1. stevie0

    For Sale Sapphire screen - 180"

    Hi All, selling my screen as it is too big for my planned dedicated room, in great condition but due to size this will need to be collected I would imagine. I would also consider a trade with cash either way as agreed for a smaller screen (max I need is 3meters wide) Cheers. Steve. Blurb...
  2. JoeyJoeJo

    Philips Qwerty Remote Reset?

    I have this remote: It's not used a lot, control is usually via harmony but the other day I noticed the ambilight button was illuminated which I thought odd. I popped out the batteries, put them back in and then nothing worked. New batteries, same thing. Left batteries out for a day, same...
  3. MrMav11

    Can you remote play with PS3?

    I know you can remote play from a Mac or PC from a PS4 or PS5, but can you a PS3? Got some oldies to play still, but happy to put old PS3 somewhere on my network to be able to remote play. The games are not on PlayStation Now (which I’m not a member of), as I think this would be possible via...
  4. chalk40

    Advice on Magic Eye / IR Type (or other) Remote Options Please

    Morning all, Have a Panasonic GZ2000 on wall and A 4K Freesat box, Apple TV box and a Humax Aura in a very close by wooden fronted cupboard. Is literally about a meter away but cables at 5 meter to get to it. The devices are connected by Fiber HDMI and RJ45 leads in metal cladding deep in wall...
  5. tickneb

    For Sale Logitech Harmony Ultimate Universal Remote Control - Black

    Selling as no longer needed my trust Logitech Harmony Ultimate Universal Remote Control, Comes with - Charging dock, Hub & 2 IR sensors. I've reset the remote and hub.
  6. S

    Wanted Sony A90J remote

    Hi all, looking for an A90J remote to pair with my A80. Thanks
  7. M

    LG DP542H remote TV buttons control Samsung TV ?

    Hi all The LG DP542H DVD remote has a small section of buttons to control the TV The manual barely references them Can they be programmed to work with a Samsung TV or will they only work for LG TVs ? Thanks
  8. R

    C1 65" with Roku Ultra loss of remote settings

    I have a C1 65" which I have an attached current model Roku Ultra. Problem I keep losing the universal control settings. Its quick and easy to reset but it happens pretty often. Mostly after it has powered of or after its been in use for a while. Any clue as to why this is? It used to have...
  9. M

    For Sale Logitech Harmony Elite Hub and Remote

    Advert is for Harmony Elite Hub and Remote which are in both in excellent condition. Listing does not include the IR blasters .
  10. angelboy

    Wanted PS5 Media Remote

    Does anyone have one for sale?
  11. gr8fuldee

    Volume Control of HK AVR 330 with Siri Remote (2021)

    Hi! I’m new here, any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated!! I recently purchased the new 2021 Apple TV Siri remote, honestly mainly for the mute button. When I first got it, the volume and mute functions DID control my receiver, but I messed with the settings somewhere and now those...
  12. pettit0408

    V2.1 soundbar and FireTV Remote

    Good Evening, I received a V2.1 soundbar for Christmas. When I went to pair it with my fire TV remote, Vizio did not show up as a manufacturer in the list. I was able to do a manual pairing using the Vizio remote and the fire TV remote to control the volume & mute the soundbar. However every...
  13. R

    Do Any 55 inch TVs provide Remote Audio Volume Control of a 3.5mm aux jack?

    Streaming TV has wildly varying audio volume. For example, has much louder audio than Netflix. My speakers receive audio via a 3.5mm aux jack, currently from a TV jack that ignores volume adjustment from the remote. I suppose this particular TV assumes that headphones have easily...
  14. J

    Using a remote with Cambridge Audio CXN and CXA60

    I have a CXN v2 and a CXA60 amp. The same remote works both. However, the power button on the remote sometimes works with both, or one or other, or none. It's a small thing but can be frustrating. Has anyone experienced this and know of a solution?
  15. P

    Firestick remote is acting crazy

    I used a Clorox wipe to clean my remote and now it just won't stop acting crazy. I don't know what to do. I do not want to purchase a replacement unless absolutely necessary. Can someone please help.
  16. I

    Remote control for CD player

    I've just bought a Sony SACD player and its come with a different remote. Is there anywhere I can source an OEM one from? The player is Sony CDS790QS and the remote is RM-SX700. Dixon's used to have a subsidiary business that sold stuff like this but I can't for the life remember what it was...
  17. ra9narvn

    65PUS7304/12 will it support a remote with keyboard?

    My remote broke down and I'm seeking for a new one. Does this tv support Philips remote with keyboard on the back?
  18. N

    Wanted wanted remote control for yamaha z7 uk/europe model

    help i have been trying to source the remote for this amp as mine has died and i have to use the front panel to do anything which is really difficult there are actually 2 remotes for this amp theres a full size and a smaller one i have looked all over and have had pretty much no luck any help...
  19. N

    For Sale Nvidia Shield 4K + Remote and Controller (2017)

    Boxed and in excellent condition. Only selling as upgraded to the 2019 version for Atmos streaming and AI upscaling.
  20. C

    Broadlink RM4 and Sky Q remote

    I cannot get the Broadlink RM4 to recognise any of the commands from the Sky Q remote, has anybody managed this or is remote incompatible with RM4? TIA, Colin
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