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    Wanted Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control

    I am after a Logitech Harmony Elite as mine is playing up. Does not need to have the hub. Must be in full working order and in excellent condition with no marks etc. I would require this sending to me rather than collecting.
  2. M

    Remote Control for Epson TW9200

    Hi, I've inherited a TW9200 as part of a house move, but there was no remote control left for it. Having searched online, I can't find a model/part number for the remote, does anyone happen to know? Bonus points for knowing somewhere that might stock them too! Thanks :)
  3. swoop

    Wanted - Sapphire screen remote control or where to find one

    Hi. Does any have an IR remote for a Sapphire electric screen or know where to find a replacement ? A small search online finds a replacement available but at £80 that's silly for what must be a £10 IR basic remote. I have managed to "tidy" mine away somewhere and now with a lot of good sporting...
  4. oniiz86

    Wanted OPPO BDP-105D Darbee Edition Remote Control

    I'm looking for an OPPO BDP-103D/105D Darbee Edition remote control in New, unused or pristine condition, perhaps owners may have a spare they are willing to part with, please PM me.
  5. R

    Arrcam remote control

    Hello everyone I recently purchased and ancient arcam cd72 and I'm very pleased with it. Unfortunately the remote has died and its quite tricky finding a replacement CR 314. Does anyone know which other arcam remotes work with the cd72? Many thanks
  6. J

    remote control for Velodyne CHT and Onkyo RC 690M

    Anyone knows where can I buy the remote control for Velodyne CHT and Onkyo RC 690M? can't seems to find it online. anyone from Singapore knows where can I get? prefer original. if not, third party, but if you can recommend, thank you
  7. expos81

    IR Reapeater Denon 2700h - Remote In and Out

    Hi, I have a 2700h and I've just recently bought a new TV unit. The AVR is now behind a closet door and the remote no longer works. I've seen loads of IR repeaters on Amazon, is this what I need? I've seen that on the back of the AVR there is a remote In and Out. Is there a specific thing I...
  8. M

    Dune duo : remote control can not work ?

    Hi all, My dune duo player had problem after long time no use : 1-Remote control can not work. 2-Dune duo can not boot after ac power plug in (led power is on red only). What is problem with my HD player ? Please, some body help me ! Thanks in advance. Binh.
  9. O

    Sony TV's remote control stopped

    Hello every one I need you help I have a sony bravia tv with android os x800h Somehow it's remote control exposed to a micro wave waves .. and it stopped working after that ... is it possible that it stopped due this reason?! If so .. how can fix the issue I tried resetting the remote many times...
  10. J

    Remote control DUNE Pro 4K II not working after reboot

    Hi all, I needed to reboot my Dune HD pro 4k II. When choosing a language, my remote doesnt work anymore. Most likely because my remote was paired with the Dune HD via bluetooth. Does anyone know how to switch the remote back to Infrared? The remote is the new type. I probably have to press and...
  11. D

    Remote control frequency change?

    Hi all This may be a stupid question so bear with me. I have two Hisense TVs in the living room. A 55U7QF for.main tv and a R50A7200 for PS4. The problem I have is that whenever I use the remote for the U7QF it also triggers the other TV. This is incredibly annoying if one of us is gaming and...
  12. P

    Denon RC-7000CI remote control

    Does anyone have the Windows software available for programming the Denon RC-7000CI remote control.?
  13. S

    Yamaha RX-V2065 remote control US vs EX

    Hi I have a Yamaha RX-V2065, bought in the UK. The main remote control has died and I'm trying to source a replacement. The remote is model RAV298 WS31730 EX. I've found a second-hand WS31730 US online in the UK, and I'm guessing EX means export, and US means USA version. Anyone know how well...
  14. L

    LG55SK8100 - switch off bluetooth

    Hello, I have Smart TV LG55SK8100 with magic remote. I want to buy and use classic remote control. (without bluetooth). I would like to switch off bluetooth transmission on TV. But that choice is not in user settings. I bought application at googleplay store to get to service menu TV but I did...
  15. E

    Humax Remote Control Codes For Denon

    I'd like to control on/off and volume of a Denon PMA-30 amplifier with a Humax RM-F04 remote control. I have tried all the Denon and Onkyo codes in this document: Has anybody had any success...
  16. Jimbob57

    Remote control quandary

    Hi All I am looking for some advice regarding buying a remote control unit. Currently I have a Logitech harmony elite which to be honest works very well, albeit a bit limited in controlling lights and can hiccup on occasions. I have done some research on both RTI and Control 4. But I cannot...
  17. C

    Audiolab 6000A play Remote control problem

    I cant get the remote to work on it volume, dim, standby, display on off work but thats about it. I know that most of the buttons dont work as it meant for other model they are crossed out on the manual, but the menu button should work but not with mine. You cant get access to the filters or...
  18. muljao

    Amplifier remote control

    They say there's no stupid questions, I'm sure I can probably change that Is it possible for a universal tv remote to control an amplifier? I have a few of these lying around and need a control for a yamaha as501. Do I need to buy one for audio rather than tv? Thanks for any help
  19. T

    Panasonic remote control SC-PM07

    Hi all, have moved house and opening the box for our HI FI found the remote control is not there . Been on line and people who say they have one for sale turn out to be nothing like the one we had. The give away is the SC-PM07 has a clock function button , ones looked at never had it. Would any...
  20. dbc

    Xbox Series X / Monitor / Speakers - remote control?

    I’m not sure if anyone can help or indeed if this in the right section (hopefully it is now as I appear to have inadvertently put it in games section before). But I have an Xbox Series X going to a Dell S3220DGF monitor via HDMI and then using an old pair of Harmon Soundsticks through 3.5mm aux...
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