1. A

    Question Anthem MRX700 remote

    Anyone know where I can buy a new remote from?
  2. J

    For Sale Amazon 2020 Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote - BNIB

    BNIB Amazon 2020 Fire TV Stick Lite with Alexa Voice Remote 20 pounds + delivery will posts pics up
  3. T

    Looking for VR video player for Rift/Rift S that supports remote app control from PC

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a VR video player for Rift/Rift S that allows me to send video file from PC to headset and control the playback from PC. Key function is the remote control part as I want to be able to play a video in the headset when another person is wearing the headset.
  4. D

    Remote/IR Remote App not working

    Bit of a strange one, but the remote and IR remote app I use seem to intermittently stop working for the TV (Hisense 55U7Q). We can be sitting watching something for 20 minutes or 2 hours, go to pause etc and the remote does not respond what so ever. I will also then try the IR app that...
  5. Z

    used/broken XH remote

    Any ideas on where to find a used remote of the XH series (RMF TX611E) ? I dont mind if its broken or scratched or if its not working properly. Only thing interesting me is the back lighting :)
  6. K

    LG lm6300pla remote (standard remote) help resetting? or other issue

    Hi, I have the standard LG remote for this tv, bought a few months back. Last night while flicking through channels in bed (its dark) and the settings on my remote seemed to change. No longer could I just press up or down to flick through the channels. Down now brings up the ability to record...
  7. logiciel

    SofaBaton remote controller

    This is another one with a silly name like Neeo and Sevenhugs but it’s a lot less expensive. I’ve got one to try out and would be interested in anyone else’s comments.
  8. M

    Reset a Humax 1100s without a remote?

    My hdr 1100s is not responding to a remote properly so I can't factory reset it. Is there a way to reset it without a remote? Just to confirm, it's not the remote. Done a the obvious and been on to Humax support ... Reset remote, changed batts twice, powercycles box overnight, tried a different...
  9. J

    Extending Bluetooth remote signal.

    I currently have the main box down in the cellar which then distributes through an RF modulator. The remote is set to IR so it can handle all the TVs but I wondered if it was possible to extend the Bluetooth signal? I miss the voice feature.
  10. J

    Looking for Dali Zensor 1AX remote control

    Hi, I lost my remote control, so I am desperately looking for a spare one. I contacted my local dealer, but they say they are not sure if this will be sold seperately. And if it is, it could take up months before they receive it. So my question is: does anyone have a spare one, or maybe tips how...
  11. M

    For Trade Ps5 media remote

    Accidently purchased 2 from ebuyer and also won one on eBay! Keeping one but looking to sell/trade the other. Paid £30 for one and £32 for the other as sold out everywhere can show receipt for both! Looking to swap for immortals fenyx rising if possible or will sell for £28 delivered.
  12. gurutugonmypuda

    For Sale Minix Neo U9-H with air mouse remote

    Up for sale is minix neo u9-h android box, Condition is very good had for a few years and bought from new but not getting much use now so decided to sell, the platform comes loaded with Kodi built in which was reason for buying, remote is excellent and easy to use plus keyboard on rear very...
  13. ChrisoRocks

    Wanted Harmony Companion, or just the remote

    Anyone got one of these lying around? I knocked a cup of coffee over onto mine and the handheld remote is now broken. Let me know if you have anything Cheers Chris
  14. Mr Miaowgi

    Remote play

    Am I right in thinking this still doesn’t work for the Xbox series x on iOS? Trying to use the Xbox app on my iPad Pro to play games and it doesn’t work when trying to connect. I thought this was a key feature they announced. I know because of apple they haven’t done xcloud yet but remote...
  15. Lynxx0r

    Question Voice Control with Specific Model Smart TV?

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a remote (style BN59-012XXX) for my father's Samsung smart TV, specifically one with a microphone. However, the model he has (UN75RU7100FXZA) did not come with a mic remote, and instead has a remote style BN59-01315A. I bought a genuine Samsung remote that I've been...
  16. shadoweliteryze

    Question Philips PUS7805 Direct Input Selection Remote Commands

    Hi Everyone, I just recently purchased a 65PUS7805 and I am not really that happy with it to be honest. I upgraded from a 49 inch LG 1080p TV (non-smart) and aside from the novelty of the increased size, Ambilight and the upgrade to 4k, I am fairly disappointed. I have noticed a bit of...
  17. nonsoloinglese

    Question Unpair LG remote from the TV.. Odd situation.

    I am in a strange situation, in a moment of exasperation I have hidden the TV from the children on New Years eve. Since then I cannot for the life of me find it. However when I sat down to watch some NFL the other night I noticed I couldn't, from my Logitech harmony or sky remote, get the volume...
  18. D

    Keypad on universal remote

    I just purchased a Hisense 32" HD Smart TV it comes with the simplified remote. Can I buy a universal remote and use the keypad to change stations? Example I want to watch a program on 49.3 and instead of using the up or down arrows on the Hisense remote; I want to use a keypad and enter the...
  19. chaz

    Which Universal Remote

    Hi I am after a new remote that I can control with my Phone or Tablet. In the past and for quite a few years I have used a Harmony 1100 which now died so after a new one. But it has to do the same or even more than the 1100 this is what the old remote did Say watch Sky the TV would turn on Amp...
  20. M

    Question SONY HT-x8500 sound bar App

    Evening all, I have a sony HT -X8500 and was wondering if there is a app that can be used instead of the remote, thanks
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