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  1. NothingLeft

    NAD SR8 remote control - how to open?

    Hello all, I have a NAD SR8 remote control with a single battery wedged in there. I guess it might be leaking a bit, but can't see anything, only the last 1cm or so of the battery is visible. I can't get a good grip on the battery to pull it out with needle pliers. I also can't work out how to...
  2. A

    Wanted PS4 media remote control

    I am looking for PS4 media remote control, if anyone has one they would like to sell. Thanks
  3. A

    Issue: control two nearby LG TVs with one remote control

    I have two TVs from the LG AI ThinQ line. The problem I have is that they are relatively close (8 meters between both and there is no wall in between). When I turn on one TV, the other one turns on, in conclusion I can control both at the same time with a single control and it is a problem since...
  4. K

    Remote Control Issue

    I've got a 42" that I bought about a year ago for £300 as it was one of the best recommended TV's in this price range. Other than the guide freezing regularly i've had no problems with it.... until today. For some reason the remote will turn the tv on but thats it. It won't even turn it off...
  5. R

    Looking for an Onkyo RC816s, or alternate, remote control

    HI, I have an Onkyo TX8050 receiver. It uses the Onkyo RC816s remote. I have had 2 of the RC816s remotes fail. This remote is no longer available new from Onkyo. Amazon and Ebay are useless for finding a new remote, or a suitable alternate. (None of the alternates that I have reviewed on the Net...
  6. C

    LG 55UP8000 Smart TV remote control

    Hi, Is there a way to change directly from an HDMI media player to the antenna channels without going through the input selection button? For example, in other TV sets I simply press the number 2 button and it automatically takes me the channel 2 of the antenna channel list. It's not for me...
  7. peppadapig69

    For Sale Sony RMF-TX621E/RMFTX621E Original Remote Control for Sony TV

    As the title, original Sony RMF-TX621E remote control for sale, which has the Disney Plus, Netflix and Prime Video buttons. Excellent condition. £35 including delivery
  8. nick farrow 100

    Wanted Wanted Logitech 1100 remote control

    Hi I’m after a Logitech 1100 remote control I’m working in Perry Barr Birmingham this week but will be back in Bristol next week to save posting
  9. F

    How to Get Hikvision Remote Control to Work in CVBS Live View Output

    Hello, I'm a new Hikvision DS-7216HUHI-K2 owner. I have the remote control that came with it. It works as long as I use only HDMI Live View output on my local monitor. If I change over to CVBS (Composite A/V) Live View as the output to the monitor, I can no longer access any menu or use the...
  10. S

    Denon Blu-ray remote control issue

    Hi all, My father has a Denon UD3313 blu-ray player and he's been having this problem for ages with the remote control. Every time you press a button on the remote the light flashes 3 times and you have to wait until it stops flashing to be able to press a button again, otherwise it just won't...
  11. S

    Arcam Alpha remote control: replacement \ OneForAll universal ?

    Hi, I own An arcam delta 290 amp without remote control. I made some research and found out: 1. The Delta series used standard Philips RC-5 codes, just as per current Arcam stuff (and Naim/Sugden/Linn/Audiolab/Marantz/Creek etc etc) 2. Marantz remote control came with this amp (not sure about...
  12. M

    Sherwood remote control

    How can i get electric diagrams of sherwood remote rnc 100 service manual or at least block diagram
  13. C

    How to turn on subwoofer without remote control- Sony STR-DG710

    Hi All Newbie to this site and first up I have a problem. I have a Sony STR-DG710 AV Receiver given to me by a friend but it doesn't have a remote. I've just set it up with a 5.1 format including an active subwoofer (B&W AS2) but I can't work out how to tune the speakers or turn on the sub...
  14. U

    Wired headphones to TV without 3.5 mm(TVs remote control and volume)

    Hello everyone. How can i connect WIRED HEADPHONES to my TV that does not have a 3.5 mm port so that i can perform volume control with my TVs remote control??? Can optical out or HDMI arc? I know of a DAC variant that has its own remote, also a wireless variant but due to the audio delay...
  15. J

    Yamaha receiver volume control with BenQ projector remote

    Recently getting setup a home theater and can't seem to get the projector remote to control the receiver volume. BenQ TK850i and Yamaha RX-V685. I've got ARC working properly and everything sound good, but right now I'm forced to use the receiver remote, and can't figure out how to give the...
  16. M

    aiwa remote control rc-tz7100ml

    hi does anyone know the remote control model for an Aiwa mx-z7100mk amp Regards Mark
  17. TVEye

    Humax HDR 2000T remote control RM-109U

    Humax recorders work fine, but their remote controls, although well laid out, are notoriously abysmal when it comes to reliability. The one supplied lasted only three months and the I persuaded Humax to replace it with fared little better. I now have to juggle the two remotes, trying to find...
  18. andy_48

    No power on/off from remote control

    I've got an Epson EH-TW3200. Everything works perfectly, including the remote control, except power on/off from the remote. I have to use on/off button on the case. I've tried two OEM remotes with the same (non) result. I've reset all settings to default. Is there anything else I can try, please?
  19. N1ck

    Denon remote control compatibility 1167, 1184, 1192

    I have tried looking into this and believe that the following remotes should be compatible with my Denon 2313 but I don’t know for sure. RC1167 - the original remote that came with the 2313 RC1174 RC1192 As you can see from the photos they are almost identical except for the odd button. Would...
  20. PickyBiker

    How to turn off SAP on LG TV with an LG AN-MR19BA Magic Remote Control

    Today the SAP program started playing on my LG tv. The manual for the remote, (How to turn off SAP on LG TV with an LG AN-MR19BA Magic Remote Control ) say to press and hold the ad/sap button. All that does is bring up a language selection. None of the TV sound setting show an MT or SAP setting...
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