1. M

    Living Room Refurb & False Chimney Breast Build

    Hi all, Long time no post. Post lockdown last year I did a living room refurb and think it came out pretty well. I haven't had time to fully document on here like I originally wanted but I took plenty of photos. If anyone has any questions I'll do my best to answer. The lounge went from...
  2. D

    Buying Advice: Refurb vs Open Box?

    Trying to cut cost on a relatively good quality sound bar. Which would you say is a safer and more reliable purchase , refurb or open box? I can buy something like a refurb Bose speaker directly through Bose that has 1 year warranty , or an open box Samsung sound bar with Best Buy which they...
  3. M

    Sony 85XH9505 (new) v LG OLED 77CX6 (grade A refurb)?

    Ok, so I thought I'd decided on the Sony due to the size - 85" because I am using it for a TV / Cinema room. But in the back of my head I am worried about the blacks as the TV will mostly be used in the evenings for films. I've recently found a refurb grade A 77" CX6 for the same price so...
  4. W

    Mods plz delete this

    Hey fellas, newer user here. I set up a sweet home theatre system over the past few months and I was very happy with it, everything seemed to work great... Until today. While working I had a movie playing via Nvidia Shield Pro on my local network. Upon taking an hour-long phone call I muted the...
  5. S

    2019 LG 65" Nano refurb £540 - is this a good buy?

    I'd appreciate opinions on whether this 2019 LG 65" Nanocell refurb is a reasonable buy, please. It's a 65SM8200PLA at Laptopsdirect or Appliancesdirect. A1 grade refurb at £540. I realise that LG Nanos are perhaps a bit overpriced generally, and I would certainly rather buy my new tv from...
  6. bag head

    JBL Control 1 Pro refurb?

    We have a fairly large family room (5.5m x 7m) incorporating kitchen, dining area and lounge. I have a Control One Pro mounted in each corner and it's powered by a Cambridge Audio Azur 351a with a CCA. It's mainly for casual background music and in normal times the odd party. It's all hard...
  7. O

    Living room refurb - best way to route cables & mount speakers?

    I'm going to be having a big refurb done in Jan/Feb which will involve re-doing my living space so I'm currently working with the builder to finalise electrical plans and so on, so I'm trying to work out the best way to route cables for my surround speakers I've got a set of the XTZ flush mount...
  8. ddlooping

    Question Float Model 2 refurb (foam)

    Hi all :) I'm in need of acoustically transparent foam sheets to refurb a pair of Float Model 2 Dynamic (physically identical to model shown in photo). The original side foam is about 3mm thick. Are there better foam than others? Where can I source it? I've found some on ebay but it is 5mm...
  9. bernado

    Trusted refurb laptop dealers?

    Having been tasked with recommending a decent 15" laptop around £500 for my sister I've pretty much given up, things seem way over priced at the moment and I'm thinking a refurbed ThinkPad or similar may be a better bet. Can anyone suggest names of refurb dealers they've had positive...
  10. P

    Question Speaker box refurb.

    I have a pair of Technics SB-HD301 speakers on a Technics midi HIFI. The vinyl covering is peeling from the chipboard enclosures (see pic). Looking for recommendations for refurbishing the enclosures i.e., replace vinyl or paint??? TIA
  11. L

    Full house refurb help

    Hi all, Apologies for the long post and for not being very technical! I recently purchased my home and have had an extension built for an open plan kitchen diner and have gutted the rest of the property - plaster stripped back to brick, ceilings and joists exposed, floors in some rooms dugout...
  12. mossy83

    Pioneer CS-66 refurb

    Hey everyone! Picked up a pair of 40w Pioneer CS-66 speakers a few years ago. Didn’t take long for me to discover some problems and had almost all components replaced. I have one original ca 1969 5.25” mid and the one that was replaced. In a moment of enthusiastic speaker ownership, I’m pretty...
  13. M

    Full System Recommendations - Living Room Refurb

    Hi all, Long time since last post and completely out of touch with everything - looking at doing up the living room and want to prioritise the sound quality. My current gear is an Axiom EP350 subwoofer and 2x Axiom M3Ti's connected to a Yamaha RX-V657 AV Receiver. It's no longer used for...
  14. A

    Large TV (80 inch plus) as part of home refurb

    I've been reading the forums and have found it super helpful, thanks for all the posters that take the time to provide such great advice. I thought I would ask a question about my own specific situation. We are refurbing our house and will have a dedicated TV room but that room will be bright...
  15. A

    Wisdom of Crowds. (any advice greatly accepted) Garage Refurb

    I'm refurbishing an old house, and the Garage will be a sitting room/Cinema Room The projector screen will be ceiling mounted probably ( 21-9 HiLux 265x149), i think id prefer 21/9 as i was never happy with the unmasked 16/9 i have in my last house. Also the main sitting room in the house has...
  16. tagowner

    KEF Reference 201 refurb

    I am re-furbishing a pair of KEF Reference 201 I have just bought and have a question. Anyone know how to get the bass driver out? I have removed the three bolts for the bezel, then the three screws for the drive chassis but both speakers have the assembly stuck to the speaker case. I am...

    Question Best LED spotlights, which are also best value

    LED spotlights, as there's so many on the market need some advice on what to go for :thumbsdow also best value. Cool White for Kitchen, bathrooms & Warm White for living and bedrooms Help for any help / advice :thumbsup:
  18. mentalpen

    Living room refurb

    Hi, So, after buying our first home I finally get to start a mini project for our living room. Nothing major to what some people have done on here but big enough for us. The plan is for a Dolby Atmos room with the focal 300icw8 series for inceing which I’ve just bought, then I’ll upgrade my...
  19. D

    Living Room Refurb

    In a a quest for modern, clean, 'smart' living room that must be both artex and coving free I took last week off work to get as much I could done. I'll start with a few photos from last Saturday to now and update as I go, hopefully. Edit - I'm uploading the images to a sharing site so they can...
  20. N

    Bargain Samsung UE65MU8000 65 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR for £1099 refurb

    Have been looking for a 55 - 65 tv have 1200 to play with thought this was a good deal from RS but still thinking about waiting to Black Friday just watch sports film and general tv. Hate any type of blur so have been abit scared to go to a 65" tv any thoughts on better deals or this tv. Also...
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