1. Shockabuku

    For Sale Custom Designs Milan Reference 10 Hi-Fi rack - 5 tiers

    Hi all. Due to a house move & lack of space, I'm selling my Custom Designs Milan Reference 10 Hi-Fi rack. It has 5 tiers and includes four Custom Design isolation platforms. The shelves are black glass, and the supports are finished in Walnut, which was an optional cost upgrade. The new price...
  2. hari967

    For Sale Pioneer krp 600A with receiver box.

    For sale 60” Reference panel Pioneer kuro krp 600A With receiver box Low hours 7200 Professionally Calibrated day/night/auto Screen is immaculate no scratches Receiver box is immaculate no scratches 1080p 4xHDMI No screen burn No box Pair of speakers included NOT official pioneer ones...
  3. MJ81

    Zappiti Signature or Reference?

    I’m looking to purchase one of the new line of Zappiti players and I’m really looking for the best quality for my needs. The difference in cost between the signature and reference models is nearly double, however the physical differences between the two are not huge. I propose to use the main...
  4. M

    ELAC Unifi Reference UBR62 vs Kef R3

    Hello, I‘m putting together a theater now, beginning stages. I have been looking for a good 3 way speaker. The ELAC Unifi Reference UBR62 is a newer speaker, and I can’t find a ton of reviews. There are a ton of people with the Kef R3. The Kef is on sale now for 1,699. The ELACs are 1,199. Can...
  5. O

    XX Fantasy - Crackle

    Hi, A bit of an unusual question but would appreciate help from those with a reasonably good system. I’ve recently upgraded to an Arcam A49 and KEF Ref 1. Only had speakers for a week so still breaking in but noticed a potential issue. The XX track Fantasy is a bit if a go to for me when...
  6. D

    Rega EBLT and Reference drive belt

    Rega announced yesterday that they are fitting the new EBLT drive belt to all their new decks. The EBLT belt should be available from today and the reference belt some time soon. So what do you fellow Rega TT owners think? Will you look at changing your belt? I have a planar 3 which I have...
  7. K

    Kef speaker question

    I am upgrading my Kef’s to R5’s However a set of Reference 203/2 have come up for the same price I was going to pay for the new R5’s My question is , would it be worthwhile going for the Reference speakers despite their age? Is there going to be a huge difference in overall quality?
  8. elessar

    Old or new? MA Gold Reference LCR or Dali Oberon Vokal

    I am looking for a center, already have the Dali Oberon 5s. The MonitorAudio is offered for nearly the same price as a new Dali center. This guy is also selling two MonitorAudio silver 4i for ca 320$, are those worth it and a good choice to complete the system? I am also eyeballing a Infinity...
  9. TheRoverdog

    Question Quiet 4K Projector opinions - This will prove a popular thread for members to reference..

    OK chaps and ladies - Looking to hop back into the Projector Market - Read up on BenQ, Epson, JVC, Sony Etc... My main issue, I have Fixation OCD - And Fan Noise would be a slight issue if more 'Jet Engine' than 'Hum' ... So I guess really my main question is.. From your own experience, and...
  10. TB Rich

    Reference level and calibration

    I've got an old AVR that has no auto setup, so it rely's on pink noise generation and manual adjustment of the channels. I decided just now to check with my UMIK-1 and REW how good a job I had done by ear balancing them all - turns out spot on! However to get ~75dB of pink noise referenced in...
  11. PlasmaNewbie

    Rega Brio-R what a great amp...

    I have borrowed an ex-demo pair of Kef ref 1‘s plus the kef stands, i’m picking up a lone Aethos tomorrow if I am lucky. (there was one posted By a member here on Saturday I might go for...) I decided to try the Ref 1’s with my Brio, I have been very careful not to push the volume, but I was...
  12. G

    Question Kef reference 4

    Hi guys, This is my first post, please be easy on me! I have a pair of Kef Reference 4s which i got from my father. They are in the living room and are a bit noticeable to say the least (my girlfreind hates them). I am thinking of getting rid of them and replacing them with a Naim Muso as...
  13. K

    KEF Reference 207 vs 207/2

    Hello, My current set up is KEF 105/3 with Thorens TD126 turntable with TMC63 moving coil cartridge with Denon X6400H receiver. I use this for my home theatre as well with KEF 202c (version 1) as center channel. I would like to upgrade 105/3. I saw good speakers on used market and need help...
  14. A

    18" Dayton DIY Build

    And so it starts, more to come... Gordy Cabinet Ordered...... Check 18" Driver Ordered...... Check I will update as and when pieces arrive / parts come together Researched the Ultimax and Reference Daytons and Went with an 18" Dayton Reference build because I firmly believe this will be the...
  15. H

    Question B& W 804D3 v PMC 25.26 v KEF Reference 3

    Which of these speakers has the most natural sound. I forgot to include Q Acoustics Concept 500
  16. L

    Reference uhd disks

    Is there a list of reference uhd/atmos disks on this site ? Cheers Lee
  17. R

    Question Need suggestions on replacing aged AV Preamp in reference system

    Originally bought system in 98. Had Proceed amps, processor and transport with Transparent cables and B&W Nautilus speakers in a 5.1 config. The transport died and I replaced it with an Oppo 105, then the main amp puked and I replaced it with a Classe 2-channel, the 3-channel Proceed bit it...
  18. P

    New Arcam Product CDS50 CD/SACD/Streamer

    CDS50 SACD/CD playback with Network Streaming Introducing ARCAM’s all-new audio disc player with UPnP and CIFS streaming up to 24-bit/192kHz. This player once again raises the performance bar and is undoubtedly ARCAM’s finest audio disc spinner to date! The boldness of that statement is backed...
  19. P

    New Product CDS50 with reference sabre ES9038 Dacs

    CDS50 SACD/CD playback with Network Streaming Introducing ARCAM’s all-new audio disc player with UPnP and CIFS streaming up to 24-bit/192kHz. This player once again raises the performance bar and is undoubtedly ARCAM’s finest audio disc spinner to date! The boldness of that statement is backed...
  20. D

    Buying used Kef Reference Speakers

    I am thinking of spending somewhere in the region of £500 on a pair of floorstanders to upgrade to from my Kef Q700's. Requirements: Lots of bass! Aesthetically pleasing, I like the wood colour, curves, the retro look, I have a power amp that can do 2 x 215 watts into 8 ohms, so that should be...
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