1. W

    Extend Bluetooth Range - Repeater / Relay

    I've just bought a BluDento BLT HD Bluetooth Receiver thinking it's range would be enough to sit in the garden and send audio from music videos on a portable device (mini ipad / android phone) to the main stereo which is wired to garden speakers but it's breaking up so am trying to find a way to...

    repeater router for virgin hub 3

    Hi all, The house I'm in has the virgin hub 3 down stairs and my pc upstairs (I use it for gaming now more than ever). I have a pair of great tp-link extenders with ethernet ports but since I moved to this house i always had problems with it. Is it possible to have a my pc connected to a router...
  3. G

    using my now tv router as a repeater

    Hi all, we were with now tv for our internet up until a few months ago and have changed to virgin media but i was wondering if i could use my old now tv router as a repeater with my current virgin media router? any help or advice would be much appreciated kidn regards Mark
  4. funforall

    Outdoor aerial and booster to indoors

    Hi We are in the highlands of Scotland and get no signal reception indoor on 3 or ee but outdoors about 10yards/meters from the building we get 1bar on ee and up the road, about 200 yards as the crow flies, we get 4 bars. We are very rural, not many buildings at all. I am looking for an aerial...
  5. K

    Question HDMI Cabling

    Hi All I hope yer well and feeling helpfull Im having a bit of issues with mirroring laptops to i3thouch e1086 SCREENs, set up: Total 9.1m (29ft) HDMI cabel (18G mit ethernet). 4.7m from scrren to HDMI repeater 2.7m to Female / Female Adapter and finally 1.7m to laptop Res [email protected] and...
  6. L

    Wifi Repeater doesn't have valid IP configuration

    I have a Wireless N Repeater Wi-Fi extender. One of my housemates installed it and threw away all the packaging/details etc. So I don't have the default password. He was trying to change the password (I think) and the repeater disappeared from the list of networks. He hit reset among other...
  7. A

    Bargain BS-U35WF Wireless HDD Box Storage Devices Router Repeater with NAS Function FAST

    I am looking to replace my old Apple Time Capsule and as far as I can see the only option was to opt for a separate NAS and a LAN extender device. However, I then saw adverts on eBay and various other suppliers (Google search shows which ones) for the above unit which seemingly combines both...
  8. larryincmh

    Newbie wonders about the need for any IR repeater functions

    Hello all, a newbie first post here. I recently purchased a home with in-wall speakers in four areas of the home. There are separate volume controls on the wall in each of the four rooms, along with what appears to be IR receivers next to each of the volume controls (only three of the four...
  9. derekhansen

    Infrared Repeater - Recommendations please

    I am looking for a IR repeater to operate my Oppo bn93 Blu-ray player, which has a 3.5mm ir connection and Denon x2400H receiver which does not. Something reliable but not too expensive would be good. Distance between my projector screen and my av rack is approx 5m.
  10. Jeano

    IR Repeater over long distance

    I have read alot on the forum about IR Repeaters but not about having them going 8m away in a cupboard. All products have short cables to the reciever, is it safe to extend these? I have read mixed messages. A lot of the threads have old product recommendations with out of date links. Open to...
  11. W

    Question Need IR repeater /extender on a budget

    Hi all, I recently set up a home cinema in my living room but due to space issues the AV receiver had to go in the back left corner of the room rather than the front. This is causing some remote control annoyance :) The distance around the outside of the room from the TV to the av receiver is...
  12. bigfecker

    Question Mobile Repeater or Booster for Virgin 3G/4G

    I get a very poor mobile signal, so looking at repeater. Any advice for one tha works for 3G/4G for Virgin mobile which is EE.
  13. coolamasta

    IR Repeater Help!

    Evening All, I am after an IR Repeater kit for as cheap as possible, I need a kit that can have 2 transmitters placed in different rooms and 1 receiver and must be wireless. Basically its for a Virgin Tivo box that is sat in the patch cupboard, we already have the signal from the Tivo to the...
  14. N

    homeplug with router or repeater

    hi I've looked for a post on this but I might've missed it because I haven't seen it. My modem/router is crappy and I can't get a signal in most places in my house I've read about the differences between repeaters and homeplugs I live in a one-floor flat, but apparently the walls are made or...
  15. W

    Help needed for wireless/invisible IR repeater

    I have just had my TV and Sonos wall mounted, cables hidden in the wall and will shortly have a fitted AV cabinet built in the corner of the room. I want to keep the doors closed on the cabinet but need a solution so that my Sky box and other infrared devices can be controlled easily. The IR...
  16. I

    Is this the cable I need to extend an ir repeater?

    Hi I'm looking to use an ir extender/repeater. Something like this IR Repeater Neoteck Infrared Remote 1 Receiver 4: Electronics However my equipment sits behind me and I want the receiver at the front of the room. Most ready made kits are long enough to allow me to do this...
  17. S

    HDMI Repeater and ARC Issue

    I have just bought a KSRplayer HDMI Repeater as I was having HDCP issues with my 20m cable running from my Sony STR-DN1040 amp to my Sony 55XD9305 TV. 2160P 3D 4K HDMI Signal Repeater Extender Booster Adapter Over Signal HDTV 60m--Spy Bug Cell TV Video Audio Electronics & Gadgets The repeater...
  18. N

    Any experiences with harmony hubs and IR repeater

    The 2 emitters on my harmony hub are insufficient. Also I need to control device in another room outside range of a mono emitter. Has anyone tried amplified ir repeaters with cat control possible?
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