1. R

    Samsung ue43ru7400uxxu region change?

    Hello all, I live in Belgium, and recently ordered a Samsung ue43ru7400uxxu. Picture amazing, but I had naively thought that I could easily change the region from UK or Ireland to Belgium. That appears not to be the case. I’ve seen a few posts online re changing earlier models’ region settings...
  2. T

    Question How to change the location of the content store.

    I just recently purchased an LG 49UK62 in Russia and I wanted to be able to download content from the US content store. I was able to access the EZ Adjust menu with my old samsung S6 phone and I was able to change the Area Settings to the US region. My problem now is that I cannot change the...
  3. N

    Sony BDP S550 - Will not play Region 0

    This is still going strong. But. It is multi region and used to play all my DVDs. It will not now play some Region 0 discs. Strangely it does not apply to all as some still work. Can anyone help?
  4. reevesy

    For Sale a few special region 1 dvds and a couple of dvd audio discs for sale

    moving soon so having a clear out sin city re-cut extended and unrated region 1 (includes the comic book..which is unread) - £10 the fifth element ultimate edition region 1 - £5 platoon 20th anniversary edition region 1 -£5 ghost in the shell anime 1 and 2 region 2 £5 dvd audio discs the...
  5. Snazzy Hat

    Question DVD Region Confusion

    I recently moved to the USA from the UK and brought a load of DVDs with me. They won't play on my wife's Sony blu ray machine because of regional coding. I understand that part. What I want to know is what machine do we buy to play my British DVDs and my wife's blu rays? Will one machine do...
  6. F

    Question Are all Sony BDP-S1700 region free?

    Hi everyone. I was looking on ebay and amazon and found that almost all BDP-S1700 that are for sale are region free. So, If I buy one in Portugal, will it be also region free? Is it made that way my Sony?
  7. owen kric

    Question Multi-Region DVD Players - ?

    Hi, Most of the dvd's I want to watch are Region 1 but I live in Region 2. Is it possible to get a multi-region player please? Thanks :)
  8. Z

    Question Pioneer DVL-909 "Wrong Region No." Error.

    I've got a Pioneer DVL-909 LaserDisc/DVD player and I'm having a slight problem with the DVD portion of it. It is very picky about which discs it will play and which it won't. At first I thought the age of the DVD was a factor since this is an older DVD player but I've found that whether it's a...
  9. B

    Help with different region firmware upgrade on X8500D

    Hi, I have a Sony X8500D android tv in Australia that the HDMI ports were recently damaged during a power surge from a lightning strike. The TV itself works perfect but the all the HDMI ports got fried. I replaced the main board with a second had one I got from china cheap which has fixed the...
  10. R

    Wanted 4k UHD player with multi region for DVD/ Bluray

    As above, must be in excellent condition. Ideally a Panasonic to keep in with the rest of my setup, but I will consider others. Location: Norfolk ______________________________________________________ This message is automatically inserted in all classifieds forum threads. By replying to...
  11. P

    Question Can't change area region in my lg led projector

    Hello everyone I am new to the forum. I have read the faqs etc...hope I am not making any infringement. I am trying to change the region code but the code 02 (US) highlights in orange but I can't change it. I access it via diy ir led with instart-ezadjust-servpoweronly mp3 on a loop in VLC...
  12. antsims

    For Sale Pioneer BDP-150 Multi Region

    As title. This is quite a few years old but has not given me any trouble. It’s multi region as well for both blu rays and DVDs. Price and currency: £70 now £65 Delivery: Delivery cost is included within my country Payment method: Ppg Location: Aberdare South Wales Advertised elsewhere...
  13. Drexl

    For Sale Blus, Digibooks and Region A

    Digibooks/lenticular/rare: 300 (complete experience digibook) - £12 Falling Down (digibook) - £12 Ghost (Oz lenticular, sealed) - £8 Ghostbusters 1/2 (digibook) - £8 The Dark Knight Rises (Target lenticular digibook) - £15 The Matrix (digibook) - £8 Region A bundle Beastly (Canadian lenticular...
  14. A

    Answered TARGETS (1968) Region 2 release

    Has this film ever been released in the UK on DVD or BD? Thanks!
  15. D

    For Sale A Few Criterion's & Others

    Got a few used (all mint condition) and new criterions for sale, and a few others. Region A Locked A Special Day (New - sealed) - £22 8 1/2 (New - Sealed) - £22 The Virgin Spring (New - Sealed) - £24 Region B The Age of Innocence - £14 Ivan's Childhood - £12 Heimat (TV Series) - £40 Price...
  16. Sutch

    For Sale Oppo 103D boxed, multi region, wireless

    Hi there I am selling my much loved Oppo 103D. Fully boxed with instructions, carry bag, wireless dongle. Unused remote control and full multi region. Exceptional condition, in fact it would pass as new. Darbee has to be seen to be believed, its a great tweak. Pick up and demonstration most...
  17. S

    For Sale Nolan Collection 4K HDR + Blu ray + Bonus - Italian Edition

    New & Sealed Italian Import 4k HDR + Blu Ray + Bonus Box Set containing 21 discs. Each film is individually boxed and contains 3 Discs (1 X 4k Disc and 2 Blu-ray Discs). Batman Begins The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises Inception Interstellar The Prestige Dunkirk 7 X 4K Discs with the...
  18. Evokazz

    Question Region A Blurays

    Where's the best place to order some of these USA exclusives like Sphere, Supergirl, Eraser, Running Man etc.
  19. pennyredman

    Question Red Sparrow Region free blu ray

    Hi all, new member here so thanks for having me. I have never had problems with playing discs before but I have just bought Red Sparrow Region free blu ray from ebay (maybe not the best place to buy and may be my last if this does not get resolved). Top menu is all Chinese or Japanese (not a...
  20. ashracerx

    Question 4k uhd playback on Xbox one s. Region coded..?

    Iam planning to buy The Revenant 4k uhd disc from Amazon uk site. Will it play in my Xbox one s in India.
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