1. madeye

    high resolution screens - text concerns ...

    I'm concerned that if I choose a laptop with a 1920 x 1080 resolution [windows 8.1] the text will be too small. Could someone confirm whether I can adjust the DPI without degrading the text quality [grainy or blurry] and/or making images look terrible. I've read comments online that suggest this...
  2. bery_451

    OLED TV's Motion resolution?

    I recently heard that OLED motion resolution is just as bad as LCD/LED TV's with resolutions automatically down sample to 300p or 600p lines of resolution when there is motion on screen unless it is a static image like a photo. Is this true? If so then I say that Plasma TV's are superior to...
  3. A

    Question Pioneer VSX-324 4K Passthrough Not Working

    Hello, I have a Panasonic Viera TX55CX802B 55" 4K TV connected via HDMI to my Pioneer VSX-324 AV Receiver (part of the Pioneer HTP-072 Home Cinema). I also have an android box (Matricom G-Box Q) connected to my receiver that can process and output 4K resolutions. When I change the resolution...
  4. Roku2

    Video Resolution

    Aside from 4K resolution, what info data should we look at to determine the quality of the resolution we aer streaming at? Is [email protected] any better than [email protected], for example?
  5. danaanest

    Question Onkyo HT-R380 Resolution problem!

    Hi! So I bought this receiver some months back ago and it has worked somewhat fine, until now. For some reason everything that I plug in trough the HDMI-inputs is not showing up on the TV. It shows on the TV that the signal that is coming trough is in 480p? There is no way to change the...
  6. Edgie70

    Question Picture resolution

    Hi , my TV is a 1080i resolution and 50 hz , I've got an amazon fire stick and the resolution settings are 1080p 60hz , 1080p 50hz , 720p 50hz , 720p 60hz or auto , which setting is best ??
  7. O

    Best camera resolution

    Hi all. I want to get a new camera for use in the Church. The auditorium houses up to 300-400 people and the camera will have to stay in one place to capture all with zooming most times. I need suggestions: 1. The resolution to go for. 2. Zooming requirements. 3. Other expert advice. Thanks.
  8. chaseg

    Question Onkyo TX-NR646 not outputing 4k resolution - help?

    Just spent an insane amount upgrading to 4k, and now i'm getting a bit frustrated with my receiver seeming to block 4k resolution - I was hoping someone on here might be able to shed some light on situation. Receiver = Onkyo TX-NR646 (using hdmi input 1 : hdcp 2.2) Projector = Sony VPL-VW1100ES...
  9. spenna


    Hi there i wonder if anyone out there has any comments through there own experience on the best music download service out there for high resolution music downloads?.I know the one that keeps getting mentioned is HD TRACKS but they seem a little expensive to me.I wondered about the best for...
  10. A

    Question VGA Switch Resolution Issue

    Hi, I purchased a VGA switch so I could use my second monitor and swap it between using it as an extended display on my computer and as a screen for my PS4. When the monitor is plugged into the PC via the switch the max resolution I can get is 1280x1024, however when it is set to the PS4 I...
  11. Rampage89

    60hz UHD resolution on Samsung JU6742

    Hello all, I would ask whether it is possible to connect. Samsung Ju6742 to pc with UHD resolution and 60hz rate. I guess the model is same as ju6740. Am I right? Please see the model reference below. SAMSUNG Česká republika
  12. OllyP

    Question NAD T748 & Samsung Smart TV OSD - help!

    Hi All, This has been driving me nuts. I have a NAD receiver (T748 v2) and a Samsung Smart TV. They are connected via HDMI (monitor out on the NAD and HDMI2 on the TV) watching TV / Movies works perfectly, getting great sound and picture, however the NAD has an built in On-screen display...
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