1. JabbaNut

    Review : RKM MK25 Amlogic S922X 6 Core TV Box Dark Horse Of TV Boxes

    Link to his video
  2. C

    My Philips 50PUS7505/12 review.

    There are so many TV’s to choose from these days. From 22” (that was a large screen TV in the 80’s and early 90’s, right up to 85”, and even bigger if you live in the far east and have a budget that can stretch. There’s never been so many brands as well, but some are not as they seem. Many once...
  3. JabbaNut

    Eta Prime : 2021 MECOOL KM6 Deluxe Review, S905X4 Official Android TV 10.0 BOX

  4. JabbaNut

    Pocket Go S30 Review - Is this Retro Handheld Worth $60?

    Link to Eta prime
  5. Garjen

    Gallo Acoustics A'Diva Review

    Introduction TV’s used to be a big black ugly box in the corner of the room, now they are statement pieces that sit centre stage in our living rooms. In the quest to make TV’s flatter than a pancake on shrove Tuesday, certain sacrifices need to be made – the most obvious being sound quality. TV...
  6. V

    Digital Storm Experience - Buy Somewhere Else

    I'm not typically the person who complains or makes a fuss, I've worked with customers before who are a PITA so I get how annoying I must be to them. I understand I'm not the only customer, and that things happen. I usually just keep it to myself and let people do their thing as long as the...
  7. JabbaNut

    Hidden Gem!!! Sunnzo S9 Max Amlogic S905X3 4K TV Box Stop Review

  8. Garjen

    Writing a Gallo product review

    Hi all, I am currently writing my first product review for my blog. This will be on Gallo Aqustics. Two questions. 1 , what would you like to read about in a review? 2, how could I share it on here without being blocked by moderator? Thanks all. Garry.
  9. M

    ALR Sunscreen LT0.8 *****

    I recently saw Sunscreen ALR projection screen in one bar in Croatia and me and my friends were astonished with the quality of the picture even though the bar had old Epson TW9200W set up. The level of blacks are amazing regardless of heavy ambient light conditions and there is zero hotspot...
  10. X

    Hiby R3 pro my first venture into hi Res

    Hi I just wanted to take the time to add my own user experience review of the Hiby R3 Pro. I'm not an audiophile or particularly tech savvy. I'm spent months looking at many different reviews and YouTube videos and asking questions in here about various dap's to really replace my iPod and...
  11. JabbaNut

    USA : Review Verizon Stream TV Review - The First S905X4 Android TV Box!

  12. C

    Does anyone review streaming capability on any tv's?

    As above. Ive never posted on here....just joined and watched but this is something that in my opinion makes or breaks a TV. Ive got a couple of LG tv's (one OLED and one Nano) - i was looking for a 75"cher for a spare room (for mainly streaming films in on) - my budget wasnt large but i settled...
  13. N

    Help me find a review of the Sharp 4TC70AH1X 70"

    Looking at this TV playing it's 4K retail demo in store, it looked very nice, if very over colour saturated - along with all other demo's. ... but why is this 70" UHD 4K Smart TV now selling for half price @ just under $1000 USD? And why can't I find an English language review of this model on...
  14. JabbaNut

    Review : VONTAR X1 Full Android 10 TV Box - 4GB+64GB - Under £30 - Any good?

    Here I share Chigz review View:
  15. M

    Good review site with panel info?

    Hi All, I'm looking at getting a new TV and want a review site that is likely to tell me whether a TV has an IPS or VA panel. I saw one mentioned on a review here a few months back, but can't remember it or find the thread! Any recommendations? I think it was a foreign site. Cheers
  16. JabbaNut

    Super Console X Review - The Ultimate Retro Emulation Console?

    Thought I would share Eta Primes review.
  17. JabbaNut

    Minisforum UM200 AMD Athlon Windows 10 Mini PC Review

    I thought I would share this online review with others.
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