1. J

    OLED856 Subtitle Bug on TV Recordings when Seeking

    Does anyone else have the subtitles activated after fast forwarding through a DTV recording? I have to go into the subtitle setting and set it back to 'None' again. Strangely, it only happens ONCE per playback, and not when fast forward is used again in the same recording. I have the latest .226...
  2. X

    High pitched constant noise in recordings

    Most of the time I can hear this in the recordings. First I thought it was the controller being charged but it isn't. Controller speaker is turned off.
  3. X

    X89J - multiple unremovable bvscheduled recordings

    Originally I had created a once a week repeating recording. I've just recently moved and due to that I had the TV on without antenna cable at the time of one such recording. Maybe it had some effect, maybe not. At least the TV tried to start recording many times (I was playing with playstation)...
  4. T

    Unexpected recordings

    Noticed a few days ago that recordings which I hadn't scheduled had appeared on my Humax Freesat box. These were for programs Mr Magoo and This Morning both on ITV. I deleted the recordings and cancelled the series record. Shortly afterwards, the series recordings had appeared again. I tried...
  5. S

    Samsung Smart TV, One channel w no audio & :earphone icon" shows in recordings

    I've a Samsung Smart TV @ 4 tears old. One channel has no audio at all, either watching live TV or on recordings on cable box. If I look at the info for any of said recordings, it shows an icon that look to be earphones. Apparently this "option" got turned on, but only for that one channel. How...
  6. sonderbar

    Anyone record old episodes of 'You've Been Framed'? Hoping to track down a specific clip

    I'm working on a project about a farmer who - I have been told by multiple people - submitted a load of his home videos to "You've Been Framed!" in the late 90s and had at least one clip successfully make it to air! I sadly have no details beyond that, such as a description of the clip(s). I'm...
  7. Bazkib

    Question Cannot remove 'header files' in Humax recordings?

    Hi, I cannot remove 'header files' in Humax recordings: ie...taped program, opened the file, watched the program, then deleted it, but cannot delete the header file? I know have a stack of files that I cannot get rid of. :) INFO: I am using a new 'Universal Remote Control' as Humax control...
  8. pat clancy

    Recordings disappearing Humax

    Hi all ,my girlfriends Humax Freesat box recordings keep dissaperring and coming back,box is 8 years old , model is 1000s .Any ideas ?
  9. martindye

    Question Modern update for old school timed cassette recordings

    Hi All, My Dad's old sterio system, circa. 1991/2 has gone kaput. I have been tasked with finding a replacement system, but it's not so easy, because of item #2 on the list. The specs are: Cassette player to play old cassettes Timed cassette recordings Record player (we have this already...
  10. RobTi

    Question is it possible to view recordings on another box on the same network

    hi my mother had an old bt youview box and also has a Humax DTRT2000 box and i have a humax fox hdr t2 i could give her. So anyway to record on one of these boxes and view on another one ? Thanks
  11. finnfather

    Question Help with Foxsat doubling recordings

    Hi all, Our Foxsat has taken to recording things twice. Once on the standard 101 BBC1 channel, but also on the 9xx BBC local channels. This means that a recording of The Hospital on BBC1 was preventing a recording of Brooklyn 99 on E4. It had to be recorded on the +1 channel, luckily that...
  12. O

    Lost recordings from external HD

    Hello ,I have a Technomate TM-5402 receiver with 1 TB Toshiba external hard drive plugged into it. It has worked great for a year and I have transferred any programmes I wish to keep to my computer. However in the last week it has been removing all recorded programmes from the file list. However...
  13. RobTi

    Question Activity puts recorder to sleep if awake recordings

    Hi I have an elite, with a watch tv activity using a Humax HDR Fox T2 and it all works as it should except when the humax is recording which means it is already awake so my start activity puts it to sleep and the opposite if I power off, I get around this by going into devices and power toggle...
  14. D

    Question Transferring recordings from standalone Sky box

    Our new house doesn't have a dish, but we are getting one installed - and Sky gave us a good offer to upgrade to a Q box. However, my old sky box has a lot of recordings on it that I want to keep but I haven't had a chance to watch yet. Even though my old Sky box is not connected to a dish...
  15. Waynej

    TV Failed Recordings problem?

    I recall someone here mentioning that they got a refund due to the failed recording issue, I suspect I seen it in the KS8000/9000 Owners thread. Can anyone shed any further light on this? Am I right to assume it's an ongoing issue from the 2016 models to the current 2018 QLEDs? I have had...
  16. D

    2 Virgin V6 Tivo boxes: streaming recordings not possible?

    Just off the phone with the Virgin call centre enquiring about adding a second V6 Tivo to my account. Was quoted: £99 fee for V6 plus £20 installation, then £7.50 a month for 2nd box, minimum 12 months. However when I asked about playing recordings from one box on the other over the network...
  17. Zog

    Question Connecting pre-amp to lap-top for vinyl recordings

    I am currently using an old Denon AVR-3802 as a pre-amp to use the phone stage for my turntable. This is then connected via RCA pre-out to my main amp a Denon AVR-X2300 so I can listen to the turntable. Now I want the ability to record the vinyl on my laptop so that I can transfer it to my...
  18. JTM555

    VHS Video recordings playback with a strange pattern all over the picture??

    Hi I'm new here and looking for some help please. I am still using a VHS video recorder to record and watch tv every day. I have an Alba video recorder which has suddenly started having a strange pattern all over the screen when I play back new recordings. The only way I can describe it is like...
  19. tele1962

    Bob Dylan the 1966 Live Recordings

    Just picked up this 36 CD box set from Zoom for £23 delivered. Back up to £100 now though.:eek: Bob Dylan / The 1966 Live Recordings / massive 36-disc box set | superdeluxeedition
  20. J

    Backing up sky recordings via s video.

    I'm having an issue recording from sky, I'm using a scart to svideo converter that I am connecting to my pc using a dazzle dvd recorder, but the picture through svideo is coming through too bright, like the whites are overblown, whereas if I connect through composite I don't have this problem...
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