ive been wanting to find for a whiled ago but had no luck. I don't rememer the name of the song or the band's but I do rember a little of the music video. Ok its a rock band, not sure what specific rock genre but I remember...
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