Recommendation For eARC/ARC Reliable Reciever

    Hello Friends There have been many posts here from folks who have had similiar issues dealing with units that are slow or having difficulty switching/toggling back n forth recognizing eARC/ARC signals and Audio Sources. I have an idea (its been explained) the lag time could be inherrent in the...
  2. KyleS1

    Can anyone recommend a reliable company for OEM laptop batteries?

    Long story short, laptop battery needs replacing. Bought one from Amazon. Won't hold charge. Going back. I can't seem to find anywhere to buy OEM. For info, it's an ASUS S410 and battery is B31N1707
  3. L

    A good, reliable 80+ inch TV to be used as a PC monitor

    I’ve been using LG 55LX9500 for the last 11 years. To be honest, I really like this old TV because it has great viewing angles which is to be expected from an IPS panel, 240 local dimming zones (pretty advanced feature for 2010). Naturally, an IPS panel has its fair share of downsides, for...
  4. L

    Good reliable HD to 4K upscaler?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a good HD to 4K video upscaler? I have just bought a NAD T778 and it doesn't like the signal from my old Blu-Ray player but seems to work with every 4K source I throw at it. So I thought about getting a hardware upscaler to perhaps solve the issues I'm having...
  5. H

    Humax Aura signal issues - possible way forward

    There are numerous posts on several forums with regard to some poeple having issues with signal levels for the Humax Aura There seems a strong voice from some that this is an HDMI issue but HDMI faults manifest very different traits than signal issues and I believe now I have found proof that...
  6. 152bobby

    Reliable NVR Remote Viewing System

    I currently have a Swann NVR 7400 with 8 Swann cameras attached. I have been using Swann CCTV for over 15 years, so I know all about their products and their customer support. What I find very frustrating about this system, is the lack of reliable remote access when I am away from the house...
  7. hamshah

    How Reliable is prcdirect ?? Buying Sony KD55XH9505BU

    I bought LG 65NANO86 on Amazon prime day it was a defective piece and the seller don't have more in stock. After looking at the reviews and given my budget is around £1000 and heard good things about "Sony KD55XH9505BU". Yesterady it was in stock on Sony refurbished at £899 but now it's not...
  8. Number One Arfan

    AVR Reliable Now?

    Apologies all if this has already been covered, but as long term Arcam stereo amp owner, I am tempted to go for one of their new AVRs, however a mate told me that there had been some firmware problems with them? Is this correct, or have they all been fixed now? Cheers
  9. M

    Reliable (budget) blu-ray player?

    I don't actually have any blu-ray discs and think I am unlikely to buy many, if any at all, but the upscaling ability of a blu-ray player seems to indicate I am better off playing DVDs on one rather than a straight DVD player. So I bought an LG DP542H recently - but it frequently locks up after...
  10. D

    Are Hisense reliable Tvs

    After after a 55 Tv and noticed this make I'm out of touch of brand names, I've always had Panasonic. My budget will be about £500.
  11. Joe Pineapples

    How reliable is Pricespy (history)

    Been trying to judge when the Sony X90J range is likely to get its first price cut, so used the Pricespy app to check last years model, the XH90. According to that, the 55" model was £1299 (presumably at launch), then dropped just over a month later to £775. I find this hard to believe.
  12. Mr-Lex

    Best home VoIP service providers?

    Hi all, I need to take my landline number to an alternative VoIP service provider. I have had this number far too long to lose. We do receive inbound calls but hardly use for any outbound calls. I still need to connect my home telephone handset to it. Do all VoIP service providers provide...
  13. anlygi

    PC downloads hogging all our bandwidth

    I recently upgraded from Virgin M100 to M350. The problem is when I am downloading something on my PC (Ethernet), it's hogging all the bandwidth at about 45-46MB/s and the wife and kids are complaining of buffering on their iPads/Firesticks. I tested in the same room and my Xbox won't even...
  14. P

    Anyone with Cambridge CXN v1 have new Tidal Connect firmware getting reliable operation?

    Just upgraded my CXN v1 with the 22/3/21 Tidal Connect upgrade. Experience so far is not good - cant play more than a couple of tracks before the CXN crashes and reboots. I am on Tidal HiFi ... so FLAC streams. Anyone share some ecperiences?
  15. ddlooping

    Question Most reliable smart bulb (wifi, E14)

    Hi all :) I'm getting fed-up with my Philips Hue Bluetooth bulbs. The used to work fairly well, then the Alexa command had to be reiterated multiple times, and now "the device is not responding". I've tried to rediscover them using the Philips Hue Bluetooth app but the process gets stuck at...
  16. UncookedTaco

    How reliable is the Hisense U7QF and are there any common issues with it?

    I want to buy it for my PS5 (Don't care about 4k 120hz). Should I go for it or go for another TV in that range (£500)?
  17. C

    A Reliable Soundbar, is there such a thing?

    Buying a new Sony KD55A85BU 55” tv but going crazy trying to find an Atmos soundbar without major issues, every time I think I’ve decided on one I read reports of reliability or connection issues and I’m back to square one. I have money to spend so considering the Sonos Arc, Sony HT-ST5000...
  18. C

    Most reliable way to refresh the installation of an optical drive. Windows 10.

    I have an old PC which I have had since it arrived with Windows Vista (shudders) and over the years I have upgraded it all the way to Windows 10 professional. It's a bit slow as you can imagine but it still does the basic tasks I ask of it well. Recently however, the SATA connected UHD friendly...
  19. jahowe6

    Trying to make my speaker system, not reliable on a computer.

    Hello whoever reads this, really looking for a push in the right direction on how to isolate my little setup to something where i could just plug a phone or laptop in to play music. Currently i have my computer in a way that i use the soundcard on the back to seperate the hertz into stereo...
  20. C

    Question which is the best and most reliable active display port 1.4 to hdmi 2.0 adapter?

    want to build a HTPC with an intel i3 10th gen. it seems nearly all boards have dp 1.4 and hdmi 1.4. obviously i need hdmi 2.0 for 4k hdr10. so i thought maybe use an active dp to hdmi adapter, as some boards with hdmi 2.0 seem to use an adapter on the motherboard anyway. trouble is this pc...
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