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  1. lynx

    Looking for a voice recorder.

    I'm looking to pickup an audio recorder, I don't want to spend lots but looking for something decent that can record clearly from around 10-15 feet in a quiet meeting room. It will likely be placed in a suit jacket inside pocket, not placed lying on a table. Likely used from an auction site...
  2. J

    Will BBC channels still be available via my DVD recorder?

    Hello again, savants: I posted quite recently about my Panasonic DVD recorder, which I thought was kaput (it wasn't). However, in looking on the Web for a replacement (thankfully, not needed), I learned, by accident that the BBC channels are going to be changed. For example, ordinary definition...
  3. J

    Is my DVD recorder finished? (Resolved)

    Hello, savants: Our Panasonic DMR-EX773EB (about seven years old) has just started to take a very long time to auto-tune (something that need doing often nowadays, because of the contant addition of new channels). The quality of the tuned channels seems to have dropped also. Whereas they used...
  4. B

    Question record freeview channels off tv to dvd recorder

    HI EVERYONE there is a question i need to ask i bought a new 4k smart tv it has 2 hdmi ports and 3 usb ports and it also has with freeview built in i tuned in the freeview in the tv which only uses the aerial port at the back of the tv. and what i want to do if it can be done can i watch a...
  5. 43576FV

    Panasonic DMR-EX77 screen grey & over contrast

    My 12 years old Panasonic HDD suddenly have grey and over contrast on the screen, the display with program name and time at the bottom of the screen should be light grey background, but it appears to be very dark grey almost near black. It wasn't my TV colour setting. I don't know if the...
  6. P

    AV connections

    Now connected my old Panasonic tv with scarts as follow TV AV1 out to AV2 DMR-EX87,TV AV2 out to AV1 BWT-720 then AV2-BWT-720 to AV1 DMR-EX87 but no connectivity then finally HDM I to HDMI BWT720 then HDMI 2 to HDMI EX87 but no connectivity, could this be due to an incorrect remote as there...
  7. A

    Philips 43PUS8555 no longer "supporting" output from my Panasonic DMR-XS350 Freesat DVD recorder

    My Philips 43PUS8555 smart TV is no longer "supporting" output from my Panasonic DMR-XS350 Freesat DVD recorder, although it will still play on my old Panasonic TV. All the Philips HDMI ports seem to accept output from my laptop, so seem to work and the TV says it recognises my dvd recorder but...
  8. hal20012020

    My PC does not recognize HOMATICS on NETWORK

    Mi PC no reconoce en RED el HOMATICS, en sentido inverso si, es decir de HOMATICS a PC si puedo leer archivos del PC, pero no puedo enviar archivos al disco duro externo que tengo conectado al HOMATICS, no sé cuál es el problema, gracias .
  9. effects

    lg RHT497H dvd recorder output

    Hi, I have a lg RHT497H dvd recorder connected to my LG TV and sky box. I want to record the skybox content to the recorder which I have done so in the past. But recently the Av2 on the DVD recorder preview is showing the picture cutting off the TV logos It feels zoomed in. I have added...
  10. M

    Question No HD channels on recorder, but TV fine

    Hi, Just moved into a new house. Downstairs there are two receptions, lounge on the front, dining on the back. In the lounge there is an old virgin connection, and an old sky connection that has a 2-core exiting cable that runs from the dish on the back of the property externally. The standard...
  11. jacckdaw

    Freeview over IP to be launched in 2024

    Media reports this morning that a new service called "Freely" developed by everyone TV (Freeview/Freesat) to launch on smart TVs in 2024
  12. countrywill

    Question Aiwa HV-FX5900K Video recorder Help please

    Hi I am new here and do not know if I am posting to the correct forum or not but I have a Aiwa HV-FX5900K VHS Video recorder which needs a new belt is there anyone here who could let me know where I can get one from? or any information as to the size and type of belt I need? any help will be...
  13. Annie_M

    Cloner Alliance recorder (Pro)

    Hi. Hope this post is in the right place. Does anyone have experience with the Cloner Alliance Box Pro? Recently purchased one to replace our ageing Panasonic HDD/DVD recorder. Generally speaking I'm well pleased with it. It offers usefully versatile connectivity. Sound and picture quality...
  14. J

    Is there a TV Recorder with Bluetooth remote

    Hello, I'm new to this Forum - found it when googling for 'Is there a TV Recorder with Bluetooth remote?' Currently I've got a new(ish) Samsung TV in the living room and a Sky Q box which is in a hallway cupboard, controlled by the Bluetooth Remote. I want to ditch Sky but would miss the...
  15. crzylgs

    New Freeview Recorder / TV Options for 80+ years old Parents

    Hi All, My parents Freeview Recorder Box (Humax FVP-4000T) has recently given up the ghost and I'm quite torn trying to decide what the best replacement option is. They don't use any paid for streaming apps, will occasionally use iPlayer, ITVX, etc and quite like being able to record multiple...
  16. S

    BUSH DVRHS02 VHS / DVD Recorder Combo - User Guide

    I'm trying to find a user guide for a Bush DVRHS02. I searched online and the links provided in posts from years ago no longer work. Hoping someone on here can help. Thank you
  17. R

    Panasonic DVD HDD Recorder problem

    Hi All Need some help. Got two virgin boxes but with the kids stuff both the HDD’s are pretty much full. So I got a SH Panasonic DMR EX773 (Ebay) and connected it all up to the one Virgin box so the DVD (its got an HDD as well) will record TV via the virgin box or anything that’s recorded on...
  18. J

    Moving movie files.

    Digibox recorder Manhattan T2+R. My recorded files are adding up, so I'd like to free up some space by moving files to a SSD. Via Laptop. Hdmi or USB cable. I'm thinking that once all hooked up the digibox will show up on my laptop and it would be a matter moving files from one location to...
  19. S

    Freesat Recorder Audio Fault.

    I've had a Freesat 1TB recorder for the past nine months. When listening to broadcast or recorded content there is a random, intermittent surround sound dropout lasting milliseconds, but is extremely annoying. Contacted Freesat who quickly replied that they were aware of this problem. For a...
  20. M

    Faulty Humax

    I’ve had two Foxsat HDR’s for a while. One of them is unable to recognise the down lead inputs. I’ve had a new dish fitted and down leads checked. I’ve eliminated everything except the PVR. I can do wothout it but would like to retrieve the recordings from the humax hd and the one I had plugged...
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