1. R

    Hard drive recovery help for an idiot.

    Hi i was looking to make my Cinema PC as a server so I could access the drives with all of my movies on using a media server. The computer has a SSD and 3 x 3TB hard drives. I looked online for advice and found a video showing how to set up a remote link using tightVNC and I managed to do that...
  2. R

    Achilles Tendon Rupture - Recovery exercise advise

    As the title says really, its 12 weeks since the rupture (non-surgical), at my hospital appt today the Dr advised that I can stop using my airstep boot this week and has referred me for physio. While I wait for a physio appt I was wondering if anyone had any advice on exercises I can be doing...
  3. J

    macbook pro os recovery

    hello i factory reset my old macbook pro but when i tried to install the os it is saying this item is temporary unavailable i have tried a few things but still no joy i thin it may be because i didnt download the os using my own apple id is there any way to re install the software its the old...
  4. D

    Philips TV recovery READ ONLY filesystem

    Hi All, I have a problem with my Philips TV (47PFL6008). It's an older model, which stopped working suddenly. When I start the TV, it shows Philips logo and nothing happens. The LED on the front panel blinks continuously. I have read some posts on internet forums and I have managed to enter...
  5. S

    55PFL5604/F7 Android Recovery

    Hello everyone! My friend has a Philips 55" Class 4K Ultra HD TV (Model : 55PFL5604/F7) and he is not sure what was done but everytime the TV starts up he gets the following error message He goes to Factory data reset, follows on screen instructions, but ends up looping back into the same...
  6. rousetafarian

    Civil Recovery letter from a law firm

    Evening all, I had an unfortunate accident 7 days ago in which I damaged a car park walled area in Tesco. At the time of the incident I gave my details to the appropriate member of Tesco staff and they said not to worry as they were in the process of demolishing the wall and...
  7. B

    Denon AVC A11XV - firmware recovery, please advice and share firmware

    Hello, Please advice on restoring the firmware in AVC A11XV
  8. T

    Question corrupt files recovery

    my hard drive with my movie collection on as got corrupt, the folder is empty but got free space on drive as i had before it happened, anyone got any ideas what gone wrong
  9. Q

    Partition recovery advice

    Relative plugged an external usb hdd into a android tablet and it has wiped the drive and just put an empty folder called android. Downloaded Diskinternals Partition Recovery and it says there are 465 folders and 23000 files and was only a few % through the run. Presumably the freebie will not...
  10. aleja29


    Hello, I am having a problem with my iPhone 11 which is currently stuck on recovery mode. I went to the Apple Store and they advised me to restore it because for them this is a "point of no return". Before it got stuck it was giving me some problems with memory but as long as I could use it I...
  11. Mastahh

    Denon X2400H - No Sound, Recovery

    Hello, I have Denon X2400H, it is fully working except few things 1. No Sount at all. 2. No GUI Menu on TV, only Heos Music Menu. I have two errors, I think second error related to first one. 1. IP Scaler Err 01 2. H1-15 - GUI ROM - GUI Version: FFFFFFFF As I understand I need start fixing...
  12. T3C

    Question 2019 Macbook Pro Internet Recovery Issue

    I'm really hopeful that there's a couple of Mac/Apple/OSX super gurus lurking about to help me please. My friend finally set up his 2019 Macbook Pro that he bought 6 month ago and he was unaware of the ability to transfer all his programs, data and setting from his old (2012) Macbook using...
  13. A

    Data Recovery

    Hi, I need help, can anyone please advise of any data recovery programs, preferably free to recover data from an external hard drive i reformatted by accident.
  14. John

    SD card recovery

    My daughters phone stopped recognizing the SD card with years worth of unbacked up sh*t . Don't have already been there So a little bit of googling turned up diskdigger which has found all the files , but to recover them all at once is going to cost $15 . not the end of the world but do you have...
  15. W0LFIE

    Data Recovery Recommendations in/near Nottingham

    Hi folks, not sure if I can ask for a business recommendation in here? I've got a Western Digital - My Passport external hard drive but can't get data off it. There's 2 years worth of backed up family photos on it that I'm desperate to recover. I've plugged it into various PCS and Macs as well...
  16. paok70

    Windows 10 recovery disk

    Hello, I'm new to this and to computers. I just created a Windows 10 recovery disk through the control panel. I wonder if I've done the right choice, what it's purpose and in which cases it'll become useful. Thank you for your understanding.
  17. Tricky-Ricky

    Btrfs file recovery (free)

    Since i seem to have suddenly lost all my transferred files to my new NAS yes stupidly once they where transferred onto the newly setup RAID1 array and could be viewed and manipulated i deleted them from the old NAS. Now after just turning the new unit off and moving its location and turning it...
  18. P

    DN372T internet recovery question.

    Hi all, I was hoping someone might be able to help with a small Youview box query. I have an old TalkTalk DN372T here which works but is very slow. I know they're not the fastest thing in the world to start with but this one got difficult to use. The box has been replaced and I'm still with...
  19. gsc3po

    Impossible password recovery??

    Stupidly, I reset my admin password on my 2016 macbook pro and forgot it. My laptop ran out of power so I plugged it in and left it charging all day. I turned it on when I got home and it asked me for the password. IS IT POSSIBLE TO ACCESS OR RESET THE PASSWORD FROM THE LOAD SCREEN? PLEASE HELP!
  20. T

    Panasonic DMR-BWT720 stored file recovery

    my Panasonic DMR-BWT720 has developed reception issues. HD channels fine, but standard freeview channels are not being received correctly i.e. all artefacts/pixel. Don't know the cause and its not the aerial because I had it checked out. I am thinking of buying another panasonic set top box and...
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