1. V

    Samsung TV repair / refund under Richer Sounds 6 year Warranty & Samsung alternative resolution dept. ?

    Afternoon all, I am having a bit of a problem / runaround with a problem with my Samsung TV - UE49KS8000, bought Dec 2016 from Richer Sounds Liverpool, with the 6 year guarantee. ( Near top of range in 2016 below the OLED's or larger screens ). The One Connect box was a key feature for my...
  2. Discombobulate

    Steam's Two-Hour Refund Policy Forces Horror Developer Into 'Indefinite' Absence

    Saw this article re Summer of 58 game. Feel sorry for the devs. Fancy going to the trouble of leaving a positive review for a game and then requesting a refund. No shame.
  3. T

    Ebay buyer didnt collect and wants refund on the basis of 'item didnt arrive', will this affect my rating?

    Has anyone had this problem or know about it? A buyer of something I sold which was collection only has now said they want to cancel the order as he is having trouble arranging a courier (we have waited in several days over the past month for couriers that dont arrive) and now wants a refund. I...
  4. M

    Ps plus auto renew refund.

    I don’t have a PlayStation anymore and just been auto renewed is there anyway if getting the cash back, I’ve accessed my account and switched it off as I got rid of mine before Xmas and thought I’d turned it off
  5. tigermad

    AliExpress refund problem

    I purchased an item from AliExpress 3 weeks ago. The item was never delivered and the tracking states the address is incorrect. The address on my account and order is my home address. AliExpress and the seller will not give me a refund unless I get a “certificate”. The consignment had 2...
  6. Autopilot

    Fortnite in app purchases made by child - refund possible?

    A guy I work with has had his son buy a load of Fortnite in-app purchases, totalling several hundred quid. All made in one day. Does anyone know if there is any recourse for this? What would be the best course of action? Anyone here managed to get a refund for such a thing? Or is he screwed?
  7. clutch041

    Help with refund

    Hello, I think I might have bought FIFA 21 by accident and I can't find a way to refund it. I have requested a refund on Contact form but 24h have passed and still got no response from PlayStation. If anyone could help I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  8. ghrh

    CEX refund issue

    I returned an item at CEX almost a month ago. As I didn't receive a refund within the expected 1 week I contacted their customer service and was asked to be patient as due to the high volume of packages recently there have been slight delays in processing returned orders. I was reassured that...
  9. D

    Psn refund

    Hi can someone tell me process to ask for refund. Ps have said no as should of had Auth set up on kids account however i did on his ps4 he got the 5 its took my card details over but not the god damn password. bank wont do a charge back either!!! 300 quid down! Any advice ?
  10. Z

    Cambridge Audio NOT returning requests for RMA

    Sorted now just me being impatient and annoyed at the connection issues - great sounds though
  11. A

    Faulty SAMSUNG Q80T HDMI 2.1 Blank Screen Fiasco / Samsung REFUSING replacement or refund what should I do?!

    Hello everyone, So I was really hoping it wouldn't come to this and I'm not someone who usually turns to forums for answers to my problems but I'm really at a loss with this one and have received the worst customer service in all my life so bad that I will never buy a Samsung product ever...
  12. L

    Can’t get a refund from Amazon

    Hi all hope someone can offer some advice. Ive been an amazon customer for many years and also a prime customer. Late last year I ordered quite a few items for my pet who was ill. Sadly we had to put the dog down and as I had not used any of the items bought (2 dog leads in 2 sizes as I...
  13. C

    Zavvi took my return, told me they’d requested a refund and now say the item was damaged so no refund?

    I bought a relatively high value item from Zavvi, £225, a 4K blu ray steel book set. When it arrived, the plastic covering was torn, it was a little scufffed, so I asked for a return. had to pay for the postage to send it back even with a returns label, this was just before Christmas. Said it...
  14. R

    PS Now Subscription Refund

    Hi, really hope someone can help. 29th Oct i accidently purchased a PS Now subscription when i was meant to purchase an annual Plus subscription. I realized my error immediately but as my son needed the Plus services there an then i purchased the Plus subscription directly afterwards. I then...
  15. Amity chief

    Am I entitled to a refund?

    So I bought a PUS6814 on February. It started to loose arc connection and freeze when I pressed the home button. A reboot solved the issue. Got to the point where it was happening 10 times a day, more on some days. Went through ao who said I needed an uplift number, so after 2 weeks of back and...
  16. DDot

    Amazon said they received an Empty box and won’t issue a refund! Help!

    Hi guys, On 30th April 2020 I ordered a PC from Amazon for gaming which cost me £1899. I was ready to get in to PC gaming as I play on console and have been literally all my life. I had not used the PC as I realised literally all my friends and family are on console I decided to return the item...
  17. LotusElan

    Now TV Sports Passes - coronavirus "refund"?

    I'm not sure if this is exactly the right place to post - it may or may not have been better in the Sports forum? - but here goes anyway! :D Does anybody know if there's going to be any "goodwill gesture" w.r.t. "wasted" Now TV Sports passes due to coronavirus? We'd had a couple of months...
  18. K

    Question Richer sounds not giving me a refund on suspected faulty lg b9

    Hi I bought lg 65 b9 on Friday and received delivery on Saturday but I've had several issues, the tv turned on by itself and yesterday evening 2 times turned off by itself randomly, once with firestick connected and once without. This morning the tv froze and none of the buttons on remote...
  19. John Leigh

    Travel Insurance Refund ?

    Just wondering whether to cancel Travel Insurance and claim refund ? Tui have agreed refund for May 17th departure, but we will not receive until May 26th Providing they honour what they said. If Tui were not to pay does anyone think the Travel Insurance would, I'm inclined to think they...
  20. John Leigh

    Tui agreed refund within 14 working days

    Hi all Just got off of phone to Tui, it took 3.5 hrs of calling every ten minutes, and a further hour of being on hold listening to Tui music 😊 Anyway as title they have agreed refund within 14 working days, so fingers crossed
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