1. JabbaNut

    REVIEW: Mecool M8S Plus S2 with satellite tuner and S905X2 SoC

  2. JabbaNut

    USA : TiVo Stream 4K Review: A Budget-Friendly HDMI Dongle Packs a Limited, but Promising App

  3. C

    Review Thread for Picture and Audio Quality of iTunes Content

    Hi Guys, I have noticed that there doesn't seem to be any good sources for picture and audio quality reviews of streaming movies. I wonder if that is the case why don't we try and have a thread here where people can give short reviews of PQ/AQ of streamed content. I have noticed that...
  4. silvercue

    Amazon Review - becoming more and more fake, seemingly endorsed by Amazon

    I have used Amazon since 2000. It is not perfect but very convenient and I am sure most of us use it. Over the years I have used the review system extensively to try to understand any issues of a product before I buy it. In recent years we know some reviews are fake and paid for, but I...
  5. JabbaNut

    REVIEW: Magicsee N6 Plus with Amlogic S922X SoC and 4GB RAM

  6. JabbaNut

    REVIEW: MINIX NEO U22-XJ the new flagship of MINIX

    " MINIX NEO U22-XJ is a new flagship TV-Box from the MINIX brand, of which we present today its analysis or review, a device that this time integrates the powerful Amlogic S922X-J SoC, a chip that includes four ARM Cortex-A73 CPU cores and two A55. This smart box has the Android 9 Pie system...
  7. JabbaNut

    ETA PRIME : The Retroid Pocket basically a new super retro game handheld that runs Android review

    Thought others would find this persons review interesting.
  8. petetherock

    Monitor Audio New Bronze Speakers review

    My local MA distro has been very kind and just before the shutdown I've got hold of them for a review.. I'll update more once I have the entire setup down properly... Essentially, if you want something around the price range of the Bronze (plus a bit more), they are worth waiting for...
  9. JabbaNut

    REVIEW: A95X F3 Slim an acceptable and cheap Android TV-Box with S905X3 SoC

    " A95X F3 Slim is a new low-cost Android TV-Box that we present today its analysis or review, a model that has the Amlogic S905X3 SoC, a chip that includes new ARM Cortex-A55 CPU cores. This smart box has several very similar versions, the A95X F3 Air and the A95X F3 that we also saw in one of...
  10. JabbaNut

    Disney+ guide, review and testing on Android TV-Box, PC and iOS devices

    " Today we present our Disney+ service guide, this platform has almost all the historical content of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, LucasFilm and National Geographic. Also a lot of own content such as “The world according to Jeff Goldblum”, “Back to the stage”, “Diary of a future president”, a new...
  11. Emil93

    Monitor Audio Silver 100/ Wharfedale 11.2 Review

    Creating this post to help others find insightful info, that cant audition this 2 speakers or just curious and share my take-on/ experience with this 2 particular speakers from an audiophile beginner/ music enthuziast/ lover to another, and also an acoustic guitar player. I am not an experienced...
  12. vampire_43

    Dali Oberon 5 Review

    Will keep this brief.... Just unboxed & connected. Listening to CD's Metallica "Hardwired to Self Destruct. Renaissance"Progression Vol1" Bach "Preludes & Fugues Vol1" Hoping to get round to movies but may take a while as my music has never sounded so good. Awseome speakers!!!!
  13. Ugg10

    Monday Beef - Review Rating !

    Must have got out of the bed the wrong side this morning.......... .......but why is it that whatever a publication has as a rating scale for reviews it only uses the top 25% of them? Context - I have just scrolled down the front page of this esteemed forum and it wasn't until August 2018 that...
  14. JabbaNut

    REVIEW: TANIX TX6S an lamentable Box with SoC Allwinner H616

    https://androidpctv.com/review-tanix-tx6s-opinion/ True or false ? Who do you trust ?
  15. L

    Question about the AVForums review of the 2019 LG E9 Oled

    I noticed in the video review that you had two small handles screwed into the rear of the panel to help lift it into place. did those come with the tv, should expect to see those when I un-box my E9 next week? They seem like a great idea if you arent using a wall mount and I just havent heard...
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