1. spideypunk

    For Sale Anbernic RG300X Retro Gaming Handheld

    Brand new, black and silver model. Released recently. Only selling as I ordered two for Xmas gifts I didn’t use and now just keeping one myself and selling the other. Awesome little thing!
  2. P

    Kitchen Corner Unit - retro fitting a pull out shelf

    Hi All, I have a corner unit in our kitchen that currently has just a shelf in it, which means of course the back of the corner is either unusable or stuff gets lost/forgotten. So looking to retrofit a Pull out corner unit: well that’s the latest DIY project…..:) We got our kitchen from...
  3. C

    Tv for retro gaming

    Any suggestions? Looking at putting a TV in the kids room, most likely 37 or 43" Consoles will be xbox one s for the modern stuff, but then it's like to be able to plug older consoles in such as snes and n64, older PlayStations etc. Basically that means I will need a TV with hdmi, component...
  4. T

    Retro system on a budget

    So decided to walk down retro lane with the sound in my home office. Currently got a Denon m38 hooked up to Dali spektor 1s. The sound is solid and enjoyable. However I do suffer a little from upgradeitist and the want to buy stuff. So I decided to try and build a little separates system just to...
  5. Geoggy

    Those retro arcade machines - any good?

    Have been looking at these retro arcade machines that promise thousands of games - not a cabinet as have no room, just the table top things with joysticks and 6 buttons that connect via HDMI. Like this; 3D Arcade Video Games Console, Retro Arcade Games in 1 Pandora Game Box with Arcade Stick...
  6. Tetlee

    Does AVF need a retro gaming sub-forum?

    Yes I know we have a general gaming section here, but that is completely random with topics. Retro gaming seems to be becoming bigger than ever right now(and of course encompasses so many different systems) and whilst AVF as a gaming forum may not be the biggest out there, I do feel this forum...
  7. T

    Which TV / Monitor for Upscaled Retro Gaming?

    To play old consoles but upscaled, main three being PS1/PS2/N64. I can fit any size up to a physical height dimension of 76cm (as this is the max width of the loft hatch! lol) Playstation 1: From Progressive: 256×224 N64: 320×240 Playstation 2: 480i to 480p while other games are known to...
  8. D

    Incredible Handheld Retro Game Console | 4000 Games | EmuELEC - Powkiddy RGB20

    Link to Chigz review
  9. D

    Pocket Go S30 Review - Is this Retro Handheld Worth $60?

    Link to Eta prime
  10. T

    Question End my nightmare, 32" retro game TV??

    32" please. Lowest lag on hdmi input as possible. Must be wall mountable. Don't care about any Freeview, Netflix, Chromecast or smart features. 4k not needed but full HD yes Thinnest bezel possible please. Fantastic blacks and rich colour, lovely brightness Will only be viewing straight...
  11. D

    Pandora Box Mini Retro Game Console | 3000 Games | WIFI / BT (Powkiddy A19)

  12. leeb-1977

    Retro gaming rig

    Right, I'm looking to fill the space left under my tv that was left by my old xbox. And for a while now I've been dying to play some old classics. Thought I'd build myself a gaming rig, something that could technically play a few modern games but in reality will predominantly be used for...
  13. D

    Super Console X Review - The Ultimate Retro Emulation Console?

    Thought I would share Eta Primes review.
  14. D

    Review : RETROSTATION 14K - Best Retro Game Console 2020

    Or setup your own Amlogic Box
  15. D

    Capcom's Latest Retro Console Is So Adorable
  16. D

    The latest retro mini console is… Pong
  17. D

    Analogue takes on the TurboGrafx-16 with its Duo retro console
  18. D

    FunKey S is a tiny retro console that looks like a Game Boy Advance SP (crowdfunding)

    " While there’s no shortage of retro-inspired handheld game consoles that you can use to play classic games on the go, the FunKey S might just be one of the smallest to date. Designed to look like a Game Boy Advanced SP, the Funkey S is smaller. Like about 1/6th the size in volume. It’s...
  19. D

    Sega’s new mini cabinet is reviving 36 retro games

    " Sega unveiled its latest mini retro console, the Astro City Mini. Unlike Sega’s previous retro consoles, like the Sega Genesis Mini, this one is designed after an arcade cabinet, similar to SNK’s Neo Geo Mini, which came out in 2018. First spotted by Sega Driven, the Astro City Mini will...
  20. D

    RK2020 a new retro console that emulates PSP, N64, PS1 and Dreamcast
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