1. C

    Direct recording on Panasonic DMR-BWT850 / 800

    I have a Panasonic DMR-BWT800 which has a SCART connection to my Sky+HD box so that I can copy (albeit in analogue) recordings to acrchive to BluRay. I do also have a DMR-BWT850 that does not have the SCART input. I have tried using a Triax DVB-T modulator to modulate the output of the Sky...
  2. T

    Question Recording TV

    I have a Samsung Smart TV and Sky HD box but have recently cancelled subscription...I have no TV ariel...What is the best way to record TV programmes please?.
  3. P

    Question Recording from Humax HDR T2

    Although I have had my Humax for quite a while I have never worked out whether I would be able to record footage onto a flash drive. I have a series I wish to copy to disc to keep and have actually transferred some of the episodes to my DVD recorder and made a disc from there. However the...
  4. Ke33er

    Freesat 4K box failed recordings

    Hi. This is my first post so apologies if it’s in the wrong place. I bought one of the new Freesat boxes a couple of weeks ago and nearly all my recordings are failing. I’ve done a factory reset but the problem persists. I’ve tried Googling but all the results seem to be about Humax boxes. I’ve...
  5. M

    Humax 1100s not recording with single input

    One of the 2 feeds from my dish has failed so my 1100s is getting by on one channel. The problem I have is that it sometimes won't use that single channel. For instance, when the box is in standby it fails to do a recording when nothing else is scheduled or being watched. Also, when I'm watching...
  6. B

    Humax apps not working to record TV

    Hi My Humax box is not recording TV shows that I set from my iOS and android apps. I phoned the Freesat helpline and they said the technical people are working on this problem. Are other people having this problem? I am away a lot travelling so I rely on the Freesat apps to set my recordings thanks
  7. E

    Amico Mini Combo problem recording

    Recently when I record TV programs using Amico mini combo I have a problem when replaying. Every few seconds the playback cuts out and resumes for another few seconds. This continues through the whole playback. I’ve checked cables and the flash drive I use and cannot find a fault. What is wrong?
  8. S

    Help on cable buying

    Hi, Not sure if correct Forum but appreciate help. Our church have an Audio system for all inputs and output Amplifiers etc. We want to be able to use a laptop to record the output but can't seem to get to work. Either nothing or get distortion in the sound. The Audio desk is older but has...
  9. S

    Recording to Micro SD card - LG TV - 43UK6400PLF

    My brother recently borrowed me his external hard drive so I could test the TV recording feature of my LG 43UK6400PLF. It worked really well only there is a humming noise from the hard drive spinning. I went out and bought a 256 Micro SD card with a USB adaptor, but when I plugged it into the TV...
  10. P

    Question Recording TV

    Hi there, I'm sorry if this isn't appropriate to ask. My grandparents have just bought a new Samsung smart 4K all fancy TV. Although the TV itself has all of the live channels built in, they are continuing to use their current Freesat box due to it being hearing loop compatible and is...
  11. D

    Question Samsung DVD Recorder R119, can't view Sky+ Box signal ?

    Hi, I just got an old Samsung DVD recorder R119, I'm trying to record a few programs I've saved on my old Pace Sky+ box ( 2009) I've used a scart lead to connect the Sky box (VCR Scart) to the DVD recorder (AV2 (external)) but the the Sky box signal doesn't appear on the AV2 input on the DVD...
  12. alicat1969

    Toshiba 32" 32LL3A63DB ext HDD recording but says 'no [email protected] on playback

    Issue as above. I have a USB 2.o 500 g Ext HDD which when I plug it into my computer, tells me there are recordings on it, however it just won't playback on the TV. It looks like it's recording, it says its recording.. I have formatted the disk as required, and have checked that it is FAT32. I'm...
  13. F

    Recording off sky

    I think one needs a hdmi capture card and hdmi splitter. Has anyone got any knowledge of using them?
  14. bogart99

    Recording TV programmes.

    I would like to add a HDD to my tv via one of the usb ports to enable programmes to be recorded. Now I have going spare a 500GB Samsung Evo SSD would this be suitable? I ask as I am sure I read a few years ago that SSDs are not very good for this function. Recording , deleting then recording.
  15. P

    Panasonic pwt-420 has stopped recording.

    Hi. Last night my pwt-420 decided it would stop recording. The red light flashes on the front as though recording is about to start but it remains flashing rather than turning solid because no recording starts. There is no problem with connection nor with signal strength. There is enough space...
  16. S

    Toshiba VHS to DVD recording

    I have a Toshiba DVD / Video Cassette Recorder model DVR20KB and I am trying to record from a VHS to a DVD +R. When following the below instructions: Insert a disc and a videotape with a record tab. 1 In stop mode, press [SETUP]. Select General Setting , then press [ENTER\OK]. 2 Select...
  17. A

    Recording from Sky+ box

    Hello, newbie here in need of some help. I have a sky+ box with loads of content. Most of it is football stuff (stuff I won't be able to download again) so I thought I could use my Panasonic dvd recorder to record my stuff onto a dvd. However I am hitting some snags The main issue I have is, the...
  18. T

    Question Suggestions for used camera for fixed-location video recording

    Hi all, I'm looking for a low cost camera capable of these features. I'd like to get something used/pre-owned/open-box to minimize the cost, and of course there are so many options out there, it's hard to know which might be good. In particular, one feature is rarely documented in my...
  19. E

    Recording from Freeview Tuner on LG65C9

    How useful is it? looking to ditch VM TV and use the TV or am I better just buying a BT Box for recording TV? can you record to a HDD on your server or does it have to plugged directly into the TV?
  20. P

    Question Youview+ BT - advice on recording needed

    I am looking for a cheap way of recording catchup tv so I can skip adverts. I need a remote that has 20, 30 second jumps. The youview+ and freeview play are similar (except the latter doesn't have itv catchup) Amazon fire Stick has reasonable access to catchup tv but the ad blocker doesn't...
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