1. Ono

    Elden Ring (PC)

    From Software's next big release on 24 Feb 2022. Gameplay trailer - looks very promising indeed.
  2. M

    Ring alarm contact sensors

    Hi I have two ring contact sensor 2 and they are both saying tampered, I have recently moved house and they might have got knocked but they are not damaged. I have tried removing the batteries and pressing the little button with a pin and removed them from my system. Once connected back to my...
  3. aVdub

    Ring desktop discontinued after Oct 15th 2021

    Tried looking around one of the gazillion boards and couldn't find the dedicated Ring thread, so posting here because this board has more traffic imo that would be touched by this news. Just had this pop-up. Which on click leads to: Ring Way to go eh...
  4. TB303

    Which power cables (for in wall ring) do you use?

    Hello as part of the home cinema works we want to install a new power ring, my electrician suggested we just use a generic 2.5m2 twisted pair power cable (to connect from the fusebox to the sockes etc) but I wonder if there's something shielded/screen (RF) that I can use? Like an affordable but...
  5. T

    Anyone know where I could get plant pot ring holders for big pots, like baskets?

    A strange query but I would like to 'hang' my hanging baskets in a way which means I can fit more of them on the post that we fix them to. We have a post in the garden and I have some brackets at the top which enables 4 baskets to hang and then the same halfway down, which enables another 4 to...
  6. I

    Ring 5 piece system-can I add another siren?

    Hi Does anybody know whether I can purchase and add an additional siren to the 5 piece set? My house is quite spread out and with the internal doors shut one siren may not be heard everywhere when asleep. Thanks
  7. Blujelly

    Upgrading Router??

    Hi all, I’m currently on Virgin 300mb 3.0 hub. What I’m trying to find out with my current situation is if a new router, mesh, booster or setup of some devices would need to be changed. I currently have 12 devices connected 10 of those are WiFi of which 8 are 2.4ghz the remaining 2 are 5ghz...
  8. Z

    Question Ring Alarm

    Just installed to work alongside the doorbell a Ring alarm system. Is it possible to have it arm disarm via proximity instead of using the app or the keypad? I have the samsung smartthings which works well for the proximity but is rubbish as an alarm if wifi or power goes down hence the move...
  9. A

    Eternity ring

    Anyone know best places to look for an eternity ring how to get the best deal?
  10. aVdub

    Ring + Other Smart Doorbells + Royal Mail Not Using

    Looking back on deliveries and other alerts I've noticed that post office never ever ring the Ring Doorbell. This is not limited to the same post person and have a few from my other camera showing these post people walking to the door, reaching out to ring the Ring Doorbell and then divert at...
  11. D

    Question Ring doorbell misting up in cold weather?? Anyone else have same problem? Any solutions?

    My ring doorbell lens mists up during the cold weather in the night making the camera completely useless? Does anyone else have the same issue. Any solution ??
  12. Killak

    Question Installation of Ring Door Bell Pro with old doorbell but not wanting to touch Consumer Unit

    Hello everyone. I recently purchased a Ring Doorbell Pro thinking it was easy to swap from my old doorbell to my new one. Now realised its more complicated then I thought. I find the help guides and video's out there a bit confusing dispute spending quite a lot of time researching I am still...
  13. A

    Question Can Ring stick up camera be hacked?

    I have a Ring stick up camera in my room because I live with a roommate. When I’m in my room I turn off motion recording. However, last night the blue light came on while the camera was off. The blue light comes on when recording motion. Has anyone else had this happen? I bought this camera...
  14. KeirW

    Bargain Ring Floodlight Camera - very good price..

    Just came across this for £184.99, keep trying to pull the trigger and buy one but getting put off by the price and wondering if a new version is coming out... Think at this price I can't say no.. 8SF1P7-BEU0 | Ring Floodlight Camera Black | The Electrical Showroom Edit - Just found a...
  15. N

    Question Prewired alarm new construction convert to RING

    Hi. We're moving into a new construction home that was prewired with Synergy. We haven't had anyone install the alarm (panel), and I'm wondering if we can use a converter of some sort to use all wires (that are labelled in the Synergy box) to connect and use the RING alarm pro. I'm not...
  16. Alexaa14

    The Ring '4' or Rings part 2

    Hello guys, does anybody right here knows will The Ring '4' or even Rings part 2 be released? Currently there is The Ring, The Ring Two and Rings, and it would be really great if they released The Ring 4!
  17. K

    Ring pro doorbell replacing existing wired bell

    Hi Guys, First time post so apologies if you don't see it complying with the forum rules. Please feel free to correct me. Problem: I have got a ring pro version door bell recently purchased from Amazon and it will be replacing existing wired door bell. This existing wired door bell isnt...
  18. A

    McLEAR payment ring

    I am thinking of ordering one of the new payment rings by McLEAR (McLEAR.com). Looks pretty cool and doesn't need charging or anything. I was thinking it may be good for when I go running as won't need to take my bank card or phone. Has anyone used a payment ring or thinking about getting one?
  19. sho1088

    Ring doorbell with automatic gate opener

    Hello, Moving to a new property and will have a gate by the road. I am going to install a ring doorbell at the gate. Anybody with experience with ring and automatic door openers with ring? There are many "DIY" door opener companies like "Ghost controls" and "mighty mule" but all come with a...
  20. J

    Power doubts in my home ring.

    @Abacus @dannnielll: thanks for your help in understanding the UK system. I am being investigating a bit: Ring circuit - DIYWiki. I am not a home owner here so I can not change the wall double socket of my room to shucko as recommended by the audio consultants. My idea is connect the power...
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