1. S

    Rega Elex-R Phono Stage

    Hi Guys. I have a Rega Elex-r on the way. I play 90% vinyl, so the phono stage is VERY important to me. What I am looking for is a 3D, holographic presentation. Will the built in phono preamp in the Elex-R give me that, or should I use a Tube based phono preamp (in the $1,500 range) ahead of...
  2. Dragongjf

    Question - Rega Elicit R & Denon AVR

    Hi All. I'm considering upgrading my current system which consists of a Sony VA T777ES AVR amp (a brilliant amp which when bought was at the top end of the Sony audiophile range), Rega Planar 3 & Exact MM front end, Sony UBP X800 UHD Bluray with B&W 602 S2 fronts and matching dialogue & rears...
  3. Madsjn

    B&W 705 s1 with Rega io

    Hello, I've recently bought the small Rega IO and am very pleased with it so far. I also got a set of B&W 607 S2 which I like a lot, but just saw a pair of B&W 705 being offered at 1/3 the original retail price. I have to admit I am tempted to go for the upscale version, but not really sure...
  4. Dragongjf

    Wanted Rega Elicit-R

    Hi All. I'm looking to buy a well looked after in perfect working order Rega Elicit-R. Is anyone looking to sell a Rega Elicit-R amplifier in perfect working order please? I can travel to pick up at reasonable distance. Thanks guys.
  5. M

    Pro-ject record box e vs Rega mini a2d

    Hi Friends, Just got a Pro Ject Debut Carbon Evo last month and started my vinyl adventure. Next step: digitalise old vinyls. So i read about this two solutions, since my amp doesnt have usb output. Id like to read about your opinions pro ject record box vs rega mini a2d. I know theres also...
  6. Junta1

    For Sale SOLD : Rega Brio integrated amplifier (2021 model)

    For sale Rega Brio amplifier, 2021 model in excellent condition. Boxed with remote and manual. £450 collected or £480 delivered.
  7. P

    Turntable selection advice

    I have a Cambridge Audio 340a SE Azur amp (from the 2000's) and a bi wired pair of Tannoy E11 Limited Edition (LE) speakers. (from the 90's - & still sounding great). I also have a Cambridge pre amplifier for the turntable. I would like some advice on what turntable to buy. I have seen Rega...
  8. P

    Rega Planar 1 - plinth cleaning tips

    Hi I’ve just setup my system & loving my new Matt black Rega Planar 1 turntable. However, as delicate & careful as I try to be I notice it seems to be prone to leaving fingerprint marks Other than wearing gloves, anyone experiencing similar issues & any hints or tips on how best to clean...
  9. S


    Hi everyone, first time here, and newish to audio. We are getting a new Rega Brio Amplifier. We have some bose 901 series VI with its eq and was wondering if it is possible to connect these speakers? If it is not possible to connect directly to it, what would be needed? Bose acoustimass 5...
  10. P

    Rega Io Integrated Amp: What does it sound like?

    Hi, I am currently considering setting up a system in my small bedroom (4 x 3 meters), and this little puppy - Rega Io - caught my attention. My goal is something affordable but with solid build quality and punching above its weight if possible, with non fatiguing, "musical" delivery, a sweet...
  11. M

    Rega Exact vs. Nagaoka MP-150 vs. Golding 1042 for Rega P6/Planar 6

    Recently bought a second hand Rega P6 (less than 2 years old) and the Exact cartridge probably needs replacing. Am toying with either Nagaoka MP-150 or a Goldring 1042 as an alternative to the Exact 2 (which was supplied with the original purchase). Would be good to hear anyone's thoughts about...
  12. andybebbs

    Rega elicit r blowing fuse

    My rega elicit r is suddenly blowing tge small 1.5a fuse in the back i have removed all wires and fuse still blowing should i return it or is there something i can do.
  13. B

    Rega IO vs Brio - Paired with Planar 3

    HI all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I recently upgraded my TT to a Planar 3, and speakers to B&W 607. This has led me to wanting to change my amp. I currently have a Pioneer A10. The room i listen in isn’t big, about 3mx3m, and I don’t listen at loud volumes (about 1/4 to 1/2 a turn...
  14. plymman

    Double insulated vs earthed amp and turntable (Rega) hum

    I'm posting this just out of interest to see if anyone can give me a bit of background. I have a Rega P1 that had the dreaded hum issue. I sent it back and it was returned with two modifications. 1. A ground wire was added the RCA connection that carries the earth/ground. This had no effect...
  15. S

    Help with speakers to pair with Rega Brio

    Hi, I’d be grateful for any recommendations for speakers to pair with a Rega Brio which I have just bought. The foam in the drivers of my existing speakers, a pair of Infinity Alpha 10s, have crumbled away. I have looked into repair but it looks like it will involve soldering myself which I’m...
  16. S

    System Upgrade Advice (Approx. £10K Budget)

    Hi. I am a new member to the forum and fairly out of touch with Hi Fi equipments/ components generally but especially within my current price range. As per the title I am looking for advice on upgrading my system - I hope I am posting in the right place. I have been collecting records since my...
  17. bogart99


    Have Rega ever made turntables for others?
  18. J

    Rega Brio 3 amp upgrade

    Hi all. This is my first post on here! I currently have a Rega Brio 3 amp paired with B&W 606’s. It sounds great, but I’ve just got that urge to upgrade the amp. I’ve got £1000 in the budget and I guess I’d like your opinions on whether it’s worth it with that budget in mind! Cheers.
  19. C

    Rega Brio3 vs Brio io

    I have the possibility of a good 2010 Brio3 or should I push the boat out and get the new Brio io. I want a vinyl only system and will be getting the Rega Planar 1. Current speakers are Q Acoustic 3010 but prepared to upgrade those in a few months. Basically will the quality of a 10 year old...
  20. andybebbs

    fitting a shim to a rega rb330

    hi guys can someone tell me how a 2mm shim is fitted to a rb330 tonearm, is it easy of difficult.
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