1. Alex43

    For Sale BT 4K Freeview Recorder + 2 x Humax Freesat HD Recorders

    Hi Just clearing out some of my gadgets and have the following Freeview & Freesat PVR recorders available They are all 1TB models All prices include mainland UK delivery. Payment by PayPal Gift please. BT DTR-T4000 1TB £100 Humax HDR-1000s 1TB £110 Humax HDR-1100s 1TB £140
  2. buddy777

    Humax freesat recorder does it show BBC teletext

    Iam thinking of buying a Humax freesat recorder but only if I can get the BBC text service every morning.Can anyone advise it this service is available on a Humax box
  3. R

    Help With Choosing A Video Recorder

    New here. I am looking for a one handed video recorder. Zoom and other functions workable by fingertips of same hand. Prefer to put it up to eye instead of looking at a fold out screen. This will be used to video Wildlife, in the woods. I envision the storage will be on an SD card. What brand...
  4. biccus1

    New Freeview recorder ?

    Evening all we are renewing some tech in bedroom and we use a Freeview recorder for when out and when more than one thing at a time is on, we currently have a panasonic dmr-hwt250 which is ok but wondered if anything better for just recording, don’t need any services on box as will all be on tv...
  5. S

    Changing Symphonic recorder speed 'without remote'

    Hi, I cannot seem to change the recording speed on this device, and I have no remote for it. Does anyone know how I can change it without the remote? It's a Symphonic CSDV840E. Any help is appreciated Thanks, ...... john
  6. F

    TV recorder for LG TV

    Can anyone help an old man please? A couple of years ago I bought my first LG 'Smart' TV, this is coupled to an ageing Panasonic HDD recorder that also has a DVD player. Recently, the recorder has been taking over the TV in that as soon as it starts recording, it won't let me switch back to the...
  7. 2

    Panasonic DMR-BWT720 1TB DVD Recorder. "Audio not supported"

    Hi, I wonder if anybody could shed any light on a problem I am experiencing? I have 2 of the above recorders, both purchased at the same time, one in the lounge and one in the bedroom. On Saturday, I put a Blu-Ray DVD in the lounge machine, it started as usual, ran the preamble, but when it came...
  8. P

    Missing channels via Freeview recorder

    Hi all. I was debating over the Manhattan TR3 & Humax Aura for weeks. I eventually bought them both to see how they compared, both have their plus points but I believe the Aura is the winner of the two from my tests so far. However, when my rooftop Ariel is connected directly into the TV I am...
  9. J

    HD video convertor any good?

    Hi I have recently purchased new TV no scart lead for the pvr recorder so purchased an HD video convertor followed instructions but nothing working, I've noticed the power button remains red and wondered if anyone has one of these boxes, should it be green light? Very frustrating as I k ow...
  10. Dark Raven

    Recording shows from Virgin V6 box to Panasonic DVD recorder.

    Hi all. Looking for some advice. I have a few short TV clips like interviews recorded and stored on my Virgin Media V6 Tivo box. I also own a Panasonic DMR-EX87 DVD recorder. I'm trying to transfer/copy these clips to the hard drive of the recorder. Then I can get them onto disc. Currently I...
  11. P

    Digitalstream twin HD recorder DHR8205U died

    My Digitalstream recorder has 'died', no lights coming on. 1) Is there any obvious fix eg a fuse? I checked plug and power sockets. It's an old machine and has had difficulty starting up for a while but always came on in the end. 2) There were a lot of treasured films etc on the hard drive...
  12. P

    Freesat UHD 4K 2TB Recorder

    Hi all, I’ve downloaded the Freesat app and to be able to set recording’s remotely I need to add the Freesat ID, Gone into settings and in the system info and Freesat account and nothing !
  13. J

    Freesat recorder that will record direct to NAS ?

    Hi I'm after a Freesat recorder that can record to MP4 and then either transfer the files to a NAS drive or record directly, any ideas ?
  14. B

    sony dvd recorder rdr-hxd790 remote not working.

    Hi my parents "sony dvd recorder rdr-hxd790" remote is not working. Thing's we've tried but not solved problem. 1.Tried new batteries 2. Tried resetting the codes Also took the DVD player back to factory reset and now it's worse because can't set DVD up as no remote. I've got a feeling my...
  15. TVEye

    Continually losing Humax recorder connection

    I'm really getting fed up now with the number of times I switch on my TV to watch through my Humax HDR2000T, only to be greeted with an error message because the TV can't connect to it. None of the on-screen options will work, except sometimes reconfiguring the entire hdmi1 connection from...
  16. O

    Dvd recorder problem

    When recording something on my Panasonic DMR-EX97 today the programme froze and i had to turn the machine off at the wall socket. Now when i've turned its on again all I get is a please wait message on the machine. Would this mean a new recorder required or is there anything else I can do ( eg...
  17. D

    Humax HDR-1100S 500GB Freesat recorder

    Humax HDR-1100S 500GB Freesat recorder Though the mains unit is providing the correct voltage my humax freesat box is dead. 1. Does anyone know of a maintenance manual? 2 If I remove the hard drive, would it be possible to extract and view the recordings on my computer ? Thank you
  18. V

    Is there a good USB PVR recorder

    I'm looking for a new PVR recorder that won't break the bank or draw too much power - so looking for something that uses USB storage rather than built-in HDD. I'm not happy with what I've seen thus far, which is very basic brandless boxes. Is there anything good that's preferably Android...
  19. N

    need a new PVR (re post from the DVD recorder forum)

    (I think I posted this in the wrong forum originally) Hi there. My old trusty Panasonic DMR-EX77 threw a bit of a wobbly last Saturday. For all TV stations there was just a black screen with no sound. In addition, the TV guide never came up when the handset button was pressed. Before I went to...
  20. Y

    Video recorder transporting

    Dear forum members Best way to transport a video recorder in a car
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