1. James Amberson

    For Sale MacBook Air M1 2020 – 13.3” Retina Display, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Silver

    Selling as I barely use it. I believe it is still under warranty, bought directly from Apple. I don't smoke and I don't have pets, I have all the original packaging and original charger. There’s only a few scuff marks on the outside (see pics attached). They are not deep at all, you cannot feel...
  2. A

    For Sale MacBook Air M1 2020 – 13.3” Retina Display, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Silver

    Due to lack of use (have work laptop and ipad which I use most), my 1 year old MacBook air is for sale. This is as close to new as you could get. It’s only been used with the keyboard twice (other times I have used external keyboard / mouse / monitor) and has a battery count of 5 with a health...
  3. M

    For Sale 24-inch Blue iMac with 4.5K Retina display - 2021 Model

    24-inch Blue iMac with 4.5K Retina display - 2021 Model Perfect condition. Rarely used so decided to sell. Excellent desktop computer! Comes complete in original box, with all original cables, Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard. Purchased in May 2021 direct from the Apple Store online...
  4. T

    For Sale MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) 512GB, 16GB Ram, AMD Radeon R9 M370X, 2.5GHz Intel Core i7 processor (>3.7GHz) Low battery count!

    I have for sale a MacBook Pro 15-inch Mid 2015 with the following specification: 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz) 512GB SSD Intel Iris Pro Graphics AMD Radeon R9 M370X with 2GB of GDDR5 memory and automatic graphics switching Low battery count of 20. Comes...
  5. D

    Question Macbook Pro Retina SSD upgrade question

    Hello Sister has asked me to upgrade her Macbook Pro Retina. I haven't got her one to hand yet but it's similar to mine I'm guessing. A1502 (Mine's a Macbook Pro Retina late 2013). I believe her one is a 2014 model with a slightly different config like memory and CPU. It's got a 500GB SSD...
  6. tgphoto

    IPS Retina Screen Burn/Backlight Bleed

    Hi, What level of screen burn/backlight bleed is acceptable on a MacBook Pro retina? I just bought a 15 inch 2015 one and the screen is pictured below. I appreciate I will not use it in these conditions but it’s more significant than on. My 13 inch MBP of the same era. I noticed the top right...
  7. tgphoto

    Question Ignore

  8. S

    Question Mid 2012 15" macbook pro retina sale value?

    Hi all, just bagged a new 15" MacBook pro so my trusty 2012 one is redundant. The battery was draining quickly so I get it back from apple in a few days with a new battery fitted. Its the 8GB memory 256 SSD version and apart from the battery it has been faultless. Has a few dings on the outer...
  9. I

    Question How to Connect AV Receiver to iMac 27 5k Retina

    Hi to everyone, I would like to ask a question that Can we connect Denon AVR X-2000 receiver to iMac 27 inch (as a monitor). Actually I have a small hi-fi system that includes Denon AVR X2000, two Dali Zensor 1 and Dali Zensor Vocal and a SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer. And I want to connect my 27 imac...
  10. B

    Macbook Pro sealed 13.3 inch retina display

    MacBook pro 13.3 inch retina display, core I5 256gb up for sale originally cost £1095
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