Remote may refer to:
Remote control, commonly known as a remote
Remote broadcast, commonly known in broadcasting as a person or a live remote
Remote access (disambiguation)
Remote desktop
Remoteness (disambiguation), various meanings:
Remoteness, inaccessible places on land and places in the ocean which are far from land
Remote and isolated community, a community in a remote location
Remoteness (legal), the legal concept of how remotely possible a consequence is (or should have been foreseen to be)

Remotion, withdrawal of a Privatdozent academic teaching license
Remote (manga), a manga
Remote (Hue & Cry album), a 1988 album by Hue & Cry
Remote (P.A.L. album), a 1996 album by P.A.L
Remote (film), a 1992 movie
Remote (band), ambient chillout band
Remote (Apple software), software application made by Apple Inc. for the iOS (Apple)
Remote control car, a car that can be controlled from a distance
Remote, Oregon
Remote Peninsula, Canada
Remote Western Australia

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  1. D


    I have the HT A9, LG G3, and ROKU ULTRA 2022. The Roku is connected to the Sony HT A9 connected to the LG G3. The problem is when using the Roku remote the volume bar does appear on screen. Also even if I use the Sony HT a9 remote when using the TV HDMI is no volume bar on the screen. The only...
  2. SteelBK2

    Philip 65OLED707 - remote voice control not working

    Just installed my steal 65OLED707. Noticed the remote voice control doesnt work when searching on apps such as youtube. on the remote i can see the below but it doesnt work at all and cant seem to see any setting regarding remote voice control. Is this a feature out of the box or is another...
  3. Jonhaz1

    For Sale Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote Control + Box + Manuals

    Used Logitech Harmony Elite remote. Comes with all accessories and components. Moved to a simpler setup hence sale. £120. Inc Delivery
  4. J

    50PUS9006/12 BT remote and Android app.

    Hi all. My SRC-422 silver remote has started acting up and the TV is responding erractically to remote button presses. Sometimes it takes a while to do anything then it kind of sticks on and zips left or right through menus quickly without me touching it. Does anyone know if a bluetooth only...
  5. Roohster

    Harmony severs dow?

    I just opened the "MyHarmony remote" desktop software to add a new device and it couldn't connect. I then tried the iOS app and that got stuck on "connecting to servers" then "E1600 server communication error". I know the remotes have been discontinued but surely they wouldn't cut off access to...
  6. L

    Programable Remote?

    Is there a brand of TV that you can program the remote? I purchased a so called Vizio Smart TV and remote not programable. Six apps on the remote and can't be changed to the apps most used :nono:
  7. DougD40

    Marantz RC-18SR Remote Control

    I have a Marantz RC-18SR remote for my AV9000 Pre-Amp which works fine but the display is hard to see. Does anyone know if a light rebuild kit is available or a procedure to install new lights? An internal wiring diagram would also be helpful. Thanks, Doug
  8. R

    Wanted Remote for Marantz NR1602 AV Receiver

    Wanted: Original remote (RC014CR - not the same-name handset for CD) for Marantz AV Receiver. Or one that will work with this unit.
  9. doobs

    Harmony 600 series remote not connecting to Windows?

    So, We're packing up to move and I connect my fairly old Harmony 655 to my laptop and get no connection. Several cables tried, same result. Try to connect my 665, no connection. Tried this on the laptop where the app was originally installed, and a desktop with a new install of the app. All...
  10. L

    Pioneer VSX-90TXV remote will not power on receiver

    Looking for some help. My Pioneer VSX-90TXV remote will not turn the receiver on. I tested the remote through my cell phone camera and it passed the test. I also reset receiver to factory settings. I did call the Pioneer help desk and I was told it is the receiver and because of it's age there...
  11. K

    Canton remote not working.

    Over the past year or so, my Canton DM75 soundbase has been responding to the remote intermittently. Now it seems it won't respond to the remote at all. I can't even switch it from standby (red standby light is on). Question is, is it more likely to be the remote or the unit and how can I tell...
  12. rsojak

    Understanding Smart Remote policy

    Hi, I have just upgraded my Samsung Smart TV to a new model UE75CU7172. To my surprise, the TV came with an IR-only remote, not the great bluetooth one which I was accustomed to and which I thought was the standard nowadays. So I thought OK maybe I got a few bucks cheaper set so I just order the...
  13. J

    Is there a TV Recorder with Bluetooth remote

    Hello, I'm new to this Forum - found it when googling for 'Is there a TV Recorder with Bluetooth remote?' Currently I've got a new(ish) Samsung TV in the living room and a Sky Q box which is in a hallway cupboard, controlled by the Bluetooth Remote. I want to ditch Sky but would miss the...
  14. D

    Missing Remote for Obscure Brand of Turntable

    Hello Forum, This is my first post. I have just inherited a Neostar Turntable CD Recorder Music System from my deceased father, model number M935678. I cannot find the remote anywhere, and it is needed for equaliser presets and a few other functions. There is no way of operating these...
  15. V

    Bluetooth headphones with volume controlled by tv remote on an LG TV

    Bluetooth headphones with volume controlled by tv remote on an LG TV Hi All, does anyone know of any Bluetooth headphones where the volume can be controlled by the TV remote. I have various relatively modern LG TVs e.g LG43UJ701V. When I press the remote volume controls the BT volume + and -...
  16. F

    Subtitles Shortcut

    We occasionally need to use subtitles and was wondering if there was any way we could make a shortcut to turn them on and off without the need to delve into menus? All our earlier LG TVs had a simple button on the remote for Subtitles on and off. The TV is a model OLED48A16LA. Any help or...
  17. S

    Question Is there any preamp with IR receiver compatible with Samsung TV universal remote?

    I have Samsung TV, a Modi Multibit DAC and a pair of KRK powered monitors. I would like to output TV sound using optical into the DAC and then add a preamp with IR receiver between the DAC and the powered monitors, so I can control the volume remotely, ideally from the same Samsung TV remote...
  18. grizzuk

    Wanted Anthem mrx remote

    Hi Looking for a genuine anthem mrx remote for use with a 510 in good condition
  19. groove

    Denon X3700H and LG Magic Remote volume control

    +Anybody else running a Denon (x3700 or maybe other model) with an LG TV and using the Magic Remote to control the Denon Volume? Just picked up a G3, using eARC It displays the AVR as a Denon Soundbar (whatever) and does work...BUT....the volume control is so sloooow its quicker to just pummel...
  20. D4nM1les

    Sky Q remote Bluetooth stopped working?

    Have had a Sky Q mini box in a wardrobe in our bedroom for yonks and the batteries in the controller died today. Have replaced them and have had to repair the controller. All ok when it can see the box, but it now won’t work via Bluetooth? Any ideas? I read online about pressing 4 and 6 at the...
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