RF is an abbreviation for radio frequency.
Rf or RF may also mean:

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  1. S

    Connecting RF headphones to tv

    Hi the only way I have been successful in connecting my Thomson RF headphones to my tv (various basic 4k tv s) is by using via set topbox with a phone jack on the set top box. This enables me to listen to tv through my headphones set my volume and the wife to listen to tv using her tv remote...
  2. M

    For Sale 2 x JVC PK-AG3G RF 3D glasses and PK-EM2 emitter

    As per the title I have 2 x JVC PK-AG3G RF 3D glasses and a PK-EM2 emitter for sale. They are all boxed and in excellent condition. I'm looking for £190 including postage.
  3. P

    Question Can anyone recommend a simple Lightwave RF controller

    Can anyone recommend a simple Lightwave RF controller for an automatic curtain system, that can open and close them at times based on sunrise and sunset times. It will only perform these tasks - I have no plans to expand the system later. I already have an extensive Z-Wave home automation...
  4. moriartygm

    jvc pk-em2 3d rf transmitter and Optoma UHZ50, will they work together?

    I have an Optoma UHZ50 which requires a 3d emitter and glasses to produce 3d. Optoma have discontinued their own product. Can I use a JVC PK-EM2 and compatible glasses with the Optoma UHZ50?
  5. N

    Very weird RF antenna problem, I can't figure it out

    Right, hello all So I live in a block of flats. There is an aerial cable coming from the antenna on the roof. There is a splitter at the wall bringing a cable into my flat. Now in the past there was a T-connector on that cable that allowed two TVs to receive signal in the flat. One of the...
  6. R

    Harmony Hub control RF Device?

    I have been using a Harmony hub to control my projector screen successfully for some years. Unfortunately the screen control box recently developed a fault and took out the motor so I have had to replace both. My new box is RF controlled rather than IR so I 'm not sure if the Harmony hub will...
  7. R

    Harmony Hub control RF Device

    I have been using a Harmony hub to control my projector screen successfully for some years. Unfortunately the screen control box recently developed a fault and took out the motor so I have had to replace both. My new box is RF controlled rather than IR so I 'm not sure if the Harmony hub will...
  8. D

    Dismantling technomate rf Modulator set up

    I have a Technomate TM-RF HD IR, HDMI RF Modulator with 9V IR Control and HDMI Loopthrough that has served me well for many years distribut8ng sky, then sky q , all around the house . its now starting to wobble a bit with the connections and with me having 4 sky q minis I only really need it...
  9. K

    RF modulator advice

    I am looking to buy an RF modulator with IR to distribute signal from Humax Aura around the house. Currently considering the Technomate TM RF HD IR and the Triax MOD103T. I am leaning towards the Triax because of the extra RF out facility. Does anyone have any views on these or any better...
  10. P

    Why has my Virgin V6 RF remote stopped working after connecting it to a new Samsung QD OLED TV and it’s smart remote?

    My brain can’t figure this out but hopefully someone can help? I recently bought and set up a new Samsung QD OLED TV - connected to a Virgin V6 box (inside a wooden cabinet) via HDMI, and also connected to a Bose SoundTouch sound bar via HDMI. (My old Samsung TV was connected to the Virgin box...
  11. J

    Looking for 43” with Local Dimming and RF Antenna Input?

    Any suggestions for a 43” with Local Dimming and must have a RF antenna input.
  12. B

    PLUG IN RF ROUTER UK russ andrews

    Plug In RF Router UK as any one used these? would you get the same rusults using RS PRO ESD Earth Bonding Plug With 2 mm Banana Plug...
  13. A

    Getting a Harmony remote to work with Broadlink RM 4 for RF commands

    Hiya, Apologies if this has been covered before but I'm having problems getting my head around this. Basically I have a Projector screen that uses RF that I'd like to control using my Harmony Elite remote. I have a Broadlink RM Pro that has learned the RF codes for the projector screen and...
  14. C

    Looking for a new / used 3D ceiling mounted projector for $750 or less? RF glasses preferred.

    My Mistsubishi HC1600 is on it’s last legs. It’s only 720p and does not have 3D. I think I would be fine with 1080p instead of 4K. The projector is on the ceiling. The screen is 130”, and we sit about 12 feet from the screen. It's in a light controlled room. Any recommendations for a new or...
  15. W

    Blutetooth vs RF vs Kleer

    I'm really new to headphones and have issues both I and my neighbour are trying to resolve so started doing some research and found some answers which raised more questions so thought I'd also ask people their experiences and which may best suit certain circumstances. My neighbour's trying to...
  16. D

    Legacy Seinheiser RF Headphones install on new LG TV/Soundbar

    I recently purchased a new LG C1 65" OLED TV and LG Soundbar. The soundbar uses HDMI ARC to direct sound from the TV to the Soundbar. I would like to connect Seinheiser RF headphones (LR Connections) in parallel with this setup so we can use the headphones to adjust sound for one person while...
  17. S

    Interference with RF modulator

    I’ve got an issue with a technomate RF modulator. When watching digital tv, if I press for example volume up the signal distorts. Ive disconnected the rf modulator and this does not happen so it must be something to do with the modulator. Can anyone suggest anything? Will adjusting the db do...
  18. D

    Virgin Tivo v6 remote - switch from RF to IR?

    I noticed the equivalent Tivo from the US (different buttons and layout) can be switched between RF and IR Is it possible with UK Virgin Tivo remote, v6?
  19. L

    Light wave RF led d’immuable under kitchen cabinet strip lighting

    Does anyone know what under cabinet led strip light can be used with the light wave rf system so it’s dimmable?
  20. R

    Sky and Freeview over RF or Cat5/6?

    Hi All I am planning distributig Sky and Freeview around the house. I only need one channel shown. The run will be quite far 25-40m Which is best? - Sky HDMI & DVB Aerial -> HDMI RF Modulator -> RF Amplifier -> RF to each TV OR - Sky HDMI & DVB Aerial Unsure what product to use to...
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