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  1. J

    Buying advice please - Rel HT/1508 or SVS SB 3000

    Hello everyone, I'm after some advice please if anyone has experience of the Rel HT/1508 Predator or the SVS SB 3000. I'll be using the sub in a home cinema setup. There are loads of reviews on the SB 3000 and by all accounts it's an amazing subwoofer. However, I'm also interested in the Rel...
  2. RazerMouse

    Dual REL Predators - help

    I recently moved from a single 12" to dual REL Predators, I've heard that volume wise, setting them to the 10 o'clock position is optimal. However need help on the LFE position, where should this ideally be set at. Currently have them set to max. At the midnight position it's shown as 100Hz...
  3. R

    REL Q400E Goosed - what should I do?

    Long story. Dedicated cinema room but never use it. Kids did a bit and it was a vanity project in a big house, that's all. Going to be moving soon anyway. I went to get it running in case any house viewers wanted to be impressed and found that my PJ was goosed, plug fuse gone in my CD player and...
  4. W

    Making Sub Wireless - REL HT-Air Wireless or other??

    Has anyone tried the REL HT-Air Wireless or any other TX/RX system that works well without any latency or interference with or from WiFi? Really want to move my sub from where it is and there's no way to get a wire from the amp to where I'd like to put it.
  5. M

    For Sale REL Subwoofer

    For sale a REL S/5 in gloss black comes with mains lead speakon cable but no box I will also throw in a n RCA to RCA low level cable a brilliant sounding sub in mint condition only reason for sale is it’s too large for my garage conversion
  6. reggiegasket

    Connecting a REL sub to an (unusual) biamped system

    Bear with me ... but I have an unusual setup in that I have a Yamaha receiver plus two Rotel power amps, configured in a vertical biamped setup (stereo hifi). The Yamaha essentially acts as just a source/preamp (radio, streamer etc.) but as it doesn't have any pre outs I have to take the signal...
  7. B

    Help/Advice Wanted - REW, Lyngdorf 3400, M&Ks and REL Sub - Room Mode Null Issues

    Hi All, Finally getting around to finalising new setup and getting a bit stuck with subwoofer....I'm well and truly down a rabbit hole... @Gasp3621 @Conrad - I'm new to REW - I think I've got outputs correct but different to Room Sim which makes sense as room isn't perfect rectangle. Please can...
  8. O

    Denon X2700h setup with kef eggs (KEF KHT2005 HD1)

    Hi I really like the Denon X2700h Very impressed with it but I am having a hard time in setting it up with Kef eggs I have run Audyssey and it comes back setting all the speakers at 80hz I am using the provided tripod and keeping the tripod at ear height I keep the subwoofer volume knob at...
  9. M

    rel t9x alternative?

    I'm looking to add a pair of subs to compliment my Floor standing speakers. I have heard these rel t9x are meant to be great for music. I'm just wondering, what other alternatives I should consider, as Rel don't seem to offer bang for buck! Thanks 👍
  10. R

    Help please with choosing a good sub for movies SVS PB 3000 or REL S510

    Good day everyone Ok I’m new this forum but I’m in need of help from those with experience I want to go with a true as possible cinema feel to my sound system I’ve currently got a full set up from Q Acoustics 1000 series which is years old I’m about to purchase some speakers and this is...
  11. Ian Dudley

    Looking to replace my Rel Q200e to match Kef T101

    I’ve had my Rel subwoofer for over 20 years now. It’s great but it’s showing it’s age, and the back panel connections and dials are getting loose and unreliable, so I think it’s time I retired my old friend. I primarily watch movies, with the occasional bit of music. My setup is 5.1 with a line...
  12. PSM1

    Replacement for a REL T1

    My trusty REL T1 recently died. Looks like the capacitors have died so would cost several hundred to repair with REL. So in the market for a new sub. My first port of call was BK and was first drawn to PR12-PR as similar to my old T1 but then looked a Monolith would go lower. However I have now...
  13. The Eggman72

    SVS SB 2000 replacing a Rel Q150e

    As per title im getting one tomorow to partner my Denon X8500HA.Has subwoofer tech changed a great deal ? will I notice a huge upgrade over the aging Rel ? .
  14. YorkshireJim007

    Lyngdorf MP-60 & REL 3D Configuration

    I've purchased an MP60 and I'm yet to set it up. I'm running a set of Jamo THX One speakers, supported by 5 REL T9x Subwoofers in their "REL 3D" configuration, (which means 3x REL T9x subs connected high-level across the LCR channels, then a further 2x REL T9x shared* between the L&R surrounds...
  15. B

    Rel T5i and Sony 1080 amp

    Hi, Novice in this, have read too much conflicting advice for me to get clear,, both items have been packed away for a few years whilst I was doing house renno so unused as yet. I listen to music and watch films 50/50 so the compromise in setup needs to consider both, if i had to choose...
  16. drekka

    REL 328 suddenly starts making static clicking noise

    Hello everyone. I have a REL 328 which I bought in 2012 and has been part of my AV setup since. It's been working perfectly without a single issue until tonight. Watching some TV (so nothing driving it particular hard) and we suddenly hear what I'd describe as a rapid clicking that's almost a...
  17. B

    Which subwoofer? REL HT1003 / BK P12-300SB / SVS PB1000

    Hi I currently have the following setup in our front room which we use for both listening to music (metal, rock, drum n bass, trance, reggae, hard style), TV shows (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Plex, iPlayer, Disney+) and movies (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Plex, Disney+). Yamaha RX-V473 5.1 amplifier...
  18. Z

    Rel t5x, B&W asw610 or used pv1

    Hi, looking for a bit of advice. Im changing up my system to use 5 B&W M1 satellite speakers and a subwoofer but not sure what I need in terms of subwoofer. My brother in law has M1’s with a pvd1 and it sounds awesome but is it necessary?
  19. L

    Rel Q150E

    I’ve just purchase a new Roksan Attessa and BW 706 S2 speakers and I was thinking of also hooking up my old REL sub What would be the best way On the rear of the Amp I have speaker outputs and a ground which will take the Neutrik cable left and right and one to ground but I also have a PRE Amp...
  20. password1

    Rel recommends setting ALL speakers to Large What do we think? Anyone compared setting speakers from Small to Large?
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