Recording is the process of capturing data or translating information to a recording format stored on some form of storage medium, for example a video cassette or DVD, which is often referred to as a record or, especially if an auditory or visual medium, a recording.

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  1. C

    Xf9005 record via USB

    Hi. I have a xf9005 and we are losing our sky box so the recording function we use will be gone with it. Is the TV able to record via a USB drive connected and is it any good? Will we be able to record one channel whilst watching another? Thank you.
  2. G

    video recording app required

    Hi all, Im not sure if this post will be going in the right place so please move it or advise me where best to put it if incorrect. Im in need of recommendations for a video recording app for my phone that can record video and send it to some sort of cloud storage automatically where it can be...
  3. I

    BBC archive recording of the Apollo 13 launch on BBC 1 in audio.

    I’ve found this recording only in audio of the BBC 1 coverage of the launch of Apollo 13. This audio recording I’ve found lasts about 45 minutes.
  4. G

    Question LG 65NANO916NA recording issues

    Afternoon all! I'm wondering if anyone can offer any advice. A few years back now I purchased an LG 65NANO916NA TV. It's been grand for what I've needed the past few years. We (like many others) have now decided to "cut the chord" with sky and go towards Freeview and app based viewing...
  5. DJ Dave

    Freeview Recording Box

    Good morning all My elderly parents need a new Freeview recording box. Can anyone recommend anything please? Just a basic unit would be fine.
  6. S

    samsung dvd -VR 470m rejecting blank dvd discs for recording

    samsung DVD-VR 470M rejecting blank DVD disks for recording from vcr to dvd can anyone help
  7. A

    Hikvision: Undesired continuous recording after PTZ

    My camera is HWP-N2404IH-DE3. I have configured motion detection and storage record schedule on Event to record upon motion detection. It works well. The camera creates short recordings only when a motion is detected. The problem is when i do any movement of the camera through the PTZ controls...
  8. 1

    USB Recording Device for LG OLED TV

    Any recommendations for a USB Recording/Storage device for my Lg oled42c34la tv. I would like to record/play programs/films from the TV,which I can connect to satallite or antenna signal input…..would I be able to record from either source to the device? Im hoping I would be able to record in...
  9. R

    Looking for 32" or smaller tv where I can record onto a usb

    I am trying to look for a smart tv that gives you the option to record to a usb from freeview where you can also watch the files you have recorded on a computer. Does this even exist? If anyone can help me or direct me to information i would really appreciate it. I recently bought a JVC 32" tv...
  10. G

    Need help with recording and storage on home CCTV

    Hello, I've had home CCTV for a number of years now and it's been working fine until recently. The model number of the system I'm using: DET-4Dc2M1TB The system stopped recording and I thought this might be the HD, so I formatted the HD and it started recording again (back on 17/10/2023 -...
  11. S

    LG 55UF850V Recording help please

    Hello all I have just got from my son the above TV but cannot manage to get any HD to work as a recorder of TV programs. I have tried various hard drives none are successful. I know it's an older TV and my son has never tried to do this. If anyone has this working could you please tell me the...
  12. K

    Multi channel 4k recording

    Hi all, it's been many years since I posted on here. I'm trying to come up with a way of recording four different cameras simultaneously, using a unit that can quickly go back 20 or 30 seconds to replay what just happened.. its for motorsport. Any ideas? I was thinking of a standalone unit, or...
  13. J

    Question Humax Aura FVP-4KGTR Recording Issues

    I have an 11-month old Humax Aura FVP-4KGTR - 2TB, and first off I must say what a huge disappointment this has been compared to the Humax Fox HDR T2, which I still have and runs along side the Aura and is still connected to my TV on a separate HDMI connection. I have had lots of issues with the...
  14. TVEye

    Recording onto a usb stick

    How on earth do you record from a Q90T onto a usb? The stupid thing is that I've done it occasionally in the past but now can't find any way of doing it. There's no record button and I've never used that other daft remote with no buttons on it. I can't find any menu options either. Also, can you...
  15. chris301up

    Question Dahua NVR No Longer Recording

    I have tried to reply to my original thread regarding a flashing light issue with one of my cameras, but it doesn't seem to want to post? Just to update. I disconnected the cameras from the original power source, which was the house alarm system, and installed a dedicated power supply of 12V 2A...
  16. YasinHamid

    Digital camcorder for recording youth ice hockey games

    Hi, I would like to ask for help with selecting a camcorder for recording my son's ice hockey games. I tried to record the games by my phone, Samsung galaxy S22, mounted on tripod. But I'm limited by the space available on the phone, and by the battery. Another option was a digital camera (DSLR...
  17. P

    Recording from Panasonic TV to a USB device

    Good Evening, I am trying to record from my Panasonic Smart TV - to a Kingston Data Traveller USB stick. The TV seems to recognise the stick - but will not allow formatting:- "Formatting failed - device not supported" The Panasonic manual states that the USB device should be powered. Can...
  18. A

    Good multi tuner recording box

    Hi All I live in Portugal, I receive TV unscrambled via coax cable. I need a recording box. So all the freeview in UK is not relevant to me, i just need to record the basic signal and ideally wanted more than one tuner. Any suggestions what to look at would be appreciated
  19. B

    Question Series not recording on Panasonic DWR HT 250

    The wife's Panasonic DWR HT 250 recorder is set to record numerous series on various channels. Recently with all the sport dominating TV it's missing re-scheduled recordings. For example, Coronation Street normally records on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. This week it recorded...
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