A review is an evaluation of a publication, service, or company such as a movie (a movie review), video game (video game review), musical composition (music review of a composition or recording), book (book review); a piece of hardware like a car, home appliance, or computer; or an event or performance, such as a live music concert, play, musical theater show, dance show, or art exhibition. In addition to a critical evaluation, the review's author may assign the work a rating to indicate its relative merit. More loosely, an author may review current events, trends, or items in the news. A compilation of reviews may itself be called a review. The New York Review of Books, for instance, is a collection of essays on literature, culture, and current affairs. National Review, founded by William F. Buckley, Jr., is an influential conservative magazine, and Monthly Review is a long-running socialist periodical.

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  1. D

    Samsung S95D or LG G4?

    Is the Samsung S95D almost as good as the LG G4? I'm torn between the Samsung S95D and the LG G4. The S95D 77" is on sale here in Canada, is it worth spending over $2000 more for the G4 or should I upgrade to the S95D from my LG C9? What made me extremely disappointed was the RTINGS 8.9 review...
  2. Casimir Harlow

    Discussion thread: I.S.S. Movie Review

    Read the I.S.S. Movie Review. The comparatively micro budget sci-fi thriller ISS draws all you could possibly expect out of its limited resources, unspooling a high concept premise with commitment, if not the means to fully realise its ideas. Write your own review for I.S.S.
  3. Casimir Harlow

    Discussion thread: The Holdovers 4K Blu-ray Review

    Read the The Holdovers 4K Blu-ray Review. A fabulously heartfelt addition to the cracking alternative Christmas movies ranks, The Holdovers earns a rare UK upgrade over the US's Blu-ray in the form of Dazzler's sparkly 4K release. Write your own review for The Holdovers
  4. wiz

    Question Anyone tried the aune S9C PRO DAC

    Impressions good or bad Got finger hoovering over buy button Just wondering if it's going to be a sideways move from a SMSL M500 MkII or should i save my pennies and get a Denafrips Aries II
  5. Ed Selley

    Discussion thread: Advance Paris X-i75 Integrated Amplifier Review

    Read the Advance Paris X-i75 Integrated Amplifier Review . Having given us a fascinating take on a CD player, Advance Paris is now showing what they can do with an integrated amplifier. The short answer is ‘quite a bit’… Write your own review for Advance Paris X-i75
  6. Mark Costello

    Discussion thread: Abigail Movie Review

    Read the Abigail Movie Review. Stepping off the Scream Train and jumping right into a bout of gothic supernatural and high camp uber-violence, The Radio Silence crew invite us to spend a night with the petite, polite and deliciously deadly Abigail… that’s sadly nowhere near as fun as it should...
  7. Casimir Harlow

    Discussion thread: Black Files aka Asphalt City (Amazon) Movie Review

    Read the Black Files aka Asphalt City (Amazon) Movie Review. Shooting for Training Day-with-paramedics, Sean Penn gives Tye Sheridan a baptism of fire in a moody, stylish and earnest 70s-inflected drama which just can't quite hit the mark. Write your own review for Black Files
  8. Casimir Harlow

    Discussion thread: Baby Reindeer (Netflix) TV Show Review

    Read the Baby Reindeer (Netflix) TV Show Review. Netflix's latest 'gone viral' binge is an uncomfortably compelling piece of perpetual car-crash TV. Write your own review for Baby Reindeer
  9. Martin Dew

    Discussion thread: System Audio Silverback 1 Speaker Plus Stereo Hub Review

    Read the System Audio Silverback 1 Speaker Plus Stereo Hub Review. The Silverback 1 active and wireless speaker pair are designed for on-wall or on-shelf duties. With a versatile Stereo Hub for multiple inputs, it seems that all source options are catered for here. But how do they set up and...
  10. Tom Davies

    Discussion thread: Civil War Movie Review

    Read the Civil War Movie Review. Civil War absolutely isn't Alex Garland's most ambitious movie, but is it his most successful? A hard-nosed critique of war journalism, this is not the movie promised to you in the's much better. Write your own review for Civil War
  11. Casimir Harlow

    Discussion thread: Ripley (Netflix) TV Show Review

    Read the Ripley (Netflix) TV Show Review. Pushing past the initially jarring black and white stylisation, Ripley gradually evolves into a lavishly impressive Hitchcockian Hannibal retelling of The Talented Mr. Ripley, and a juicy leading role for Andrew Scott. Write your own review for Ripley
  12. Mark Costello

    Discussion thread: Fallout (Amazon) Premiere TV Series Review

    Read the Fallout (Amazon) Premiere TV Series Review. The Apocalypse has never looked or sounded quite so funny, so sprawling, so fascinating or so beautifully designed as in Amazon’s new videogame adaptation that shows its peers exactly how to bring an epic sci-fi game franchise to the small...
  13. Ed Selley

    Discussion thread: Marantz 50 Series Amplifier and CD Player Review

    Read the Marantz 50 Series Amplifier and CD Player Review. What could be more charmingly retro in 2024 than reviewing an amp and CD player together? When the products in question come from Marantz though, things aren’t quite as trad as they seem as the 50 Series will now demonstrate… Write...
  14. Casimir Harlow

    Discussion thread: Sugar (Apple TV+) Premiere TV Show Review

    Read the Sugar (Apple TV+) Premiere TV Show Review. Oozing pure classic noir, Colin Farrell's Apple PI job promises to be a fabulous modern throwback offering, with a rich vein in threat running beneath its super-stylish veneer. Write your own review for Sugar
  15. Casimir Harlow

    Discussion thread: Monsieur Spade (AMC) TV Show Review

    Read the Monsieur Spade (AMC) TV Show Review. Logan's Award-winning screenwriter Scott Frank continue's his strong TV run after Queen's Gambit with this 80-years-in-the-making return to Dashiell Hammett's immortal Maltese Falcon PI, Sam Spade, brought to life by a perfectly cast Clive Owen...
  16. kota1

    DTS Play-Fi Whole House Audio Review

    I have been adding DTS Play-Fi audio devices around the house for roughly five years. So far I have acquired devices from Klipsch (PowerGate integrated amp, Klipsch Stream streamers), Paradigm (Link pre-amp/streamer, PW Amp amp/streamer), Martin Logan (Forte Amp/streamer), Definitive...
  17. kota1

    iFi Power and Enhancer Review

    When I finally got my audio components and acoustics dialed in I decided to upgrade my network. Everything I stream whether from my NAS or the internet has to go through the network right? I started by adding an iFi ethernet enhancer between my router and my Dune HD Homatics video streamer. Wow...
  18. Casimir Harlow

    Discussion thread: American Rust: Broken Justice (Amazon) TV Show Review

    Read the American Rust: Broken Justice (Amazon) TV Show Review. Shifting to Amazon and upping its game for its second season, American Rust chews up its corrupt cops conspiracy thread and delivers a stronger, more satisfying run for those still on board. Write your own review for American...
  19. Mark Costello

    Discussion thread: The First Omen Movie Review

    Read the The First Omen Movie Review. Managing to buck the trend of modern re/se/prequels to classic horror properties, by actually being worthy of its forebears, The First Omen may be very much style over substance…but what style… Write your own review for The First Omen
  20. Mohammad Hamid

    Discussion thread: Dragon's Dogma 2 (PS5) review

    Read the Dragon's Dogma 2 (PS5) review. A sequel that has been a long time coming, but while it once again begs to have its fantasy world explored, can it live up to more than a decade of hype and expectation? Write your own review for Dragon's Dogma 2
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