1. D

    91 year old dad needs new smart TV to get rid of 5 (yes 5) remotes

    Hello there I need some help please - my parents 91 and 85 are really struggling now working the TV. They have 5 remotes including sound bar. They have a virgin mega package (£££) which they cannot afford with the heating costs going up and they love watching BT Sport - Sky sport - prime...
  2. deefadog

    Harmony remotes - any other options these days?

    Hi all, my old Harmony remote has finally died, are there any cheap options out there. I am out of touch on these now and basically, all we use it for is to turn on our system and turn it off (4 devices). Any help much appreciated, thanks
  3. 3dbinCanada

    Logitech Harmony Remotes

    I was really curious to try a Harmony 890 remote as the look appealed to me so I purchased one off of EBay for a good price. I thought I had made a purchase mistake because it didn't come with the USB cord which is different than those used by the 650 and 665 remotes. I luckily found one...
  4. Mayandi2

    Panasonic remotes unwanted 'link'

    I reorganized my home cinema arrangement for our second home and encountered an unexpected problem. The set-up includes a Panasonic 4K BD player but it will not play Region 1 DVDs of which I have many. These are mostly TV serials and older films that I am NOT planning to upgrade to blu-ray. I...
  5. J

    Dune Remotes

    I have a Dune HD as music storage and recently bought the Dune Pro Vision 4K Solo for movies. My problem is that both remote controls work on both devices so I have to cover the sensor on the one I dont want to use. Any way of programming the old remote to the HD and/or the new one to the Pro...
  6. MintyDonkey

    what is the term for TVs where one remote button can switch straight to a specified input

    I'm trying to setup a universal remote and I am again revisiting my requirement of getting it so it can (for example) go straight to hdmi3 no matter what the current selection is. I surprised that something so useful is not more in demand,. Annoyingly I have forgotten when the "ability" is called.
  7. Tremolo Arm

    LG and BT remote control button mapping

    BT TV users, How do you control your BT box with the LG "Magic" control? Specifically, how do you: - Switch on/off subtitles (mapped to Delete / SUB button of the BT remote) - Delete programme (mapped to the Delete / SUB button of the BT remote) - Record - Fast forwarding 60 seconds (mapped...
  8. C

    2 TVs in Lobby Issue

    Hey Guys and Gals, I need some assistance... I work in IT and have 2 Vizio tvs setup in our lobby. Right now, the front desk ladies are having to go around there desk, through a secured area to control the TVs because One remote is controlling them both. I've searched and not really found an...
  9. Portal2VR

    Harmony 300 / 350 / 600 / 650 / 665 Learning Function Repeats & Delays

    I own a logitech harmony 300 universal remote but i can no longer successfully teach it commands from other remotes that i own using the learning feature. :( When i press a button that has not been taught a command from another remote it's fine and works as it should but when i press a button...
  10. W

    Question Large button remote suitable for LG 32LN570U?

    Hi, I'm wondering if there any large button remotes available that will work with the LG 32LN570U TV? We are both 72 and are finding it difficult useing the remote in low light levels. any advice appreciated. Gerald
  11. katmack

    Sony Bravia Sync Settings

    Hi! I don't know if there is an answer to this but here's my issue. With Sync Settings on I can go to my Roku input on my TV and the Roku remote will turn the TV on and off and I can control volume too. That's great. When I want to go back to TV I just use my other remote to go to that input...
  12. mpharr2

    Question MX-780 Universal Remote - Programing

    Since the MX-780 remote seems to have the ability to program over 200 1 Touch Links, what links did you fund the programming of into the URC Universal Remote Control MX-780 1 touch links. Pt 2. Cost to program MX-780?
  13. Markplai

    Alternative Remotes

    Looking for any remote that works with 2018 Q8FN. Iv'e tried countless other remotes/mice/keyboards and some features work and some don't need these Mandatory feature: - Settings button (not available in standard remote) - home button - back button - volume button - Mute button - D-Pad...
  14. J

    Weird question about LG Signature Series Remotes

    I have an LG OLED77G7V signature series TV, which many of you will know comes with two remote controls - the large 'magic' remote and the small 'slim' remote. When I first set the TV up both remotes worked perfectly and we had one up each end of the room so either could be picked up and used...
  15. Greg in Kent

    Question Punch through via Panasonic remotes

    Got a TX-50EX750B and a Q Acoustics M4 soundbar connectected by optical set on the TV to PCM. (soundbar has no HDMI option). Wanting to use the Panasonic remote to control the soundbar. Anyone know the sequence of buttons to press on the Panny remote. I have the codes for controlling the...
  16. DrRockso

    Question Connecting, using and remotes - Soundbars

    Hi Guys A while back I sought advice on a replacement TV. In the end I went the Samsung 65inch Curved Series 8 (KS8500). I'm now considering paring it with a soundbar to increase the audio performance but I have some hesitations before jumping in. Does using a sound bar mean I will have to...
  17. S

    Question Harmony Remotes delay

    Hi, just wondered if anyone could help me. I have been experiencing some delay on my harmony elite. Everything is working as it should but I experience some delay compared to my original TV/ bluray remote. I only find the lag/delay irritating when scrolling through netflix or the menu - on...
  18. I

    Can Energenie Adapter Plus be controlled with handheld remotes?

    Does anyone know if Energenie Adapter Plus (MIH005) sockets can be paired and controlled with the Energenie handheld remote (MIH003)? And if so, what the procedure is for pairing them?
  19. W

    Question SKY Q 2TB remotes and soundbar

    Hello, I'll try and keep this short. I have a sony xe9005 tv, which I plan to add SKY Q 2TB as well as the Yamaha yas-306 soundbar too. The yas-306 has a learning facility, I know from experience with a sky HD remote and an older discontinued Yamaha yas-93 soundbar that is possible for a sky...
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