1. Lucklogic

    Question Panasonic Remote code for a Q Acoustics Media4 Soundbar

    Have just purchased a Q Acoustics Media4 Soundbar According to the user manual I should be able to control the volume from the Panasonic remote N2QAYB000842 but i cannot locate the required code - Please can anybody help
  2. A

    Remote Advice For Onkyo AVR

    I have an Onkyo HT-R380 part of the HT-S3305 5.1 Surround System. My remote is not working 100% and I can not find a replacement in the UK. Is there an alternative, or will a universal remote be okay, and still allow me to access all the menus and options?
  3. Steve Stifler

    Answered Harmony Codes for Oppo 103D set with remote code 3

    Having a pair of Oppo players I need to differentiate between them, and have changed the remote code for my 103D to code 3 using the set up menu and jumper switch inside the remote. I have a harmony Elite, which is fine for the standard Oppo (code 1), but wondered if there is another Oppo unit...
  4. T

    55LGEF9500 + Magic Remote

    I was in HHGREGG this past Friday an they had a open box EF9500 for 799. At the price I couldn't pass it up. So when ahead an got it. It came with the remote an I brought it home. Plugged it in an certain things on the remote like menu, volume etc. but switching between the apps an selecting...
  5. F

    my sky hdmi "magic eye" needs to be inches from remote to work?

    Hi new poster here- my sky remote needs to be inches from my hdmi receiver magic eye for it to work- not very tech minded so any help from anyone?
  6. darkmike

    mini remote on lg OLED65E6P

    Hi I just received yesterday my new oled... and so far it´s a real treat, amazing. But it comes with 2 remotes the big one (the magic remote i think it´s called) works great. But the other one I´m incapable of opening it to put the batteries in... it seemes stuck o glued Any tricks or...
  7. M

    Dune HD Remote Controls

    I have a Dune HD Smart D1 and a Dune HD Base 3D in my system playing Blu-Ray files from my Synology NAS. I like the Smart D1 for its full playback of Blu-Ray menus, and I use the Base 3D to play my small collection of 3D titles. Both players use the same remote control codes, which is a pain as...
  8. S

    Samsung KS7000 smart remote issue

    Hi, just bought my KS7000 TV 2 weeks ago and everything was fine. Since last week I can't use the smart remote in the applications. Everything works great in the smart hub(tv menu), but when I enter any app(BBC iplayer or youtube) I cant use the directional pad, select or return butons on the...
  9. P

    OPPO 103D Remote control not working

    The player is using a software mod using Dim Dim Dim Mute 1or 2 for Zone. I have hade no problem for app. 2 years. This afternoon I changed from Zone 1 To 2 and since then the remote will not work at all I have changed the batteries shut the unit down with no success. It will work with the...
  10. R

    Answered Controlling volume on AVR using Samsung Universal smart remote

    I'm looking for advice to enable me to control the volume on my setup using my new Samsung Universal Smart Remote. At the moment it just pops up an icon showing an optical or bluetooth connection depending on how I have the AVR connected- I guess it's not possible to adjust the output volume...
  11. dave77

    Pairing Q remote

    I've recently had a new Sky Q Silver box as the old one was noisy, the new one is just as noisy but that's a different story! When I try to pair the old remote I just get a cannot pair error, does anyone know how to fix this?
  12. R

    Question Remote codes for Yahama YSP-900 Comcast?

    Hello. I have this excellent sound bar and cannot figure out the code on the Comcast remote (Silver remote with red OK/Select buton. It is a YSP-900 Any ideas? I tried all the codes comcast gave to me.
  13. S

    Question New TV - Sky remote issues

    So previously I had a Samsung TV. I have a Yamaha soundbar and SKY HD with a rev9 remote. I also have a Fire TV box. On my previous setup my sky remote controlled the soundbar volume, but also when you were on the Fire TV HDMI input, you could simply press the <SKY> button the on the remote...
  14. Matt_C

    I think I might need a remote control thermostat

    Due to a big life change regarding work, I think I need reassess my thermostat and heater controls. I've always had the boiler set to a timer : heating comes on daily at 4pm and off again at 10pm, and on days off when I'm home I just press the override on in the morning so it runs until cut off...
  15. dave77

    Failed Benq 1080ST+ remote

    My Benq 1080ST+ has had less than 20hrs usage, and the remote had little use at all yet it has suddenly decided not to send IR commands :( As it's out of warranty Benq want almost ~£80 for a replacement which is quite frankly extortionate! Has anyone had problems with Benq remotes before, I've...
  16. sykotik

    Advance MCE remote mapper ( not working)

    For that past year i have been using advance mce remote mapper tool for use with kodi on my htpc until the other day , i had an update for W10 which has delete the AMCERM software for some reason . i have found the software and downloaded again , but im unable to remap the remote , every...
  17. Dean

    Samsung PS60E6500 intermittent remote issue

    Hi my plasma has developed an issue where sometimes it just loses the ability to send remote commands to the TV (the IR sensor still flashes red so commands are registering). Only way to get out and back in is to switch the TV off from the mains and happens randomly. I tried a reset and that...
  18. L

    Factory Reset for Yamaha RX-V1500 WITHOUT remote control - possible?

    Hello all, Newbie here... I have acquired a beautiful Yamaha RX-V1500 receiver. I do not have the remote for it. This is my issue: The subwoofer is doing a bit of 'crackling' at higher volume, not a nice smooth bass as I am accustomed to hearing with this sub (Pardigm PDR-10). I suspect that...
  19. 1

    Sky remote to control Samsung home cinema

    I managed to get my Sky remote operating my Samsung home cinema at last a couple of days ago but after turning off the electric to the house I'm now back to square one! I've tryed the method and code that worked originally to no avail and have googled it to death but nothing is working.Can...
  20. B

    Remote Play-Rest Mode

    I've searched high and low for some sort of fix to this but found nothing. Whenever putting my console into rest mode from remote play it seems to hit some kind of error and the console switches off fully. Then, when booting up next time, the console says it wasn't switched off properly. At...
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