1. Sasso Palmieri

    Question New laptop recommendation - reviews all indicate deal breaking flaws

    Ahoy-hoy, Am having trouble pinning down something that fills the spec below. Everything I shortlist (inc higher priced reductions) has deal breaking flaws, eg: display is poor/low contrast/low NITS, runs too hot, has unbearable fan noise, bottle-necked SSD, impossible to upgrade, etc. I get...
  2. raigraphixs

    Echo Generation (XB)

  3. Z

    PS5 Reveal - What Games Are You Most Excited For?

    The wait is almost over, what are you most hyped for?
  4. Z

    The Future of Gaming on PS5: 11th June 9:00pm UK time [Live Stream link in OP]

    What: When: Thursday 11th June 2020 UK/Ire: 9pm BST North America: 1pm PDT / 2pm MDT / 3pm CDT / 4pm EDT Europe: 10pm CEST / 11pm EEST Asia/Oceania: 5am JST / 4am AWST / 6am AEST Duration...
  5. drhcnip

    secret santa reveal thread 2019

    no pressure either way but I know some like to know...;)
  6. FlagshipDevice

    Xbox Series X

    My humble apologies if there’s already a thread about this, in which case mods please delete! Okay - it seems to me on Sunday evening we’ll be getting at least some of the specs for the next Xbox. What do you think Phil will announce? I’m not technically minded, but off the top of my head, and...
  7. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: THX and Summit Wireless Reveal Wireless Home Cinema Plans

    THX and Summit Wireless announce plans for wireless home cinema products under the WiSA standard by the end of the year. Read the news.
  8. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Sonos Ready To Reveal a New Speaker For CES 2019?

    Could Sonos be readying something new for CES 2019? Read the news.
  9. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Samsung Reveal The Space Monitor, plus CRG9 and UR59C Monitors Ahead of CES 2019

    Samsung’s New Space Monitor, CRG9 and UR59C Monitors Are Designed for Modern Workspaces and Next Generation Gaming. Read the news.
  10. Promoted Content Poster

    Promoted Invitation to join Cello for their QLED reveal event in London on Tues 11th Sept ‘18

    AVForums readers are invited to join a QLED reveal event in London on Tuesday 11th September. Space is limited so RSVP to secure your place. Cello is Britain’s best kept secret! We’re not just the only TV manufacturer based in the UK, but we are also a successful business with revenues of over...
  11. G

    Tannoy Reveal 402 Speakers what cd player is suitable ?

    Hi All Not sure if I've put this in the correct forum or not, if not admin please move and my apologies. Ok .. I have a Pair of Tannoy Reveal 402 powered speakers and I currently run a Lenco L90 turntable into them. Not the greatest set up in the world by far but it lets me play my vinyl I...
  12. M

    The Reveal - Micro Bookshelf Speaker with Subwoofer

    I recently built a new set of Micro bookshelf speakers. My goal was to make something budget friendly and simple for beginners. SO I looked around for parts for a budget speaker. Here is what I came up with. I used the Dayton PC83-4 as minds and the Dayton ND20-4 for tweeters. The crossover is a...
  13. H

    Williams first to reveal 2017 car

    Looks alright

    Samsung new TV lineup reveal dates and release dates?

    Greetings. When does Samsung normally showcase their new lineup of TVs and when do they get released? For example will the 2017 lineup be revealed at CES 2017 in January and then get released in March? I want know what will the 2017 models have better than the 2016 ones. I read that Samsung...
  15. Eric

    Secret Santa Reveal Thread 2015

    Firstly, please post any picture on the other thread! Hope a second post is ok Mods, just wanted to make it a little easier to get the answers without trawling through the other to find out if the person wanted to know. If you want to know, post below and the SS can quote the post so you will...
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