1. OnTheCoast

    Recording Music and Video Simultaneously!

    I do a lot of Video shooting on my Android LG V30 Phone, and then use Lossless Cut, to make quick Clips of them! But I am not too happy about having a Video, without some Background Music. Is there any Simple way to record Music in the background, while I shoot a Video, and still use the Default...
  2. T

    Hauppauge Freeview HD recording glitches

    My first ever post, so apologies if this is not the right sub-group ... I invested in a Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD tuner in order to record Freeview broadcasts, particularly in HD since I can't transfer HD recordings off my Humax FVP-4000T box. My set up is the Hauppauge plugged into an old...
  3. arcticwolve

    Panasonic Hc V160 picture cuts out when recording through a tv monitor

    Hello i have a Panasonic Hc-V160 camcorder its a few years old now but works fine my only issue is im having problems when i connect hdmi to tv monitor. When connected to the monitor i get a picture but as soon as i press record the monitor signal cuts out. Reason i need a monitor is for...
  4. Gordon WT

    Sky Q not recording BBC

    I went to watch my recording of Line of Duty and it said “failed - technical problem”. After unplugging and updating software I found that I can record every other channel but not BBC1 or 2! I can’t even pause or rewind. Checked to see if the card was paired OK and it says it is. Totally...
  5. S

    Hikvision camera not recording all movements

    We got a new Hikvision security system a few months ago and after setting it up I would do random checks every time someone would leave or enter the house to make sure that it was picking them up. On two different occasions I noticed that it did not record when someone entered the house. I...
  6. H

    Recording to USB problem UN73006LA

    I’m trying to sort out a friends recording problem and hope someone can help. We've attached a USB memory stick and this seems to be recognised. When I press the Recordings menu it identifies the stick and shows options for pics, music and video which are all empty at present. When looking at...
  7. N

    Sony 48a9 – usb recording problems

    Hello! I just bought a Sony 48a9 tv (in Romania) and i am not able to record on usb stick. The TV have the latest firmware version and i’ve tried different usb sticks, in the USB HDD port (all quality usb 3.0 Sandisk sticks with high speed) but none of them are working. The tv is registering the...
  8. P

    DMR EZ48V

    Working on a Panasonic DMR-EZ48V combo unit. Everything seems to work but the VCR will take the tape in, the tape will turn but will not load around the recording head. Anyone have any experience with this?
  9. R

    Two Different Speaker Sound Distortions in 5.1 - Link Added to Recording

    Hi all, I have probably fallen foul of a false economy purchase - buying a set up off Market Place, only to not quite receive what I hoped for... I have no meaningful experience of audio, so excuse lack of clarity in explanations. I have just purchased a new Denon X1600H and a VERY cheap used...
  10. T

    Jjrc x15 recording

    Hi. As stated in another thread I have got hold of a Jjrc X15. As my first drone it's OK. I have taken some photos of the house at 20m which were saved to the app. How do I record onto the sd card in the drone? Is it one of the buttons on the remote control as I was touching the camera icon on...
  11. L

    Samsung KS8000 recording issues

    Hello all I will try to make this as brief as possible but in reality i been trying to sort an issue out with my KS8000 TV for the past year now with John Lewis 5 year warranty and a third party company called ICTV. The TV will not allow me to do scheduled recordings at all. Tried different...
  12. S

    PS5 4k recording

    Hi guys, When I record 4k gameplay from PS5, the format is webM. When I covert the webM to mp4 (using handbreak), the colours are weak. Did you notice the same?
  13. BlackCabRider

    Panasonic DMR-EZ49VEB not recording.

    Hello Everyone. I hope you can help me as I am stuck. I have a Panasonic DMR-EZ49VEB VHS to DVD recorder that I am using to transfer all my VHS home movies to DVD. I have been successfully doing this for a few weeks now and on the last tape I get this message. "Copy of this material is not...
  14. J

    Best Camcorder for recording tutorials for Youtube

    Could someone suggest a good camcorder for filming tutorials for Youtube? My wife has a Youtube channel where she teaches art. She's been using a couple of Canon DSLR cameras. The problem is that they become very hot after an hour and I would like something specifically designed for filming over...
  15. winka45

    Question Gameplay recording annoyance

    Is there anyway to disable the notice 'gameplay recording blocked...blah blah blah...' It really breaks the immersion in a game, when during a cutscene it blocks, then resumes then blocks again.
  16. E

    Panasonic HDD recorder: Which recording mode for files to be used on PC?

    I recently started downloading TV recordings from my Panasonic DMR-BCT730 Blu-ray recorder to my Windows PC using MediaMonkey, as described in this thread. Some users in that thread claim that there are compatibility issues with video players and converters with files recorded in DR mode. They...
  17. S

    Question Lg tv recording function

    Hi there hopefully someone will help me so brought a new lg 50un80006lc few weeks ago from curry’s and I know it supports live tv recording I click to record and it says connect a usb storage device so I brought a Sandisk Cruzer 128gb I have even formatted it to FAT32 and used NTFS but when I...
  18. B

    Question LG 32LM6300 switches on at end of recording to PVR

    recently bought LG 32LM6300 - connected it to our Panasonic HDD & DVD recorder - recordings work fine but if a recording finishes when the TV is on standby the TV automatically switches on - is there a way to avoid this apologies if this has been covered before - if it has please direct me to...
  19. theoldcrow

    Recording series on OLED CX webOS

    Let me start by saying..IM OLD.. and on top of that I’m from Missouri, the show me state! If I can get an answer it almost has to be told like talking to a toddler. Not joking, a 5 year old understands more about computers than I do. the Answer should be easy for the average person on here...
  20. O

    FPV RC car with low latency streaming, video recording?

    I'm looking for something quite specific and wondering if anyone has any ideas. I've recently started getting into RC cars and I'm having an absolute blast. I think it'd be really cool to move the point of view from 3rd person, watching and controlling the car from the outside, to a first person...
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