1. D

    Suggestions for Freesat style HTPC recording

    I'm contemplating a return to satellite TV watching after ditching it around 2015. I think I was frustrated with the hassle of constantly shifting program positions, half empty EPG's and dozens of duplicate channels. I think back then I was using Windows Media Center, then ditched it for a...
  2. C

    Recording from Phono Pre-Amp to laptop

    I have a need to record one of my vinyl lp's to my laptop (usb input on the laptop). I currently have a Musical Fidelity LX2-LPS Phono Stage. Excuse my ignorance, but is it just a case of attaching a rca - USB cable via the outputs on the phono stage and then recording on the laptop with...
  3. C

    Simple, customisable UI/EPG with recording to USB

    I'm looking for help and advice to help my aging parents cope with using their TV. They want it to be "like it was in the old days", please folks. That means as few remote contols, and as few buttons presses as possible to prevent motor control and memory loss issues becoming a problem...
  4. VHSguy

    What media is the most cost effective nowadays for regular recording from TV?

    I was just wondering, what is the cheapest media for recording from broadcast television and archiving? Is it to USB flash memory, hard disc drive or DVD etc?
  5. brymbo76

    'Sky+ HD playback and recording are unavailable' messages

    I had an old Sky+ SD digibox that failed recently by something causing it to stay stuck in Standby so I bought a cheap second-hand HD replacement from a seller on ebay. I don't even subscribe to Sky anyway, I just bought it to watch the occasional channels that Freeview hasn't got. It came with...
  6. C

    Panasonic DMR-EX98V Problems Recording From a Multi Region Sony Betamax

    Hi all, My first post so hello as well! I have a Panasonic DMR-EX98V which I am using to back up a large collection of VHS tapes from around the world, I am just moving on to backing up my betamax tapes but am having issues with playback & recording of NTSC. I am using a Sony SL-T50ME & a...
  7. F

    Obs studio recording using video capture off sky

    I want to record off sky using obs studio. The picture isn't coming out vefore recording off sky. My CPU is in the 60s and 70s.. Don't seem to have sound. Looking at what dimensions I need to record off it..
  8. Clem_Dye

    Missions, 25/04/22, recording failures, anyone?

    On both my Humax boxes, I had failed recirdings of both episodes 1 & 2 of Missions, BBC4HD, yesterday, but episode 3 was fine. I was just wondering if anyone else experienced anything similar? Both my boxes are connected to the same distribution system at my home, so it could be a local issue...
  9. Turnbullissimo

    TV recording

    So I have acquired a Samsung Q60A TV. I then bought a 2TB external drive (USB 3.0) for recording programmes. It asks if I want to format it but after that comes up with an error message saying its not fast enough. Anyone have any idea what this means and how I can rectify it?
  10. TVEye

    Samsung EPG and recording function not fit for purpose

    This has been discussed somewhere in the general Samsung Q90T thread, but it gets lost in its many pages. I have now reached the conclusion that Samsung's so-called recording function (onto a USB drive/memory stick, whatever) is not fit for purpose and I'm totally convinced it's all down to...
  11. JohnWB

    Looking for Inexpensive Freeview box without aerial with wifi but not recording

    I am looking for an inexpensive Freeview box with wifi connection to the internet, but i do not require recording as it is only for use in my garage. Does anyone have any recommendations please
  12. T

    40-50" OLED for Freeview recording and Nintendo Switch?

    Hi, I'm looking at getting an OLED TV and was thinking a 40-50" would be nice, I was looking at maybe either the SONY BRAVIA KE48A9BU, PANASONIC TX-48JZ1000B or LG OLED48A16LA? It would be for watching Freeview, DVD's and playing Nintendo Switch, but it would need to be able to record one...
  13. S

    Video settings to improve quality of attached recording

    Attached is a screenshot of a performance filmed using 4K 60fps on an iPhone 13 Pro. As you can see the people look overexposed and the colour looks odd/yellowish. If I were to record it again what should I do to improve the recording to make it clearer?
  14. R

    Sony Nw-A55L recording cable

    Hi All. Does anyone on here in the UK have a Sony WMC-NWR1 recording cable that they would part with. The only ones I can find online are on the other side of the world with extortionate postage rates. ( if not sold out ). I am not asking for any special deal, I will pay the going rate but...
  15. robert12

    Samsung AU9000 USB Recording

    Hello, Does the Samsung AU9000 allow you to record to a USB stick? And if it does, while recording one program, can you watch another previously recorded program from the USB? Thanks, Rob
  16. Turnbullissimo

    Is it actually worth using TV recording facility?

    So I had a couple of TV recorders for years and tbh well past sell by date. I keeping them for the amount of movies etc Ive got on them. For the first time I tried an alternative on my Toshiba TV by using a flash drive to access the recording facility. I did a test and it seemed OK. I then...
  17. N

    Humax fvp-5000t recording notification

    Just bought this recorder and like it. Have now noticed after watching a film with a few friends, that a banner appears on screen telling you a recording has started. The box was correct, but this happened three times towards the end of the film and was very off putting. Anyway to turn this...
  18. Zog

    Recording from my Denon AVR X2300

    Looking for a way to both playback and record with my Panasonic DMR-EX773 through my Denon AVR-X2300. Playback is straight forward enough, I can just use the HDMI connection. However, I am a little bit lost when it comes to recording from the Denon. AV2 Input is the obvious choice on the...
  19. J


    Moving to an area where i can finall receive freeview through my hd smart tv. Whow will i record 2 programmes at once. I currently have a humax hard disk freedat + box
  20. RobTi

    Recording calls on iphone

    Hi what apps are we using to record calls on the iPhone ? Thanks
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