1. M

    Question Autonomous video of a rive

    Hi all! I'm looking for recommendations to create an autonomous flight plan to video a river system. Apps like Drone Deploy have a linear flight planning function but I'm looking for something that doesn't cost a ton to be able to do this. Distances flow could, and likely will, exceed a...
  2. WarHog

    Dark River

    Went to see this today and really enjoyed it. Don't expect a Hollywood blockbuster, instead we get a nice little British film by Clio Barnards, set on a farm in Yorkshire. On news of her fathers death, Alice returns to her family farm after 15yrs away to find her brother struggling to keep the...
  3. K

    HMV Pure - Bridge Over The River Kwai 4K £9.99

    Just picked this up at my local HMV today. Quite a low price for those who have an HMV Pure card.
  4. Whitter45

    The River Kwai

    Some 2.5hr drive from Bangkok takes you to the Bridge over the River Kwai - this is only the start - taking the train for 90 mins into the national park will bring you to Hellfire pass - truely tragic story for 415km of railway in 16 months some 100,000 people gave their lives - A very moving...
  5. raptor

    River reflections

    Not the best weather this month so only bean out once with my camera so this is the best i can come up with Camera Nikon 7200 lens Sigma 17-50 f2.8 settings Ap f11, SS 1/100, FL 17.0mm dxo pro elite 10 River reflections by Daz, on Flickr']River reflections by Daz, on Flickr[/URL]
  6. sebbykin

    Bargain Pink Floyd Endless River

    CD and bluray £8.50ish delivered, not sure how many left. Ordered mine today:thumbsup: CeX (UK) : Stock search Hope this is of use to someone.
  7. Paranormalist

    River Monsters

    I'm not really into fishing but I do enjoy the tv programme River Monsters with Jeremy Wade. This scene of a lough/lake looks like a location where Mr.Wade could be found with his fishing rod. EXIF sony a6000 f/5.6 1/15s ISO 100 50mm PP Basic Raw Adjustments Color Efex Pro 4 Adjustments...
  8. stevemc81

    Messing around on the river

    I don't know about anyone else, but I found this month surprisingly hard! I've taken a bunch of photos and hate the whole lot of them so all I can do is present the least worst. This shot of a rower on the Clyde was taken with my iPhone and extensively cropped and edited in the Camera+ app.
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