1. Wirelessjack

    GoPro HERO5 Black 4K Waterproof Action Camera Camcorder - Certified Refurbished £15 For £15 you cant go wrong?
  2. g8ina

    For Sale Linn Axis in excellent condition, fully refurbished, 33rpm only.

    Linn Axis Turntable in excellent condition, fully refurbished by me. Has a Valhalla power controller board so 33rpm only. Valhalla board has been refurbed with new capacitors and a new switch. Fully rewired with screened mains and motor power cables, mains on/off switch on rear panel, IEC mains...
  3. GadgetObsessed

    Bargain Panasonic 65GZ2000 for £2,069 from Panasonic - Refurbished

    I have been watching these for a while and Panasonic have just cut their refurbished price by 10%. I have bought a few things from Panasonic refurb before and they have all been in good condition - never bought a TV though. I would be interested in this myself but I bought a Sony 65AG9 for £1550...
  4. Dodgexander

    Bargain Sony centre direct refurbished store thread

    To coincide with the Bargain - Panasonic refurbished eBay store thread I am also making this thread to stay as a bargain thread throughout the year. Much the same as the Panasonic thread, deals on this outlet tend to peak around this time of year (25/03/20 today) as they are trying to ship out...
  5. GadgetObsessed

    Bargain Sony 77AG9 grade A refurbished for £3,999 from Sony - 65AG9 for £1550, X700 UHD Player £85, etc.

    Thought this might be useful for someone.
  6. GadgetObsessed

    Bargain Sony 77AG9 Refurb £3,999 - 65AG9 £1550, 65AG8 £1399, X700 UHD Player £85, etc.

    I have ordered a 65AG9 for £1,550. (Plus £180 for a 5 year guarantee.) It is delivered direct from Sony and arrives on Tuesday. I will let people here know what it is like when it turns up. I also ordered an X700 UHD player for £85. Neither of these items were on Sony's refurb website at the...
  7. T

    Richer Sounds 'refurbished' speakers - worth the risk?

    RS are selling speakers that I have my eye on for £200 under list price. They're classed as refurbished rather than open box, and they define that as gear that's been repaired after being returned. My reaction to an RS technician attempting to repair something is not good! Surely they'd send it...
  8. Keggest

    Question Poundland refurbished Blu Rays

    I recently discovered poundland as a blu ray retailer after I purchased a copy of "The Martian" for 2 pounds from them. It was a steal, so I went back for more. Upon the second purchase, I noticed some scratches on the case, and the sticker was inside the wrap. After googling, I realised that...
  9. Dodgexander

    Bargain Panasonic refurbished eBay store thread

    I'm opening this thread and plan on keeping the bargain prefix permanent since it seems to be regularly that they are offering such good deals, but the deals come and go fast. So here's the low down on their eBay store deals: About the store This is an official Panasonic outlet, not a 3rd...
  10. martin 39

    LG b9 c9 or panny gz950 or refurbished 802

    I have the 802 and love it a guy in work is thinking of changing to oled from a 6 yr old Samsung . What would you choose . Personally for the money I would say fz802 help guys please
  11. Fred Smith

    Bargain Expired Oppo UDP203 refurbished £499

    Might be of use to someone. RS currently showing four in stock: Oppo UHD Blu-ray Player Price down to £449 but appears to be out of stock.
  12. C

    Would you buy a refurbished X900E?

    I'm looking at a new XBR-75X850E or a refurbished XBR-75X900E, they're both the same price ($1899). Which would you get? The 900 isn't available new anywhere, and I would prefer to stay under $2k anyway. Reviewers complain about light bleed on the 850, which doesn't seem to be an issue on the...
  13. PaulPearson1975

    Opinions on buying refurbished OLED?

    I'm thinking of going for either the Oled55b7v or Oled55c7v - no particular preference - now that the price has reached an almost-affordable £1500. There are several sellers offering up to £400 off that for refurbished items. Typically around the £1200-£1300 mark, tho I've seen the 55c7v for...
  14. W

    Samsung refurbished from ebay but which model

    So my insurance company have wriggled my claim to a max of £1000 so I am looking to out that towards a refurbished set on eBay. Want 65 or 75 but which model should I go for? Will be using in france if that makes any difference and hope to use/have free sat built in and use a dish Like the...
  15. Dankesin

    Refurbished Hisense H65NU8700 for under 1000€?

    Hello all, greetings from France! There's a deal on a refurbished Hisense H65NU8700 for 1,100€, with a mail in rebate of 300€. Good deal, non? I've been debating between a Sony XE70 series and the Hisense N6800 series, but then I saw that deal, and I'm more confused than ever? I've always been...
  16. C

    Question Refurbished TX65EZ952B £1999 from Panasonic good deal?

    hi everyone, I’ve been planning to upgrade my 10year old 42 Samsung led tv this coming few months as the deals on last years models improve. I’m looking for a 65” LED £2000 maximum price point. Main use is Sky HD channels, BluRay’s for the kids, and a lot of streaming via Netflix & Prime. Day...
  17. Spectre777

    Question How to check if refurbished TV is working properly

    Hi All I am new to this site and as a TV novice need some advice I have bought 2 refurb TVs from ebay Panasonic outlet 58dx802 and 65dx902 and want to check they are working properly within the 14 day return period. I wonder if there is a simple 10 point check list to run down to see if TVs...
  18. Indiana Jones

    Question Buying a Refurbished TV - Worth it?

    Pretty simple question, I am looking to purchase a Sony 55XE9005 and I noticed the Sony store offer a refurbished one for £1049 which is quite tempting however it only has a 1 year warranty. On the other hand there are deals about for brand new sets ranging from £1349 with £250 back in...
  19. G

    Bargain Refurbished Sony UBP-X800 - £249 free delivery

    Not sure about forum member's views on refurbished products, or whether this has been commented on before. I've just taken delivery of this product from the Sony Centre, aside from a dent to the outside of the box everything is as new including a sealed copy of Inferno (4K disc only). Backed up...
  20. cirian75

    Question Best place in the UK to buy a warrantied refurbished iPhone?

    Best place in the UK to buy a warrantied refurbished iPhone that is not so close to a the brand new price a lot of places charge you may as well buy brand new ?
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