1. Pavement

    Monitor seems to drop signal when switching resolution?

    Hi, I'm having a slight problem that seems to occur when I'm playing a game at non-native resolution. I've currently got my PC hooked up to a 4K monitor over HDMI but I run most games at 1440p. Some, but not all. games will send the monitor into a no input state (like when you pull the aerial...
  2. P

    Music cast and high resolution

    Happy with Music cast and Spotify but looking to buy into higher resolution such as Tidal or Amazon. Do all of those other than Spotify have to use the Music Cast environment rather than their own system?
  3. Z

    how can i upgrade the resolution support of my tv?

    I have an old Philips 42PFL8654H/12 lcd tv. Is there a firmware update that will upgrade the resolutions that this monitor supports?
  4. F

    Question Newbie need hi resolution audio advise

    After a period of 20 years away from high fidelity I have been reading about the hi res format. Specially a portable audi player and I would appreciate any help with the following. Mainly for use at home! For someone who can appreciate a good quality sound is hi res that much better than...
  5. Drooch

    Will MicroLED fix OLED’s dismal motion resolution?

    I can‘t bring myself to ditch my Kuro for an OLED because I value good motion resolution. Will MLED be able to match Plasma or even CRT motion resolution? Thanks.
  6. Ianfromnotts

    Question which Android Boxes match source resolution & refresh rate

    I have an old Zgemma enigma2 box and there is a wide range of options for configuring the video output. The important bit being you can set it to match the source resolution and refresh rate. Down side being the box and operating system graphics are very limited which makes it a bit of a pain...
  7. H

    Question (Denon avr-x520bt) Resolution is downscaled to 1080p24hz by force when using 4k

    Hi all! I have a weired issue when using denon avr-x520bt as 4k resolution. Current connection is Fire tv stick 4k or Mibox S ------ AVR-X520BT ------- Optoma suhd61 projector ㄴYamaha 5.1 speakers When I set...

    Windows recommended resolution is lower than the monitor supports.

    Hello! Fellows, I have a Lenovo H520g desktop PC (i7-3770s, 8gb RAM, 1 Tb WD 7200 rpm disk and AMD RX580 8gb RAM GPU - fully updated Radeon video drivers). I use a 42 "Philips LCD television as monitor, model 42PFL3403/78, capable of a 1366 x 768 - 60 Hz resolution (you can see the...
  9. chris redfield

    matching hdmi output resolution for lg26lc2r-zj

    I have this old tv setup in the spare room with a pc that has hdmi outputs from the radeon r9 200 series. I tried changing the resolution the other day to something preferable but upon rebooting it would not output any hdmi signal to the tv. I am guessing from reading this...
  10. U

    Apple TV keeps losing resolution on LG Oled C9

    I have an LG C9 Oled 65inch set and have been watching "The Morning Show" on the Apple Channel. Every minute or so it just loses resolution and the picture goes blurred for a few seconds after which it restores. No affect on the sound. My internet is Fibre to the Home with a speed of several...
  11. DT79

    Macbook Pro 13" mid 2009 - external display max resolution issue

    Hi folks - need a bit of help utilising the maximum resolution of an external display with my old MBP 13" mid 2009. The MBP has a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB graphics card, and the stated maximum supported display resolution is 2560*1600. What with all the current strife I've purchased an...
  12. C

    Question Occasional Resolution issue with Q65

    Hi everyone, i have a Q65 tv that is a few years old now and in the last six months or so, i've occasionally noticed portions of the screen become pixelated momentarily, like the feed is slow or something. We have cable tv, so i wouldn't think that is the problem, and i've noticed it happen...
  13. KevMitch73

    Samsung UHD resolution problem with SkyQ...

    So I have eventually got my new AV setup up and running. Brilliant. Rented 'Midway' in UHD but it won't play..... Rang Sky who asked me my TV model and when he checked it he said 'well that is a UHD model...' I just keep getting a message saying the 2060i resolution is not compatible with my...
  14. P

    Dashcam - FPS or Resolution?

    My Dashcam has either a high resolution mode (30FPS HDR in 1440) or a high frame mode (60FPS in 1080). Which should I choose, and is one or the other better\worse for use during the day\at night? It's a Garmin.
  15. panman40

    Question Sky Q box which resolution looks best ?

    I’ve been running my sky Q box at 1080p resolution, recently though I tried 2160 4k but to me it doesn’t look quite as good an image as 1080p on my 4k TV. I don’t have sports or movies, just boxsets. anyone else find this ?.
  16. akwexavante

    Frequent Screen Resolution Changes

    TV: Panasonic TX-42A400B Freesat Receiver: Humax HB 1100S Cable: HDMI Not sure this is a TV, Receiver, Service or cable issue. Occasionally (Fortnightly’ish) my TV screen goes black for a couple or three seconds after which a picture re-appears and in the top left it will indicate that the...
  17. lancar57

    How the get 4K resolution on LG video wall with HD monitors

    Avyone knows how to change the settings of LG HD (1920x1080p) professional screens in a video wall matrix, in order to get 4K resolution (3840x2160p). The PC's video adapter has 4K support, but doesn't identify the vide wall as a 4K display. The HDMI is connected to the top left monitor (#1) and...
  18. T

    Screen going black/showing resolution

    Evening all. I have virgin media Tivo hdmi to Denon avr-x2600 hdmi to a sony xf9005. Tivo is set to passthrough so the TV screen will briefly flicker/go black when input resolution changes and shows 1080i etc when the new input resolution is detected. My problem is the Tv has stared doing...
  19. Tetonn

    DVI-D adaptor

    Is there a DVI-D adaptor that can change resolution from 1920 x 1200 to 2K?
  20. G

    Black bars on screen

    When on sky menu or bbc1 it takes up the whole screen. When on a movie I get the black bars. I have a 150 inch 16:9 screen and didn't think I would have this issue. I thought they were all sent at 16:9??
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