1. A


    HI...does anyone know how to reset lamp timer....manual says to check instructions that came with lamp..but i have no instructions and i cant contact the supplier....its is not in the onscreen menu ......thanks for any help
  2. A

    LG 65C7V - vertical and horizontal lines after TV reset

    Had some problems with tv red colors being way saturated, reset tv , adjusted red colors (see one of my other topics) Anyway, after TV reset started noticing horizontal stripes and vertical stripes. Horizontal lines : on full color and panning images (for example baby tv with complete blue...
  3. F

    Panasonic DP-UB150 Locked in 4K mode - Can it be reset?

    I recently bought this Blu Ray player from Richer Sounds and tested it on a frineds TV and all was well. The reason I tested it on his TV is because I am an expat in Singapore and bought the player on a business trip (all my discs are region B / Zone B and getting a Blu Ray player in singapore...
  4. L

    Brand new OLED 65" frozen on dashboard screen; unable to reset

    Our brand new 65" LG OLED tv has frozen on the Home Dashboard screen and nothing we have tried will reset it. If we can't get it up and running again, it's going back, no matter how much we love the picture. Advice much appreciated, thanks.
  5. M

    Question Panasonic Digital Video Camera - recurring "push reset" message

    I have a Panasonic Digital Video Camera (NV-GS230GC) and I'm trying to playback footage (linking it to a TV using AV connectors). I keep getting a recurring error message "Push the reset switch". Once this has been done the message reappears when attempting to playback. Turning the camcorder...
  6. S

    Hisense HDMI reset

    Hi. I have a strange problem whit this (sh*t) tv [model: ltdn40k220wteu ] , when i connect or start a device to the HDMI port (all,1 and 2) this restart . Sometimes restart for hours, sometime for minuts and sometime this no restart... I hard reset the tv and i update the (sh*t) software given...
  7. ovidiu1982

    Question Factory reset 32LF580V

    Can anyone please help? I can't do a "factory reset" because the option is grayed out. How do I do a factory reset if I can't do it from the menu? Thanks in advance...
  8. meltonboy

    Question Synch music after iphone reset

    Hi folks I did an iPhone reset and then restored my phone. Now plugged it into my laptop and opened up itunes but the music wont synch. I can see it in my library and my phone is seen. When i go to music i would expect to see synch settings (i think) but all i see is a check box for voice...
  9. Paresh

    AV reset message

    I frequently get this message. If i'm not using the LG remote i have to get it in order to clear the message. Is there a way to stop getting this random message? thanks.
  10. I

    Service Menu Reset Changes? Samsung UE32F5000AK

    Hello, So I currently own a UE32F5000AK, Amazing TV, owned it for just over 5 years. I have stupidly one night started to fumble around the Service Menu of the TV, thinking "Oh yeah I have worked in IT, I know what I am doing"... We all know where this story is going..... So now my tv will...
  11. tigermad

    Reset Lightwave Link Plus

    Does anyone know how to reset the above please? With google home mini whenever I turn on the lights it says can’t reach device but still turns them on. Off works fine. Thought I would reset the link plus as a last resort but can’t find out how. Thanks
  12. captainfearless

    IFTTT Can't Reset Cortana

    How do I reset my Ifttt? Edit your service Go to ifttt.com or the mobile app and locate the service you're having trouble with. Locate the ⚙︎ Settings menu on the top right. Select EDIT. You'll be taken to a page where you can reconnect the service to IFTTT. When i follow the above steps, i do...
  13. R

    Question Hi. I have a Panasonic tx55cx400b tv and it turns its self off after a minute or two. I’ve changed the pub board and tried the other reset options on

    Hi. I have a Panasonic tx55cx400b tv. It keeps turning itself off. The sound (via surround sound) stays on. The red light flashes 10 times when you turn it on? I’ve changed the pcb board and the fault still happens? I’ve tried all the reset options I found on here and none of them work. Could it...
  14. F

    Answered Can external hdd or usb reset tv ?

    Hello everyone To make the story short. I had problem with new tv and i sent it back to provider so in meantime i wanted to use my older lcd led tv size 32inch, which is good tv but it is not smart tv. Tv does have 2 usb ports and 3 hdmi ports so i connected external hdd 1tb with some stuff on...
  15. R

    Question Reset a Minix Neo U1

    Firstly, apologies if this is answered elsewhere, if so please direct me. I've had a Minix Neo U1 for some time but recently I can't access the "Settings". The screen flickers & just comes back to the main selection. Is there a way to reset the box to Factory settings ?? Obviously I can't get...
  16. button_sw

    For Sale Pioneer Kuro KRP-500A - Reset & Calibrated **SOLD**

    I have finally given in to my upgrade itch and purchased a Panasonic OLED and I am in a lucky position to own two 500A's so one has to go! I bought the Kuro from these very forums 4 years ago and it has performed flawlessly and without fault, the build quality is insane and I imagine it will...
  17. F

    Please help! LG B6 reset, remote not working. Now what?

    Hi there, So my LG remote has died - and I was also experiencing some issues with the TV. I've been able to use the TV using the LG app and my Sky Remote. I spoke to Richer Sounds and they recommended I do a reset of the TV. Which I just did. Those smarter than me have probably already worked...
  18. P

    Humax 1000T won't reset

    My Youview box (a Humax 1000T) is misbehaving. On powering on, I see only a black screen with a couple of lines at the top showing the HDMI port and the current time, nothing else. The remote is unresponsive (I changed the batteries just in case). On trying to factory reset, none of the options...
  19. P

    Question Can I reset my Hitachi Plasma TV ..... and do I need to ?

    My TV feed to my old Hitachi 42PD8700U comes from a Virgin Media Cable via a Virgin box and all is fine but I want to be able to access Freeview in order to grab a channel Virgin doesn't provide. When I connect the aerial cable, I simply get "No Signal" on screen. I know the aerial cable is...
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