1. S

    Question Lg tv recording function

    Hi there hopefully someone will help me so brought a new lg 50un80006lc few weeks ago from curry’s and I know it supports live tv recording I click to record and it says connect a usb storage device so I brought a Sandisk Cruzer 128gb I have even formatted it to FAT32 and used NTFS but when I...
  2. B

    Question LG 32LM6300 switches on at end of recording to PVR

    recently bought LG 32LM6300 - connected it to our Panasonic HDD & DVD recorder - recordings work fine but if a recording finishes when the TV is on standby the TV automatically switches on - is there a way to avoid this apologies if this has been covered before - if it has please direct me to...
  3. theoldcrow

    Recording series on OLED CX webOS

    Let me start by saying..IM OLD.. and on top of that I’m from Missouri, the show me state! If I can get an answer it almost has to be told like talking to a toddler. Not joking, a 5 year old understands more about computers than I do. the Answer should be easy for the average person on here...
  4. O

    FPV RC car with low latency streaming, video recording?

    I'm looking for something quite specific and wondering if anyone has any ideas. I've recently started getting into RC cars and I'm having an absolute blast. I think it'd be really cool to move the point of view from 3rd person, watching and controlling the car from the outside, to a first person...
  5. Iskren

    Recording is black when recording from mini-DV cassette with MAGIX Movie software

    Hello, I've got this old camera or camcorder might be a bit more accurate (I'm not into cameras too much so sorry), it's the JVC GR-D270 and I want to get the videos from it onto my PC. I searched around and found this tutorial Two Ways To Transfer Mini DV Tapes To Computer. - VHS CONVERTERS...
  6. S

    Audio sound recording cctv

    I have hikvision cctv installed, however it does not record audio. Is there a device that I can buy that records audio and image 24/7 that I can easily setup. I have looked at smart devices such as Arlo Pro and Blink, however they only capture when motion is detected. any advice would be...
  7. E

    Audio recording levels on DMR-BWT850

    We recently bought a new DMR-BWT850 and are so far completely satisfied with it, except that we find the audio recording level (onto the HD) to be very low and we are constantly adjusting the volume of the TV. We would normally watch TV with the volume set to (say) 15, but when playing back HD...
  8. T

    XBSX Mic Recording

    The XBSX changed the mic recording options--took them out, actually. Any ideas on how to record the user mic when doing capture?
  9. M

    Help! Humax TNTSAT recording problem

    I have had a Humax tn7000hd for a number of years working without issue. However last week I decided to add a PVR option by connecting a WD usb2 500gb passport drive to the USB port. I had to format the drive through the onboard software and it appeared to do that fine - setting it as a 450gb...
  10. T

    Recording from a SkyQ mini box to a HDR

    Is it possible using an HDMI splitter to record a program from a mini box on to an HDR?
  11. GVA1994

    Recording HDMI > VCR (Scart) and back

    Hi all, I've browsed around on the forums but couldn't find an answer for my personal situation. I'm trying to transfer a video I've made from my laptop (only HDMI-out) to my VCR (only SCART in). I've found a converter that does that (see link below). I'm doing this so I can degrade the video...
  12. S

    Question Panasonic DMR HWT150 - recording playback progress

    Hi there. Does anyone know how I can see the progress/how far through I am when watching back a recorded program on this Panasonic free view box? Thanks
  13. B

    Cant change channel when recording???

    Good Morning everyone, So I have had this issue for a while i looked under recording on the user manual on the tv, it states that some models can change channel and that. I use a usb in the back and i literally cannot do anything when i recording, i am testing this again today to see if i can...
  14. P

    Samsung Galaxy HDR10+ video recording

    I have done some testing shooting HDR10+, and same scenes in SDR. In FCPX, the HDR10+ files read as rec.709, you must force PQ to get them to show in HDR10. In visual scene testing of highlights, the SDR and HDR10+ footage clip the highlights exactly the same, there is no additional dynamic...
  15. D

    LG Smart TV USB HDD / Flashdrive compability for recording

    Hi Got an LG Smart TV : model: 27MS73V-PZQ. Quite a few years old. Every memory stick / HDD I've got and tried doesn't work for recording. TV sees the devices and can probably open files on the stick if there were any (I can drill into the drive and folders) I've tried Sandisk Extreme...
  16. S

    Q90t Recording help

    Hey all. I am a little TV challenged and wanted to ask the masses if it is possible to record OTA tv by plugging in a flash drive or external HD in the USB port of the tv. I have a tablo but the Q90t is not capable of downloading the Tablo app like my Sony in the other room. Thanks guys
  17. I

    Sony MDS-JB930 recording problem

    Hi all. In my system I have a Linn AV5103 pre amp (system controller). I only use it as a stereo preamp and as such, I'm very happy with it. I also have a Sony MDS-JB930 minidisc player/recorder which is working fine (I think). My problem is the Linn won't allow digital recordings to the JB930...
  18. V

    Question Panasonic HC-V770 HDMI video out and recording at same time

    Can the HC-V770 send video out using HDMI to a Hollyland Mars 400s wireless Tx to a TV and record on the 770 at the same time?? It works great if I only record, or if I only send out video. Just can't seem to do both. Am I missing something or it just won't work??
  19. K

    USB TV Functionality

    I’d like to know what functionality I will gain from plugging a usb flash drive into the TV (LG CX). Will it be possible to... Record and schedule recordings from the TV guide? Record one channel and watch another? Pause and rewind live tv similar to sky? Play videos saved onto the flash drive...
  20. C

    Direct recording on Panasonic DMR-BWT850 / 800

    I have a Panasonic DMR-BWT800 which has a SCART connection to my Sky+HD box so that I can copy (albeit in analogue) recordings to acrchive to BluRay. I do also have a DMR-BWT850 that does not have the SCART input. I have tried using a Triax DVB-T modulator to modulate the output of the Sky...
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