1. pazman4

    Anyone know how to reset a Digihome TV. Facing a freezing issue...

    Hi there, I have a 40292UHDSFVPT2 Digihome TV with an issue and wondering if anyone may know how to reset it to factory settings or indeed what might be causing this issue? When I switch on the device it works for a few seconds, then becomes unresponsive to inputs from the on TV controls or...
  2. MarcinL81

    LG B8 Unusual Reset issue

    Got an usual issue with B8. Had it for 2.5 years. Today during watching it it powered off. Then after powering on it powered off again. Make a long story short I noticed that as long as I unplug every device and then turn to on point the clicker towards the top and stay away from the bottom of...
  3. W

    Denon 983 avr reset how to

    How to reset my denon 983 avr
  4. E

    ARCAM SR-250 AVR won’t power on. Is it worth repairing?

    Arcam AVR won’t power on. How do you tell if something is worth repairing? it just went off warranty, darn it. I don’t know if a six year old product is out of date and I should move on or should I keep it and fix it. It’ll cost me $100 to ship it back and forth and $80 just to look at it...
  5. Beka1309

    Cannot do factory reset

    Hey Everyone, I just got my LG C1 55 inch. I updated it just now, and it seems as though it doesnt activate HDR like it used to before the update. When I started a game on my ps4 pro before the update, it automatically switched to HDR and the screen became brighter. Now, after the update, it...
  6. A

    Denon DHT S516H Won't Factory Reset + Changes From ARC to Optical.

    Hey guys, Have a problem with this soundbar. I bought it a couple of days ago and set it up on my LG TV via optical to see if it worked. Seemed to but I couldn't control the volume via the TV remote. Anyway yesterday I received my new tv for the front room and plugged everything in but again...
  7. D

    TCL 55DP608 Freeview Play TV useless after reset and update.

    I purchased a 55” TCL smart tv from AO in October 2018. It was glitchy from day 1 but stupidly I put this down to it being a smart tv thing (like a PC freezing). It would often restart and would change the environment into shop mode, despite being set to home. The original remote got broken...
  8. H

    Pioneer blu ray unresponsive

    Good afternoon I have pioneer BDP LX71 blu ray, hardly used. I have upgraded my home cinema, call nnected the blu ray and it isn’t responding, It turns on and that’s about it. Anyone know how I reset it along with the remote? TIA
  9. G

    Best full Samsung QLED reset

    For best results, are there any advantages by resetting the TV from the hidden menu? If yes, are there any possible drawbacks by attempting this procedure? Thanks
  10. B

    Reset w/o a Remote

    I purchased a home with a JVS DLA-RS15-U installed and have gotten to the point where I needed to replace the lamp. I replaced the lamp but need to get rid of the Lamp Replacement warning that pops up every time I turn the projector on. The only instructions I can find are by using a remote...
  11. B

    Factory reset of Panasonic EZ952

    Returning a faulty set so need to do a factory reset to wipe my data. Cannot find this option in the system menu but have come across "Shipping Condition". I assume this is what I need to use?
  12. AverageGuyThatNeedsAdvice

    No Display -Yamaha RX V671

    Good day, I would very much appreciate advice and Insight into resolving what may be a simple yet without your guidance a very expensive repair ! Honestly, to state it briefly.... I cannot afford a professional shops repair [email protected] this at this time... Okay, now the fun part.... So the story...
  13. canada16uk

    Reset Yamaha RX-3050 now no DD+ light up

    Hey, thanks to @dante01 for helping as my Audio went and found out it was down to a firmware version error. Anyway I reset the amp and did the mic distance settings ect. My amp will only show Sur. Decode now. as it has wipped all my old settings I have went through all the settings but cant...
  14. D

    Reset hikvision password

    I cant remember my hikvision NVR password. It wont self reset with QR scan and now im on the SADP tool and get these error messages trying ti export key or QR code option. Anybody know what i can do. Pictures attached and device details below DS-7604NI-E1/4P/A V3.4.101 BUILD 181024 DSP V5...
  15. K

    Yamaha Rx V2300 Reset?

    Hi, Factory Reset; I know there are different methods for various models, but does anyone know for the RX V2300? Thanks.
  16. U

    Yamaha YSP-5600 Factory Reset + Firmware Update

    Hi, I just bought a YSP 5600 and I want to: 1. Factory RESET it (bought it used so want to start from scratch). I looked in the manual but the manual does not cover this subject. 2. I connected the 5600 to my wifi network. However, FIRMWARE UPDATE is greyed out in the menu.
  17. hotlips69

    65nano996 hard reset?

    I'm really struggling with my 65nano996 TV as I urgently need to factory reset this as many of the menu options have become greyed out (including the reset to initial settings) & the TV is not letting me do things (like speech control) that it used to do perfectly. I've spent ages online...
  18. L

    RX-V581 stopped connecting after reset

    I did a factory reset after the bluetooth had stopped working properly. And now, the TV (LG OLEDCX5) will not output through the receiver. I have been using HDMI Arc to output, but that setting does not work either. The Playstation is not recognized either - it just says HDMI 1. The sound...
  19. buddy777

    Is it possible to reset a macbook air to original out the box settings?

    I have tried factory reset but this is not like out of the box new,it just recovers what you already had in.I made a mess of original set up and would like to start new out the box settings.Is this possible?
  20. dennis1

    Acer laptop, very slow reset and still waiting

    I am re-setting my Acer laptop but having problems. It has been stuck on 63% for 6 hours now, is this about right. Any help/advice appreciated.
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