1. DT79

    Acoustic Energy Reference 1 (vs Dynaudio Special Forty) Review

    I’ve always had a bit of an Acoustic Energy itch which began when my mate bought his AE1 Classics round to mine many years ago and we tried them on the end of my Naim Supernait. It was a ‘more than the sum of its parts’ combo and I remember being blown away by how punchy and clear they sounded...
  2. eran11

    UE65AU7192, looking for review

    I am looking for a monitor, and i stumbled this model: samsung UE65AU7192, but I can't find any reviews over the internet, can someone direct me to review OR to share his knowledge about this model?
  3. JudgeDredd2010

    Best MP3 Player for under £100?

    Anyone got any suggestions on the best MP3 Player for under £100? My old Sandisk Clip gave up the ghost. I don't care about Video or Bluetooth on the player. Its for walks and the gym etc. Thanks :)
  4. B

    42'' upgrade to max 77'' screen - best screen for purpose

    Hi I am considering upgrade in next months? to main TV [largest tv in house is at 42'' so alot has changed in tv world since I got it!] 😊 The pioneer 427Xd plasma has served me very well and still going strong and wasn't a budget tv by any stretch back in 2007. Considering my space and...
  5. Roscopeco2000

    Monitor audio 300 7G review

    Hello can someone explain why the only reviews of the British manufacturer Monitor audios 300 7G are only in German on YouTube? The speakers are in this country but no one reviewed??thanks
  6. RezaD

    Request a guidance to turn me into a reviewer

    Hi all I apologize if I have begun this thread in the wrong place. In my country, the number of AV reviewers is very low. On the other hand, I have a lot of interest in providing reviews of AV devices. So I decided to start reviewing the AV devices. My information is good to start, but I'm not...
  7. Helix Hifi

    B&W 704 S2 vs other speakers.

    Here’s an subjective review about the B&W 704S2 floor standing speakers. First the speakers in red rosewood finish is absolutely gorgeous! The sound here it goes. I am no B&W fan per say. Still if the speakers are well designed it doesn’t matter if it’s KEF, B&W etc. Listed to the B&W 704 S2...
  8. S

    Review of Pod Point Home Charger

    We had our pod point charger fitted last week and the installer has done a really neat job. The cable goes from our electric cupboard straight out the wall into the back of the pod point charger. Zero visible outdoor cable run. We are very impressed by that. The only problem is the charger...
  9. acgingersnaps

    The iFi Zen Stream, A Review

    I've had one of these in my possession for a few weeks now (On loan from iFi Audio, for which my thanks) and thought that I'd share my thoughts on it. I've got combo of budget and midrange kit, which all listening was conducted on. This product doesn't have a DAC, it's a transport, so will...
  10. Dobbyisfree

    Blue Miracle (Netflix) very brief review

    I went to look for a thread about this film and couldn't find one. Sincere apologies if I've missed it. Apparently based on a true story, whilst slightly predictable, this film was engaging with some great acting (particularly from the children). Picture in Dolby Vision, I have never seen...
  11. Phil Hinton

    Podcast: Best Screens for a Home Cinema, Samsung NEO G9 Gaming Monitor Review and more… (25th August 2021)

    This week the team discuss building a home cinema and the types of screens best suited to such a set-up, including the best aspect ratios and screen materials. We get an update on the reviews being worked on as well as a quick review of the Samsung NEO G9 Gaming Monitor from Greg. Plus, we have...
  12. jjj2788


    I've been testing the Bang & Olufsen H9 3rd Gen in the last 5 days and so far the one thing I can say for sure is that they are way above the PX7 from B&W and miles ahead of the XM3 & XM4 from Sony in terms of comfort, sound quality and ease of use. The touch controls have worked for 70% of...
  13. ashenfie

    SVS Prime Elevations - Mini review

    So I decided in my new flat to use Prime elevations in Piano black rather than the KEF R100 due to the worst listening room I've ever had. The Elevations came in a small box really. On opening they look really nice in Piano black with a 4.5" driver and 1" aluminium dome tweeter . In spec terms...
  14. A

    RTINGS review of 55” X85J suggests 43” may be IPS (again!) I was really hoping 2021 would bring the perfect 43” TV for me but it’s looking like Sony have skimped on the 43” model again. Has anyone managed to get their hands on one to find out? I’m sure the adjustable stand X89J variant has been available in...
  15. Rapa Nui

    Boundary changes review. Gavin Williamson would be a casualty.
  16. D

    Ajax KeyPad Plus - Review

    New Products Ajax recently launched 3 new products 2 weeks ago. One of which is the new KeyPad Plus. Ajax were kind enough to send me a unit for review. For the sake of transparency, I did not pay for this unit, but the following review is mine, based on my use and experience of the unit...
  17. S

    SAMSUNG 43" AU9000 Crystal UHD 4K HDR Smart TV (UE43AU9000KXXU) Review!

    Here is my review of the AU9000 43" variant! Summary Pros VA Panel // Semi Gloss (not full gloss) 4K 60Hz with HDR + FreeSync 1080p 120Hz + FreeSync 1440p 60Hz (manual resolution aka override on Xbox video output) ALLM Insane Low Input Lag Sub-10ms (bye bye gaming monitors) Super Ultra...
  18. shartm

    Review of acoustics Von Schweikert Audio VR-55 Active

    Review of acoustics Von Schweikert Audio VR-55 Active (with English subtitles) Audio expert and musician Alexey Frolov presents to your attention uncompromising acoustic systems Von Schweikert Audio VR-55 Active in conjunction with the Dan D'Agostino Progression Integrated amplifier.
  19. Phil Hinton

    Podcast: LG C1 OLED First Thoughts + JBL Synthesis SDR-35 Review, TV Show & Disc Reviews & more (12th May 2021)

    This week Phil gives us his first thoughts on the LG C1 4K OLED TV in for review, plus, Steve gives us the low down on the JBL Synthesis SDR-35 AV Receiver while Ed talks DAC's. And Cas wraps things up with the latest TV Show, Film and Disc news and reviews. 00:00:00 - Start 00:00:22 - Welcome...
  20. Casimir Harlow

    Honest Thief (Amazon) Movie Review & Comments

    Given a brief theatrical - and even IMAX - release back last autumn, Honest Thief makes its home debut as an Amazon Original, and is another harmlessly entertaining Neeson action thriller. Read the review. Write your own review for Honest Thief
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