1. S

    Another “Return” socket query…sorry!

    For the love of Loki please help me! I am going insane here. So I have a 2021 LG Smart TV with built in Freeview. Ordinarily I don’t care about the live TV bit but I want to watch the football on ITV……and of course the ITV Hub app doesn’t stream live 🙄. I do not have and neither do I want Sky...
  2. lobofer86

    help please benq tk850 about to return it

    Hello friends, I hope you can help me, I have a non-dedicated room, which I try to darken to what I can (I'll leave photos), white elite screen, 135 inches, the projector is on the ceiling at about 4 meters, before I had the benq ht3050 1080p, and I was happy but it seemed a bit dark to me and...
  3. 1

    A simple bookkeeping question

    I currently only want to buy used items on eBay to resell on eBay. This might sound silly, but I'm not sure what exact data I'll need to submit to HMRC or how to make it submittable. Please note, I maybe on the spectrum, so please advise like I'm a 5 year old :facepalm: I just need the basic...
  4. C

    UHD Return of the Jedi rear channel audio issues

    ive noticed in at least one spot on Return of the Jedi 4K Blu Ray, that the rear channel crackles or distorts. its at the point where the Millennium Falcon flys over just after the death star explodes. anyone else confirm?
  5. paulyoung666

    Sticky return key MacBook Pro 2019

    Contacted Apple as it’s in the affected device list, but not eligible for repair, how’s that work 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. C

    Zavvi took my return, told me they’d requested a refund and now say the item was damaged so no refund?

    I bought a relatively high value item from Zavvi, £225, a 4K blu ray steel book set. When it arrived, the plastic covering was torn, it was a little scufffed, so I asked for a return. had to pay for the postage to send it back even with a returns label, this was just before Christmas. Said it...
  7. n0tna

    My Amazon UK (high value) return got stolen, what can I do?

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and wanted to ask for some advice. I’m in a bit of a deadlock with Amazon UK. For the context, I reside in London and am an Amazon Prime customer for years now and buy a lot (probably too much) from them. Never had a single issue. Last month, November 2020, I...
  8. T

    Question Philips 70PUS7855 - need help with picture (shall I return the TV?)

    Please, need help with newly bought 70" TV. Dark areas (gray and near black) of the scene like shadows and hair/hairline look washed out and without detail, crushed even. I am considering returning the tv. If anyone knows a way to resolve this via settings please do share. Below are images of...
  9. O

    Question FreeSat and Freeview on LG B8 - need advise for sharing signal via Return to Bedroom TV

    Hello all, I need some help as really new to all this. I live in a flat with a communal dish (mainly used for SKY) and an antenna. In my lounge I have a quad TV/FM/SATx2/LAN/RETURN wall plate from Schneider. In the bedroom there is a single one with a female coaxial entry. Just purchased a...
  10. J

    Question Bought Toshiba 49 Inch 49UL5A63DBS Smart 4K may return, need advice for a better TV, similar price

    Hi all, Recently bought a Toshiba 49 Inch 49UL5A63DBS Smart 4K. First 4k TV so was definitely an improvement on what I had but I just expected a bit better from this TV. When I'm watching 4k titles, it only looks like it's around 4k, sometimes it looks HD. Tried a few Netflix titles and...
  11. DDot

    Amazon said they received an Empty box and won’t issue a refund! Help!

    Hi guys, On 30th April 2020 I ordered a PC from Amazon for gaming which cost me £1899. I was ready to get in to PC gaming as I play on console and have been literally all my life. I had not used the PC as I realised literally all my friends and family are on console I decided to return the item...
  12. Saladin88

    Please Help! Advice needed: 65" at 7feet too big,. Likely return for 55"?

    Hi all, I just received and set up a 65" LG OLED yesterday and I'm having severe buyer's remorse as I feel it is way too big at my viewing distance of 7 to 7.8 feet,. 😞 I am now considering swapping it for a 55" being within my return window.. Please please help. 🙏 Thank you.
  13. andykara2003

    Should I return my LG CX for a C9?

    Hi all, I’ve bought an LG CX which I am enjoying, but have since read that the C9 is brighter and has full 48gb/s HDMI 2.1. I am still in the return window. Should I return the CX for a C9?
  14. winston2010

    BBC3 may return.

    Just announced on the 10 o'clock news that BBC3 may come back as a terrestrial channel.
  15. E

    LG 55SM8600PLA Keep or Return - Very Much Welcome All Opinions & Advice

    Hello everyone, As per the title 'LG 55SM8600PLA Keep or Return - Very Much Welcome All Opinions & Advice'. Following the death of my JVC 32" CRT (rest in peace old friend) which resided in the kitchen/dinner, I made the decision to move our LG 47LA690V (purchased in 2013) from the living room...
  16. A

    Amazon Returns not paying out because box arrived back empty

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice for where to go next with a problem. I bought a Dell Laptop from Amazon at a cost over £1400. I received the laptop ok and I couldn't get on with the glossy screen so I asked to return it the very next day. I took it to a Hermes drop off point and got a...
  17. cjx

    Ebay return postage question?

    I bought a garden gate and its too small for our pathway. It was listed at 5ft and I assumed it was 5ft to the edges but it is curved and is actually 5ft to the middlle. I have asked for a refund and been accepted and ebay have provided postage for £3.80 royal mail or £4.80 by another courier...
  18. onezeon

    Question Shall I return this laptop due to temps??

    Hi Got my gaming laptop (specs in my sig) 2 weeks ago and been noticing its getting very hot when I game. I'm not the best with tech but been doing a lot of research to lower them and checking temps etc. The cpu is hitting 89-91° and is throttling a lot. I've followed a guide to use intel...
  19. Uppsalaing

    Return to gaming shortlist! PS4

    I've returned to gaming after more than a decade abscence... I'd love some recommendations I bought a PS4 Pro in order to play FIFA 18 during the world cup :D, aparently I still have the skills even though I last owned the 98 version :cool: So far, I've bought the newer versions of the...
  20. C

    Considering return 65a1e and going with Z9

    because of the worst uniformity I have seen on an oled I might just return and go with the Z9. Anyone know what can be causing the box like light in the center. Love the oled but tired of uniformity and burnin worries.
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