1. Slimbobby

    When Did Panasonic DVD Recorders Remove The Playlists Feature Please?

    Hi there, If anyone would be kind enough to shed some much needed light on this it would be so much appreciated. I have a DMR-EX88 machine that is still going strong and never given me any problems since 2008. This model allows you to edit what you record by creating and deleting chapters and...
  2. J

    How do I remove input lag on old Philips Ambilight?

    Hello. I have just bought a second hand 37PFL7603D simply to tide me over until I buy a new tv. The problem I have is that there is input lag when I am on the Nintendo Switch. Is there an AV sync setting I am missing somewhere please? I've turned Ambilight off and even updated to the latest...
  3. Glenzo

    Best way to remove scratch on SR8015 Glass Circle Display

    Hi, as per photo I bought a new Marantz SR8015 AV Receiver and the first thing I noticed was the scratch on the display. I can just about feel it with my finger nail, so I don't think it's deep. How the fussy Japanese didn't notice it IDK. It also feels like acrylic material. Is there an...
  4. brodders1979

    Remove and Rewire Sonos Plug

    I am wanting to run the sonos play 1 cable through a built in chest of drawers to a plug socket hidden within. This means drilling a hole in the top to feed the power cable through which I am fine with. The problem is the sonos connector is rather large so means it will require a large hole to...
  5. D

    How do I remove 'Read Only' from Excel spreadsheet?

    PC is running Windows 10 OS - up to date. Weird things are going on with an old Excel spreadsheet I created and have occasionally updated over the years. The software is old, Excel 2000, but up until recently it's worked perfectly. Now, however, I can't remove Read Only protection from one...
  6. Bazkib

    Question Cannot remove 'header files' in Humax recordings?

    Hi, I cannot remove 'header files' in Humax recordings: ie...taped program, opened the file, watched the program, then deleted it, but cannot delete the header file? I know have a stack of files that I cannot get rid of. :) INFO: I am using a new 'Universal Remote Control' as Humax control...
  7. D

    Panasonic camcorder (HC-VX1) - how to remove viewfinder icons from HDMI live output?

    Just bought a HC-VX1 - recording and live-streaming. The live-stream (from the HDMI connection) carries the IA (mode) icon and other 'banners/flags'. How to switch those off for the HDMI output, please?
  8. JL12W7

    Question Zoomed 16: image to remove balck bars top and bottom how does he do it.

    Watching this video can anyone answer the question I assume he is using a 16:9 screen ratio as it resembles a 16:9 screen how does this guy manage to shift the video content from 16;9 with balck bars top and bottom to zoom out and retain full aspect ratio meaning they get rid of the black bars...
  9. vaderag

    Question Fans or Remove back from AV Cabinet

    I have an Ikea unit that I'm using for my AV cabinet I currently only use the central section and have 2 120mm fans installed in it to provide cool air to that section However, I have just upgraded my AV Receiver and I'm going to need to spread things out a bit, meaning I need to move my Xbox...
  10. H

    broken tv aerial port at the back of my panasonic tv ,,,

    when i moved my tv around i forgot to remove the aerial and its snapped off and i can't get any signal ,,,,help
  11. caldirun

    Remove an input device 49UM7400PLA

    I have been trying to remove an input device that is displayed but I will only use on rare occasions (AVR setup display via component in), I can change the icon and rename it but I cant find how to remove the tile, how can I do that?
  12. corindikev

    Question Cannot remove a device from OLED C9 HDMI port

    My Foxtel set top box was replaced and I used HDMI 1 as before but inadvertently manually added it using the "Device Connector" setup. This meant I could not have the Magic remote control the set top box. I then tried again with the Magic Remote settings and while all my inputs were accepted it...
  13. RobTi

    Question How to remove isolation pads from speaker base

    Hi I changed my speaker stands and am left with the isolation pads on the speaker base needing removed, what would be the best way to avoid damaging the speaker finish ? Thanks
  14. J

    Lg nano c9 remove channel logo

    new tv. How to get channel logo at lower right to turn off
  15. FlyingFiddle

    Question Is there any way to remove unused samsung apps

    This is the UN75MU6300 model TV with Tizen system. There are several bundled apps, such as Facebook, Amazon video, that I will not use. However, it does not allow me to uninstall them. Is there any trick to this? Or is it just like many of their bloated smartphones? Thanks!
  16. canada16uk

    Help me remove rear bench seats and side panel

    IMAGES ATTACHED Hi all. I have had this MK6 2011 golf for a year now and I think the previous owner allowed wet dogs in the boot as it grew mold into the bottom panel which I have cleaned up, but the smell still exists like a bad tempered ghost. I have bought a professional carpet cleaner and...
  17. P

    Remove smell in receiver?

    I just bought a Yamaha RX-V3067, the problem is that it has a smell of some kind of incense, not on the chassis but inside on the components. I wounder if anyone here have any safe method in removing this smell, I cant stand it.
  18. QuestShield

    Make a new movie or TV show by adding or removing a single letter

    Inspired by this except you can also add 1 letter in my version. However you can only add or remove 1 letter per movie title. :) NO SUBSTITUTIONS ALLOWED e.g. Pig Trouble in Little China I'll allow TV shows. 15 film and TV titles that are hilarious if one letter is taken away I'll go first...
  19. P

    Remove TV from Sources

    I have a Samsung Q7 TV. I have an AppleTV 4th gen connected to HDMI1 of the TV. Whenever I start the Apple TV from a cold state (TV turned off for a while, Apple TV too), I get a screen with “No Signal” for TV source [screenshot 1], even though I have nothing connected as a TV. Then after a...
  20. D

    Kef T301c - how to remove desk stand

    Hi all, I'm moving my Kef wall speakers from the desk and mounting them to the wall. They are all done except the centre. Why? Because I can't figure out how to remove the desk stand. It's wedged right in there. Kef support said it should just pull out. I'm no Geoff Capes but I'm not slouch...
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