1. C

    Brexit focus group for dissertation research - Leavers and Remainers wanted

    I am running a focus group for Leave voters on Saturday 16th October 11am GMT on zoom to research their opinions on those who voted in the Referendum. Fill out this form for more information: Participation in Leaver Focus Group I am running a focus group for Remain voters on Tuesday 19th...
  2. W

    Post-Pandemic Wellbeing for Work and My Staff. Opinion?

    Hi all, I'm conducting some research about keeping fit at work and I'd love to get your feedback if you have a few minutes to spare. It's open to anyone currently working and should take around 5 minutes to complete. Just click the link below to open the survey. Redacted Thanks in advance
  3. burtonpark

    For Sale Screen Research Fixed Frame Acoustically Transparent Screen 120” wide 2.35 Cinema Scope

    Model No CLF-120-235 High quality AT screen, bright microperf material, to me it was invisible at 12ft viewing. lovely velvet frame and rod tensioning system is very good at giving perfect flat projection surface...
  4. A

    Physical Media Research

    Hi there! I'm a fellow disc enthusiast and am currently writing my university thesis on physical media (DVD/Blu-ray/4k Blu-ray). It is a marketing paper that is trying to generate ideas to keep physical relevant in the marketplace. I'm really keen to interview some fellow disc buyers and...
  5. 1

    Drone survey, A level NEA research

    My name is Adam Forbes and I am a keen product design student from Falmouth in Cornwall. I have a driving passion for cutting edge technology and especially aviation. I am a year 12 college student from Falmouth Sixth form and I am currently carrying out research on drones and some of their...
  6. J

    Are politicians sorry when they apologise: Participants needed for research project

    Hello! I am looking for participants to take part in a focus group study for my MA dissertation at The University of Sheffield. The study aims to explore apologies in politics and how apologies are perceived by the population. Your formal participation will include a roughly 60-minute focus...
  7. Y

    Academic Research on Digital Experiences with Keyboard Usage

    We are consumer behavior researchers at Cornell University, and we study consumers’ interactions with products, specifically consumers’ digital experience with different keyboards. We are currently conducting a study to better understand consumers’ keyboard usage experience. Please follow this...
  8. J

    GR Research speaker kits.

    Hi, I have been watching some Youtube videos of GR Research (A small Company in Texas U.S.A.) that make upgrade kits that supposedly can improve existing Manufacturer's speakers. Are there any Forum Members that have had dealings with G.R. Research ? I would be interested to see a 'before and...
  9. silouette

    Need construction instructions for Screen Research screen

    Recently bought S/H Screen Research 105"AT screen. Its older model with the silver aluminium extrusion internal rods that the screen clips on. But no instructions for build so would like a copy of how to build to save me making any silly errors
  10. tomvdm

    Research Into EV Charging

    Hi all! I am studying User Experience Design (Product Design) at Loughborough University and am currently looking into peoples experiences and thoughts on Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions/infrastructure for my major project. I was looking to recruit a few people who do not have access to...
  11. kaansaracogluu

    Scientific Research About VR Prototypes - A Scientific Assessment Study

    Mod Edit. Removed pending admin request being made
  12. B

    Virtual Reality Personalised Advertising Research

    Hello! My name is Ben and I'm a third-year student at the University of Arts London. This study is taking a look at VR user's attitudes towards the use of data collection for personalized VR advertising in the future, specifically looking at the Oculus/Facebook ecosystem. This interview should...
  13. jonny1245

    (ACADEMIC) Need help for my Research into the impact of brain functionality when gaming *Short Questionnaire*

    Hi guys, I'm doing some research for my master’s degree that looks at the impact of brain functionality when playing games. I was wondering if you would take 3-4 minutes to fill out my questionnaire. It is completely anonymous so no need to fill out any details. It would really help also...
  14. nikola1987

    MBA student seeking responses for his research (2-minute questionnaire)

    Have you ever driven an electric car? Even if you haven’t, what is your attitude towards them? Do you plan to own one in 3 years from now? I would like to hear your opinion, no matter your expertise regarding electric cars. Please respond to this short questionnaire and help me in gathering...
  15. N

    Newbie looking for suggestions to get a jumpstart on research for new AV Receiver....

    I am in the process of a basement makeover. I recently upgraded my TV to a Samsung Q8DT. I had an old Yamaha RX-V671 receiver that I liked on my old TV but with the upgrade I have been having a few issues. It's been so long since I have did any research and things have changed so much so I am...
  16. timoIjas

    Scientific research about Dota 2, CS:GO and PUBG, kindly asking players of all skill levels to help by filling a 5 min survey! (:

    Hi there AVForums! tl;dr: Fill this academic survey if you want to help game research and are 18 years or older: Spatial analysis in gaming and eSports: a survey I'm Timo Ijäs and I'm doing research about gaming for my master's thesis at the University of Helsinki. I focus on four games of...
  17. J

    Artist management Market research

    Loving the content and engagement on here! Somebody, please let me know if this is against the community guidelines to post this. I’m collecting market research for my final year of Uni project - starting up a Music Management Company - and I'd love to see what you all respond :) Questionnaire...
  18. L

    Newbie looking for new receiver....been doing my research but help please?

    I'm a bit of a newbie, looking for a new receiver for the open area in my soon to be finished basement. I've read the "10 Things to Consider.." thread, and countless other threads, so I've learned a lot but still have some questions. My info and requirements are at the bottom of my post. 1...
  19. R

    Question Looking for volunteers for a VR based research project

    Hello, I am Ross and I am currently carrying out a research project for one of my classes at university and I am in need of volunteers that possess VR equipment to help me by carrying out a small task that will take roughly 15 minutes. My research is based on the application of visiting museums...
  20. E

    McIntosh C1100. Vs Audio research Ref 6SE?

    Which tube stereo amp would you buy? A tough choice. I don’t use turntable and already have headphone amp, so c1100 has stuff I don’t need. both are very good and comparable. Less space with arc ref 6se. love to hear some thoughts, thanks
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