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  1. D

    Rel T5i subwoofer advice

    Hi all I have a room roughly between 1400-1800 cubic feet (rough measurements due to vaulted/sloping ceiling). Currently using a Denon X3400H AVR and I'm looking to get a new sub. The Rel T5i caught my eye because of its superb musicality, which is what I'm looking for. The high-level...
  2. G

    New REL subs on the way - old ones discounted...

    I have had a single REL T5i for a couple of years and in my room it was pretty good, when matched first with my LS50s, and now with Concept 300s. I do like the idea thought of augmenting the bookshelf speakers with smallish musical subs, and that was really the point. It turns a 2-way...
  3. Ashmanuk

    For Sale REL T7i Black Gloss

    For sale used REL T7i 4 years old and in perfect working order. There is a lot of marks on the top of cabinet. Perfect for the person wanting to add a 2nd sub. Price £380 plus DPD next day Shipping £12 All the best
  4. M

    Please help me choose between REL 212/sx and JL Fanthom F113V2

    I have currently Bowers & Wilkins 606 compact speakers and Im looking for a high-end subwoofer. Going to upgrade the speakers too, but want to upgrade the subwoofer first. My two options are: 1. REL 212/sx 2. JL Fanthom F113V2 I want the subwoofer delivering the biggest and deepest output and...
  5. L

    For Sale KEF LS50 Wiireless 2 + KEF S2 Stands White. REL T5i White

    For Sale KEF LS50 Wiireless 2 in immaculate condition purchased in February from Audio Affair KEF S2 stands also immaculate condition Reason for sale to help fund dedicated av room wish I could incorporate them but its not really ideal. home demo welcome can also meet within reasonable...
  6. J

    REL T3 Woes

    I have an 11 year old REL T3 which has served me well in all that time. Last year I bought a Yamaha AS1200 which worked in tandem with the Onkyo AVR. This recently died and is now replaced with a Denon 3700H. Whilst hooking up the new Denon I thought I'd give the high level input a go with the...
  7. Gasp3621

    REL introduces new T5x, T7x, T9x models

    New models coming from REL for music lovers with new T-range woofers! That also means the old range goes on sale. Amp specs are same, new cabinets and likely changes in drivers. They do have new more rounded look too, very wife friendly!
  8. J

    Denon AVC-X3700H + Yamaha AS1200 + Rel T3

    Well my Onkyo TX-NR807 finally died. I gather the TI DSP chip has failed. Can't complain it's been the hub of our lounge for 11 years with a LOT of daily use. Last year I bought a Yamaha AS1200, Kef R7s and a SL1200GR Turntable. The AS1200 was the driving force of the R7s while taking care of...
  9. C

    REL TZero Sub no longer working...advice needed please...thanks

    Hi, I have a REL TZERO sub which no longer works. It powers on but when tested via a tone test the sound is very very low. I tried both sub woofer channels on my Denon AVR X2300W AMP so think it is definitely the sub. I generally don't push the speakers (65%) that much so would surprised if...
  10. Tube saint

    Accurate Bass Extension?

    Hey all, I have a bit of a bastard 2 channel system on my computer that I am pushing to get some lower extension out of, PC > Parasound Zdac V2 >xlr> JBL LSR25P. I walked into Magnolia and requested their most accurate compact subs. I was able to audition a REL T9i, REL T5i, SVS SB3000, and a...
  11. SlimyRiddler

    Is REL being more 'musical' than SVS a myth?

    Seems to be a real consensus, reading around, listening to what people have to say, I know it's sensible to not put much stock into reviews and video reviews, that being said, this seems to be such an overwhelming consensus that for movies SVS is a better choice and for music REL is a better...
  12. alextheg

    For Sale REL T9 Subwoofer - Piano Black - Near Pristine. Sale or Trade !

    Hi. Putting this back up again as a few people had pointed out that some of the previous photos were not up to scratch. If anything possibly putting people off as there were some odd reflections in the photos. Never realised how hard it was to photograph something gloss black, so hopefully its...
  13. R

    Rel T9i a Good match for Kef 301's?

    Hi All I'm currently pondering a Sub upgrade for my room system which is made up of: Denon AVR X4000 Fronts KEF T301 Wall mounted Centre KEF T301 Wall mounted Rears Kef T101 Sub Kef T2 It's a strange L Shaped room with a high vaulted sealing with roof lights, the longest length is 9m and...
  14. HabUK

    Upgrade from REL Quake?

    Currently own a rather ageing REL Quake that I've had for years, having upgraded the rest of my speakers (B&W CM range) I want to upgrade the sub, We haven't got a massive living room so don't need anything absurd and have a budget of about £600. What would you recommend?
  15. peopleIknow

    One Rel HT/1508 (Predator) V Two Rel HT/1205 - Which Would Be Better?

    The HT/1508 costs £1599, its smaller brother costs £699. So, for less than one HT/1508 I could buy two HT/1205, decisions, decisions 😀 I current have two old, but well loved Rel Staduim II, with no issues, but after having them over 20 years wounded if it’s time to upgrade. Would be grateful...
  16. hugemagicwand

    REL Q150e replacement driver?

    Hello, so I recently decided to move some of my kit from the UK to where we live in the EU. Specifically I couriered a REL Q150E (MK1) which arrived as shown below (other items arrived fine): Yep, that's the Audax HT240G4 driver in pieces :-( So the first thing I did was raise an insurance...
  17. H

    BK Gemini II or REL T51i

    Hi, I (will have) have the following setup in my office for music KEF LS50 metas CA Azur 851a in a room about 3m x 4m with normal height ceiling (bit less than 3m). It will be sat under the desk (speakers sat on the desktop) and I don't have a huge amount of flexibility in regards to...
  18. C

    REL T7i or Acoustic Energy AE308

    Hello, I recently bought a pair of Acoustic Energy AE309, which I love. I would like to complement them with a subwoofer to have some bass extension, but in a musical way. I hesitate between the REL T7i (one front 8 inch driver and one 10 inch passive down firing speaker) and the relatively...
  19. F

    High level connection with (Rel) sub.

    Hello all. I might will be completely missing the point here, and this might be a real newbie question, but here goes. I have a pair of LS50s running off a NAD M1 amp with two Rel T5i subwoofers. I had thought that the benefits of using separate subs were the following: 1) lower to get good...
  20. D

    Question REL HT-Air (and other wireless sub systems) Multiple Subs

    Does anyone know please if you can purchase and REL HT-Air transmitter, then have multiple receivers that will pair with it? Also, are there similar systems that can do this for a similar price and quality? Thank you.
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