1. M

    Reset a Humax 1100s without a remote?

    My hdr 1100s is not responding to a remote properly so I can't factory reset it. Is there a way to reset it without a remote? Just to confirm, it's not the remote. Done a the obvious and been on to Humax support ... Reset remote, changed batts twice, powercycles box overnight, tried a different...
  2. P

    Question Ring Doorbell 3 Plus - how to reset range?

    I want to reset the motion range. When first setting up it gave me 3 levels of distance, I chose the middle one, but I want it further so it detects motion on the driveway over 10 metres away. how do you reset the range? thanks
  3. e11e00

    Reset a LG tv locked from a softwer

    Hi , I have a TV that was locked from it's manufactry menu I mean I can't access to the tv settings , or I can't use the HDMI doors etc. it's a tv locked similar to those found in hotels. Even if there is no other cable conncted to the tv except for the power cable , the tv has a interface...
  4. MrMister111

    Selling PS4, anything to do apart from reset the HDD?

    If selling a PS4 is there anything else to do apart from format the HDD? I’ve done that, but still see it as a primary console in id.sonyentertainment website. The only option I can see is to deactivate all devices, which I don’t want to do, just the PS4? Is it safe to just reformat the HDD...
  5. H

    Tv stuck on reset menu

    Hi all, my tv was stuck with no sound so I reset it to “shipping”. I have no physical remote and was using an app to control, but after the reset the app doesn’t work. I need help getting it off the country select menu with no remote. I’ve tried all the side buttons but nothing will shift it...
  6. M

    Question Hannspree SM40LMNB LCD TV - how to reset Parental password

    Hi, I have a HANNspree SM40LMNB tv, and one of my teenage kids was playing about with it and set a Parental password, thinking it would be funny. Not so funny when they now can't remember the password! The remote works, and I can get to the menu. There is a Reset option in the Setup section...
  7. mrjackson90

    Insider Xbox One X bricked after reset

    ive reset my one x to sell which was enrolled in the insider program. the buyer couldnt get the system to restore so has sent it back. ive tried it myself and it appears this is an issue with the insider firmware being higher than the offline update. any ideas how to get it working as it was...
  8. D

    How to check if TV was factory reset?

    Hello, how can I check if the TV was used before and then factory reset? When switched on for the first time it goes through all the usual initial process, the Android activation, language selection etc. Obviously all accounts, downloaded apps etc must have been erased. But can I possibly...
  9. odessalind

    How to factory reset optoma uhd50x/uhd42?

    How to factory reset optoma uhd50x/uhd42?
  10. G

    Question H.View security (dome) camera - factory reset possible without network?

    Hi, H.View UK400E1 POE dome cams. I bought a couple of these cameras a year or so ago and they are the old version with two cables protruding, one RJ45, the other 12V power. There is no reset button or hole on the camera or cables at all. The both stopped working a few months ago and I've...
  11. bruce-leroy

    Xbox One X question - to factory reset or not to factory reset?

    I‘m thinking of selling my son’s Xbox One X Gears of War Edition (DISC console). He’s hardly played it and doesn’t mind me doing so as he’s after PS5 (aren’t we all? :D ). I’d prefer not to completely factory reset as it will delete the digital Gears of War games that have been downloaded onto...
  12. P

    Windows 10 factory reset issue.

    For the last week or so my Laptop has been running slow and so I decided to do the factory reset option in settings. That took about 30 minutes to complete, and when the laptop restarted it began the resetting this pc message. The problem is that it has only moved 9% in 7 hours and I am...
  13. A

    Bang & Olufsen BEOMASTER 5000 Reset w/o remote?

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a Beomaster 5000 receiver with a 2PM alarm set by previous owner done through its remote control - which I do not own. That's correct, the unit itself does not have a reset button and remote was long lost by previous owner :) I have already read B&O user...
  14. W

    zgemma box stuck after reset

    hi all i have a zgemma box h92s i did a reset now it is stuck all i have is open ate on tv screen and red light on box .i can't do anything with it please help
  15. jamct


    I am selling my Sony KD-49XF9005 SMART TV to a relative. If I do a Factory Reset will all my Picture Settings be affected?. (The relative is not a geek :rolleyes: like me and has always said what superb PQ I have so is not likely to want or know her way around the setting....Covid lockdown...
  16. 4

    Canon MG6650.How do I reset the ink pad counter ?

    The MG6650 printer shows code 1700 - ink pads almost full. I have removed, cleaned and replaced them but cannot get the counter reset, code 1700 still shows. I tried the off/on hold etc simple method but no joy. Does anyone have any idea what I might try to reset it ? Thanks Brian.
  17. O

    Pioneer PDP-LX5090H - ¿Firmware 0909-0901? and reset default settings

    Hello everyone, It turns out that this week I received a PDP-LX5090H as a gift, which I used to replace the PDP-507XD I had, and see if I can continue to enjoy the Pioneer for longer. Before proceeding to configure, calibrate, etc ... I have been reading that exists a firmware 0909-0901. Could...
  18. TheGamer147

    Question Reset TV after firmware update?

    Guys what your opinion on the recommendation of resetting TVs after firmware updates is it really necessary.
  19. nheather

    Is there a way to reset apps?

    I have a 65” B8 OLED. When using the smart TV apps sometimes they crash and won’t restart. No matter how many times I go back to the menu and try to launch the app (Disney+ is a common offender) I just get a black screen and it won’t start. Soft switching the TV off and on does mot help. To...
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