1. A

    Wanted Canon RF 16mm 2.8

    As title says looking for decent copy of this lens. Thanks
  2. S

    Wanted JVC 3D Glasses PK-AG3 RF

    Looking for a couple of these, original JVC ones only please. Cheers Dave
  3. Timmy C

    IR extender, coax splitter picture interference issue, Can anyone help?

    I'll try and keep this brief but don't want to miss out any important detail so sorry if it's a long read for a simple question. I ditched Sky and now have a centrally located Youview box (BT 2100) feeding TV's all around the house via HDMI extender/CAT5 baluns. The box is controlled with...
  4. L

    Yamaha RX-V685, No audio from LF & RF speakers.

    I purchased a Yamaha RX- V685 receiver about 9 months ago. It operated perfectly right out of box. Now, it was in storage the last 4 months while we built a new home. I installed it the past couple days. Same Apple TV box, same Samsung TV, and different speakers. The center channel is the...
  5. V

    HDMI and RF interference?

    I've got a Sony XH90 TV which I've had for about a year and I run a Marantz SR6008 receiver which I've had for a few years now. Since I got the TV, I have experienced momentary sound drop outs (about a second) when playing through the receiver. This only happened when the source was the TV. The...
  6. S

    No sound via rf output

    I have just been given a jvc smart tv that wasnt being used by a relative. Everything worked fine for them a few weeks ago when they upgraded. I have set the tv up and get a picture via the rf out out on my sky hd box. It is coming out of the i/o adaptor in the back. The picture is great but...
  7. D

    Harmony 900 strange RF behaviour

    Had my Harmony 900's for years and they've always worked really well with Sky Q. My Sky Q box lives downstairs and feeds multiple TV's across the house. One of the TV's is located in a loft room and to control the Sky Q box from there, on the 900 I have the Sky box assigned to the RF blaster...
  8. A

    Rf out and digital switch

    Hi, I have a RF out cable from a sky box, as well as a standard freeview coax cable. Is there a switch that you can buy where there are 2 input cables, and 1 output cable and you can manually switch between the two to provide the feed to the TV. I'd basically like to be able to switch...
  9. M

    Inherited Lightwave RF kit... help getting set up / things to know...

    Hi, We just bought a house and moved in, and inherited a bunch of Lightwave RF kit, and i'm just looking for some tips / good-to-know things as I get set up. We're an Apple / iOS household, and i'm encouraged by mention of HomeKit compatibility. The previous owner left what he referred to as...
  10. M


    I have a 2 year old LGTV, and new megatek DVD player. I have no way to run HDMI OR component cables because of tv location. I have tried RF modulator to coaxial cable and attached to cable in Jack in back but not getting any picture or sound. when I hit Input button only Live Tv option is...
  11. G

    RF Out Signal to other TV's

    I wonder if anyone can help. I got SkyQ to replace Sky+ and when the engineer left I noted that the tv's in the other rooms were no longer getting a decent Freeview signal. I phoned them and they advised that I'd have to plug the old Sky+ box back in and use that as a signal booster to ensure...
  12. SiPorter

    RF to control Alexa device

    I know you can get an RF bridge to allow Alexa to control RF devices in your home. I want to do the opposite! I want to use a remote mounted RF push button switch to toggle a Wi-Fi only device installed on Alexa. It’s for lights and I need a wall switch but I don’t want to fiddle with the...
  13. Varoshiotis

    Going around in circles trying to get Samsung (US) TV to sync to SKY HD+ RF Out

    Hi, I have an interesting problem which I have yet to crack! Long story short: I have a Samsung US TV (UN40J5200AFXZA). This has an NTSC Tuner so I cannot use Freeview Signal (PAL). No matter, I only wanted this in the bedroom where I have an RF Out co-ax signal coming from the SKY HD+ Box...
  14. Not a sky fan

    Rf wireless solution

    We have an issue running an RF cable to the tv where the aerial outlet plate is on the opposite side of the room to the tv with a door way and a fire place in between. I don’t want a cable run along there it will look rubbish we also have sky q so it’s not a necessity but, some of the Freeview...
  15. Y

    Odd RF connector or is it?

    Hello you experts. My daughter has purchased a caravan from Germany and it has a technika tv. So no probs easy. But the RF input looks like this. At first I thought it was a different connector than uk, but I think it maybe snapped off any ideas? Sorry it's a bit dark. Thank you for looking.
  16. kenshingintoki

    3D Glasses review RF

    So, I've been through most 3D glasses now so I thought I'd do a thread just detailing my thoughts and impressions on them. This is more a thread maybe someone will search for in a couple of years or sporadically and will help with purchasing decisions. XPAND X105 HiSHOCK Scarlet Heaven HiSHOCK...
  17. P

    RF Wireless Sony compared to ATH M40X

    Have the ATH but want to go RF Wireless to play guitar. Too much latency with BT or even 2.4ghz RF obviously they will be worse but how much?
  18. S

    Convert aerial coax RF to .....

    I have a Skybox on the ground floor, connected to a TV by HDMI. From the Sky box, a coax RF cable takes a signal upstairs to a second TV. I have just bought a new TV upstairs and the only 'RF in' is used for a Freeview aerial. There are several other inputs (HDMI, AV, USB, Ethernet, etc); is...
  19. Autopilot

    Anyone know of any smart plugs that also support RF remotes?

    Looking for a smart plug system for an elderly person to use. They have remote control plugs, but they are are not ‘smart’, just with an RF remote. I know Sonoff have something, but it’s an inline relay, which I don’t want. I just want a simple plug in job. Any ideas?
  20. D

    Question vigin v6 box to modulator

    which is the best Channel to set my rf modulator to which go to uplink to labgear 8 way distribution amp
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