1. colinstone

    Mehanik Test Patterns - Video Resolution/Interference Issue

    I've downloaded the Mehanik Test Patterns from - HDR10 test patterns set And I was looking at the test patterns and after a few files this happened?? The files were played from a HDD on the USB input of a Panasonic 4K Blue-ray player and this is the menu. Lines disappeared when the test videos...
  2. VasilisKonstantinou

    50PUS7303/12 4K Android tv resolution issues

    I have a 50PUS7303/12 4K android tv about a year now. Some videos on YouTube doesn’t play in 4K or 1080p and shows maximum resolution of 720p. I think it does it only in videos that are 60fps and above because the rest of them play normally in highest quality. On Netflix doesn’t show anything...
  3. M

    "Native Resolution" - Sony Bravia 32" FHD to LG 43" 4K / UHD, possibly?

    Hi, hope everyone is doing great. New to the forum and beginner in TVs. I've done some reading on 4K, and the basic "what to know" for buying a television. Also, I tried researching a clear answer before posting this, but fell short. Hopefully, I can get some clarification from this thread...
  4. T

    Concept to improve OLED motion resolution

    OLED motion resolution is worse than plasma due to the plasma 600 Hz gas pulse rate vs OLED sample and hold of the source. However if the OLED viewer could wear active 3D like glasses that pulse at a rapid rate like 600 Hz, would this enable the perception of fluid motion? Could existing 3D...
  5. colinstone

    Display Resolution

    My TV is a 7+ years Toshiba 32" 1080p. Yesterday changed Gigablue UHD satellite receiver output to 4K in manual settings, for the Freesat UHD channel into projector. PJ fine. At moment have to manually switch TV/Pj HDMI plugs. Removed Pj, plugged in TV and didn't touch Gigablue 4K video out...
  6. J

    Question 4k monitor at reduced input resolution ?

    Hi, I have a dilemma, hope someone can offer some advice...... A new job means I need to expand my monitor set-up at home. I currently have a Dell U2311H which has been brilliant for both work and photo editing, but I now need an extra monitor for all the stuff work requires. I quite fancy...
  7. danboy24

    Pioneer receiver resolution

    I have an Amazon Cube which connects to my Samsung TV via a Pioneer SC-LX58 receiver. When I use the Cube and open Netflix the highest resolution against all the movies is shown as HD. If I plug the cube directly into my TV and search for the same movies they appear as correctly (4K Ultra HD)...
  8. johnyept

    OKI TVV20 (LCD TV) original resolution?

    A friend just gave me an OKI TVV20 TV, it has connections for antenna, 2 SCARTs, VGA+Audio and Composite. It has no manual, nor I could find anything related to specs or manual for this TV, just a lot of remotes for sale. I connected the VGA to a PC but I can't figure out what's the correct...
  9. U

    Question Display resolution help

    Hello, new to the forums and not really sure if this is the correct place to ask the question but here goes: I have an LG OLED65CXPUA TV plugged in to my Yamaha RX-V683BL receiver (both devices less than 6 months old). My Xfinity X1 DVR is also plugged in to the same receiver. All devices are...
  10. K

    Using an 8 year old Full HD 1080p Television with a Super HD 2K (2019 release) IP Camera at 2688 x 1520 resolution - Delayed streaming on live view

    Hi, I have an old Samsung Full HD 1080p TV and I purchased it about 8 years ago. I recently purchased an IP Network Camera and it is connected to a Network Video Recorder, which is then connected to my TV. The IP camera is streaming on my TV through the recorder at a resolution of 2688 x...
  11. U

    Question Display Resolution Help - LG OLED65CXPUA TV

    Hello, new to the forums and not really sure if this is the correct place to ask the question but here goes: I have an LG OLED65CXPUA TV plugged in to my Yamaha RX-V683BL receiver (both devices less than 6 months old). My Xfinity X1 DVR is also plugged in to the same receiver. All devices are...
  12. gizmowasmycat

    Question Philips 43pus6754 - 43pus6554 - have support for 2k resolution for PC connection?

    Does anybody use 43pus6554 or 43pus6504 or 43pus6754 connected to PC? I can't find anywhere if the TV supports 2k (1440p) resolution. In manual it just shows support for 1k and 4k, I'm thinking of using it as a PC monitor for work purpose. (I'm between LG 43um7450 (has native 2k support) and...
  13. B

    Hisense U7B - Issue with Screen Resolution / Aspect Ratio

    Recently bought the H55U7BUK and have been having a problem with the TV picture not filling the screen properly. When watching terrestrial TV, the picture will randomly get stuck in what looks like 4:3 mode, with large black margins on each side of the picture. For example, on the BBC1 channel...
  14. P

    Stream/Channel Resolution on Samsung TU8000?

    Anyone knows how to display/show a channel or video's resolution on a Samsung TU8000 TV, while it's playing? Thanks!
  15. Hamad138

    What is Super Resolution on C8?

    What does it do? Does it smooth out Edges or does it add Details like the Reality Creation from Sony?
  16. Pavement

    Monitor seems to drop signal when switching resolution?

    Hi, I'm having a slight problem that seems to occur when I'm playing a game at non-native resolution. I've currently got my PC hooked up to a 4K monitor over HDMI but I run most games at 1440p. Some, but not all. games will send the monitor into a no input state (like when you pull the aerial...
  17. P

    Music cast and high resolution

    Happy with Music cast and Spotify but looking to buy into higher resolution such as Tidal or Amazon. Do all of those other than Spotify have to use the Music Cast environment rather than their own system?
  18. Z

    how can i upgrade the resolution support of my tv?

    I have an old Philips 42PFL8654H/12 lcd tv. Is there a firmware update that will upgrade the resolutions that this monitor supports?
  19. F

    Question Newbie need hi resolution audio advise

    After a period of 20 years away from high fidelity I have been reading about the hi res format. Specially a portable audi player and I would appreciate any help with the following. Mainly for use at home! For someone who can appreciate a good quality sound is hi res that much better than...
  20. Drooch

    Will MicroLED fix OLED’s dismal motion resolution?

    I can‘t bring myself to ditch my Kuro for an OLED because I value good motion resolution. Will MLED be able to match Plasma or even CRT motion resolution? Thanks.
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