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  1. L

    Question Arcam AVR550 has lost the ability to play high resolution audio (DTS HD-MA/DD TrueHD/Atmos) - help?

    So I've got an AVR550 that has generally been a nightmare. The folks we paid to set it up did a good job with the Dirac setup - when it doesn't get "lost" - but it keeps losing the ability to play any form of high resolution audio. Right now it's back to playing DD 3/2.1, DTS 3/2.1, and that's...
  2. _Dragon_

    Teams not in HD and not opening straight away

    When I'm using Teams it's not in HD, if i use Zoom it's in HD. I'm also having trouble opening Teams sometimes it won't open until I try it for the third time. I'm running windows 10. I have uninstalled but still the same thing happens.
  3. DemonDragonJ

    Will You Upgrade to 8K?

    The 4K format has now been around for several years and seems to slowly be gaining traction in the market, but some people are already speaking about the next format, which shall be 8K resolution, but I do not believe that I shall upgrade to that format, since I have already spent a significant...
  4. _Dragon_

    Lenovo Ideapad 3 15itl05 Webcam resolution ?

    I have this laptop when going into the webcam video settings there is no 720p resolution option it only gives me 480p, any suggestions on why 720p isn't available, looking at the specs on google the webcam is 720p. I'm running windows 11.
  5. A

    Samsung tv you tbe resolution

    Hi, Youtube resolution on my Samsung tv UE55F7090SL is 720 max. Any guess why? Is it possible to increase it? Many thx. B.B.
  6. G

    Sony VPL HW40es resolution issue

    I have the above projector which is connected to a Denon 3400 receiver, and most of my content is viewed through a Nvidia Shield TV. The second output from the Denon goes to a last gen Samsung frame TV for normal tv viewing. I haven't used the projector for a while, but it had always worked...
  7. A

    Where can I get a chinoppo or other device with DV FEL support

    I came across the chinoppo devices for proper FEL playback, but couldn't find a place to buy them I saw the link on the big OPPO thread, but I'm weary about the PayPal transfer instead of a payment Is there any other device out there that supports everything the chinoppos do in terms of...
  8. R

    Yamaha RX-A1040 connected to pc doesn't allow resolution higher than 1080p

    Hello, I have recently bought used Yamaha RX-A1040 (upgraded from RX-V2065), and everything works and sounds great, it's connected to nVidia Geforce 1070ti through HDMI, but I cannot set it on higher resolution than Full HD (1080p). I have tried it via windows settings (I'm using W10, with...
  9. Surebrec

    Problems with text size using 1440p on non-native 27 inch monitor.

    I'm going through the resolution settings on my PC and am struggling to get a setting right that I am 100% happy with. I have an older model Benq 27 inch monitor whose native resolution is 1080p, and I have managed to add a custom resolution profile in the NVidia control panel that works (sort...
  10. B

    Dashcams, where to start? Front & Rear? 1080p Enough?

    Looking to get a dashcam in our car, where to start though? Is 1080p good enough resolution? Do I need front AND rear cameras? Which brand is best? What money should I be looking to spend to get a decent enough one that will do the job. Also fitting, who should I see who fits them? Thanks
  11. K

    Samsung optical output resolution.

    I am curious what resolution audio you get from the optical output on a modern Samsung tv ? Is it pcm 24 bit / 96khz ? (My tv model is qe65q90t 2020)
  12. G

    LG 65" C2 xbox series X resolution issues

    Got a 65" C2, had it on about 200 hours. From time to time, when I change from Sky Q or from an app on the TV to the Xbox, the resolution goes to like 600x400 and its small and blurry. All the xbox settings normally have green ticks for 4k etc and it's fine. It's random when it happens and when...
  13. G

    Understanding Bitrates, CODECs and Resolution

    Arguably you get the best quality picture and Audio from the physical disk or a 1:1 back up This will have the highest bitrate, I understand this is the rate of change from 1 frame to next, and is important for fast passed action movies and sport less so for slower passed dramas. Having said...
  14. K

    Epson projector - image resolution is too small

    Hi guys! I just bought a new projector because my old one has broken. I have run into a problem when I tried to adjust my projector's image to the projector screen, as I chose the highest possible image size but there is an approx. 30% of screen unused. My question is that I have to move the...
  15. bishbashboshdj

    QN90A and Portal TV resolution problems?

    I’m having a problem with a QN90A and a portal TV as a source. Everytime I select it as a source I have to go through the Samsung troubleshooting to get it to adjust the resolution to get the portal tv screen up. Has anyone else come across similar and ever worked out how to sort it? It does...
  16. rbclass

    Half vertical resolution at 4k/120Hz

    Mediatek chipsets have problems with 4k/120Hz and it uses only half vertical resolution and upscale it to full. I have 55c728. i am using it like pc monitor and at 4k/120hz its looks like sh*t. Does TCL company have an answer to that issue?
  17. Promoted Content Poster

    Promoted What’s your New Year gaming resolution, 1080p, 1440p or 4K?

    Here are at Scan, gaming runs through our veins. Our 3XS Systems team build the UK’s best PCs, not only for enthusiast gamers but pro gamers and games developers too. But we’d love to know what resolution you play games at and why? To inspire you over the Christmas and New Year period we’ve...
  18. TheyCallMeTJ

    What display do you play your PS5 on?

    I am curious what output display everyone here uses. I didn't break down TV, monitor, or projectors in the poll as the emphasis is on the screens maximum resolution capability. This question daunted on me from recently playing Plague Tale Requiem. I have a 1080p 3DTV which is about 8-9...
  19. W

    denon x1700h resolution problem

    Hello dear community, I'm new here and desperate for guidance. I'll get right to the point. I have a formovie 4k cinema projector, a denon x1700h receiver and an apple tv 4k (2021 edition). I bought brand new 2.1 hdmi cables and connected my 3 machines. It all works fine BUT I can't select 4k...
  20. AlphaCen

    PUS 8807 4K 120Hz half or full resolution?

    Hello, Does anyone know if PUS 8807 series provides full resolution at 4K 120Hz VRR HDR or is it still halved, like in previous models with older Mediatek chipset? Oh, the chipset is MT9970B, but I can’t find any information about it online.
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