1. A

    LG 43UN73006LC connection to Panasonic DVD recorder

    M-in-law was recently gifted a new LG TV. I connected her old Panasonic DVD recorder DMR-EX 89EB to it. There seemed to be only one way to connect it. Seemed to be working OK. Checked it recorded from TV. Couldn't get her Magic remote to control it but she wasn't too worried about that. We now...
  2. S

    Freeview recorder recommendation please.

    Hi all - Can anyone give me some advice re a freeview recorderbox please? I just bought a new Smart TV with Freeview Play integrated , but I'd like to be able to record the Freeview channels. Can I buy a decent regular Freeview recorder, and then use the Play function on the TV to watch...
  3. M

    Can some guru offer some help with my baffling Dahua DX-XVR5108H-I CCTV recorder box please

    Hi, I have had this great system for around 6 months now. Long enough to become competent at programming the thing. I do find however that this is made by a race of people who read top to bottom and as such the software just doesn't translate well into western brains. Intuitive it is not...
  4. D

    Question Wanted - electronics repairer for VCD recorder

    As per title I am looking to have a VCD recorder repaired - a Liteon LVR 1001 which has two drives ( a DVD/CD player and CD recorder) which records into a VCD menu system. I m 99% certain that the problem is failing electrolytic capacitors in the PSU as 95% of the time it fails to boot up...
  5. A

    Question Retuning my Panasonic blu ray recorder.

    I've retuned my Panasonic TV model DMR Ex773 okay, the guide is complete. Then I retuned my blu ray disc recorder via its own remote control, I and get an incomplete TV guide, mainly ITV stations missing. Any suggestions, please? I've done this previously and never got this problem.
  6. greenline

    Question panasonic freeview recorder to pc?

    sorry if posted in wrong place. just something i was just old ps3 console has no problem connecting wirelessly to my panasonic freeview recorder and copying shows to the ps3 hard drive but i am having problems trying to do this on a windows computer. is it possible to transfer...
  7. I

    Poor signal on Panasonic DVD Recorder DMR-EX84C

    Hello! I'm so sad right now, because my beloved Panasonic DMR-EX84C is failing me, despite many hours of replacing each and every electrolytic capacitor inside, an effort now proven to be completely unnecessary. Why then, some might ask, did I bother going through with mentioned procedure in...
  8. M

    Manhattan TV recorder won’t record previously recorded programmes

    Hi! I bought a Manhattan TV recorder for my elderly mother but it won’t let us record programmes which have already been previously recorded (even if they’ve been permanently deleted). This is annoying as even if the film was recorded 2 years ago and permanently deleted, she can’t record it...
  9. T

    Toshiba vhs/dvd recorder

    I have a Toshiba DVD / Video Cassette Recorder model DVR20KB and I am trying to record from a VHS to a DVD RW. I have recently been able to transfer about 5 vhs tapes to dvd with no problems. At the last attempt the recorder failed to copy to dvd and the below motif appeared which indicated the...
  10. T

    HDR/DVD recorder

    I looking to by a Freesat HDR/DVD recorder. What are my option? Paul
  11. Vendikar

    Freesat 4K Recorder missing end of programme

    Hi, I recently purchased a Freesat Recordable 4K TV Box having previously been a Sky customer. One thing I missed on the Sky Q platform was the ability to pad the times, i.e. add say 2 minutes to the beginning and the end of the programme. I cannot find out how to do this on my new box, is...
  12. G

    Question Which freeview recorder?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a freeview recorder to replace a memory stick I've plugged into my TV to record programs to, I'm not really up to date with what modern recorders are capable of, but ideally I need it to do the following: Able schedule a program to record without TV being switched on...
  13. AuldAl

    Panasonic DVD recorder.

    DMR-EX78EB-K DVD recorder has power to continuously running fan only. No power to rest of the unit. I wondered if this can be an easy fix.
  14. P

    MiniDisc-style FLAC recorder?

    Hi, having dug out my old MD recently I've been searching for a modern equivalent. I expected to find portable hi-res players with line-in recording but they don't appear to exist or if they do they are not as affordable as I'd hoped. There's plenty of mic-based options Tascam / Zoom for £100ish...
  15. chris redfield

    Question recommendations for a dvd recorder

    I am looking for a dvd recorder that can allow me to passthrough an rgb signal through scart and not upscale or do any conversion of the signal. the only options I need are to be able to split the signal to composite out and rgb out (through scart) simultaneously. I am also looking for this dvd...
  16. JabbaNut

    Review : Humax Aura UHD 4K Freeview Recorder with Android TV OS - 1TB - HYBRID TV BOX

    Thought I would share this
  17. Promoted Content Poster

    Promoted Introducing the industry’s first Android TV Freeview Play Recorder: Humax AURA

    Introducing the industry’s first Android TV Freeview Play Recorder: Humax AURA At Humax, we’ve been leading the way in PVRs and smart TV products for many years, and with the launch of AURA, we’ve unveiled our most advanced home entertainment device yet. Available from November, it’s the first...
  18. S

    Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Plus plus freeview on a recorder box

    Hi Guys and Gals Just wondered if there was a freeview or Youview recorder box that has amazon, netflix, freeview and the ability to record the freeview channels. Apologies if in the wrong category Cheers Simon
  19. lordminty

    Connecting a Panasonic DMR-EX77 DVD Recorder to Smart TV

    I returned a loft stored Panasonic DMR-EX77 DVD recorder to service, after a small cheap player from Curry’s (Logik) had failed. Old Panny works brilliantly as a player. I hadn’t expected it to be compatible, being 2003 vintage! It’s connected to my Samsung UE48J6300AK Smart TV, via it's...
  20. M

    Question Panasonic DMR- BWT 720 Blu-Ray recorder Front Display stopped working.

    Hello hoping someone can help me here. I have a DMR-BWT 720 Blu-ray recorder which I have had since 2013 from new. Never had any problems with it and been very happy with my purchase. Went away for few days last week and when returned noticed we had had a power cut while away. On turning on the...
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