1. Z

    can it record?

    I wish to be able to see broadcasting with a time delay. Like for example, a show thats always at 21:00 but im back to watch tv at 22:00, so i always miss the show... can i set my Sony XG9505 Ultimate to record? What do i need?
  2. J

    Freesat recorder that will record direct to NAS ?

    Hi I'm after a Freesat recorder that can record to MP4 and then either transfer the files to a NAS drive or record directly, any ideas ?
  3. J

    Record as turntable mat?

    Hi everyone. I've asked this question elsewhere but wondered if anyone here can answer me. Would there be any detriment in using a vinyl picture disc as a slip mat on my TT? I understand there may be an issue with the labels not allowing the record to sit correctly, but if this isn't a problem...
  4. N

    Leonid Taranenko world record 266kg clean and jerk

  5. S

    Help - need to record freesat broadcast on Sat and existing PVR isn't working!

    I had a Samsung SMT-7800 freesat recorder box and it's been great for years. Just recently however I noticed a 'HDD not ready' message pops up when I try to either record a programme or access the hard drive of recordings. I just swapped in a new 1TB Seagate HDD but am still getting the HDD...
  6. chaz

    Screw Type Record Clamp ?

    I have one of the original Pro-Ject Xperience Turntables ( Not the Type II ) the thing is on mine it has a screw type Spindle I would like to know beside the one I have is there other record clampI can use beside the one I have already got as I would like a nicer looking one as I am buying a...
  7. A

    Stylus cartridge very close to record surface

    I've spent some time setting up and balancing everything on this Gemini PT-2000 that I recently acquired. It all seems ok and plays fine, but to my eyes the stylus cartridge body seems extremely close to the surface of the record. I don't think it's the weight of the tone arm, as you can see...
  8. tooley1878

    Beginner Record player

    Hi all, Just ditched am all in one suitcase record player and I'm on the look out for a new one under £150 ? I have bought myself some Edifier R1280Ts so just the turntable I need now... Any recommendations? Mark
  9. TVEye

    Where is the record button on the normal remote?

    I know how to set a future programme to record via the epg, but has anybody found out how to record instantly using the standard remote control? I can't find this anywhere.
  10. Technofile

    PANASONIC PWT530 - will no record to external drive

    This device has 500GB capacity and all used, forcing me to delete programmes I would rather keep. So bought a 2TB external drive managed to register it on the Panasonic device and all looking good - it even says how much capacity this gives (276 hours) Only problem- it doesn't actually seem...
  11. Cliff

    Migrants crossing the channel reach a new record.

    The Migrant problem has not been solved in spite of all the tough talk from the government. There has to be a solution to reduce this number and bring migration back into control. Some may be refugees fleeing war zones and some are just looking for a better life. However the present situation is...
  12. TEAC Corp

    Record Store Day 2.0 and 25% off TEAC TN-175 Turntable

    For retro sound enthusiasts: Esteemed legacy brand TEAC is one of the few names left in the industry to produce cassette decks. Hubs for vintage and advanced technology alike, TEAC devices combine the analogue with the digital in a uniquely masterful way. The product assortment ranges from...
  13. F

    Can I use HDMI CEC and my record player?

    I have an onkyo tx-sr308 and an LG C1. ARC/HDMI CEC works great. I can use my Chromecast remote to power on/off the tv and receiver. Everything is perfect. Except(!) I can't figure out how to use other devices connected to my receiver (mainly my record player). If I turn the receiver on to my...
  14. O

    Ford Mach-E set new EV efficiency record

    Bit artificial but a Mach-E has set a new record for efficiency and I think charging speed. It was done overnight over the space of a couple of days.
  15. ArianK

    HDMI Capture Card that can successfully record Dolby Digital audio?

    Just like the title says, is there an HDMI card on the market right now (or even discontinued) that at the very least can record in 1080p, 30fps, and accept the raw feed of Dolby Digital audio? I’m at my wit’s end here. First I was using an Inogeni 4K2USB3 card, but that apparently was...
  16. kaaallen

    Does the NEXTBASE 522GW dash cam loop record

    I am looking to buy the nextbase 522 GW but cannot see anywhere in the spec that it loop records. Does anyone know thanks Ken
  17. pulla

    Panasonic Camcorder HC-V777 - Error occured when using MP4 as record format

    I have above camcorder with a 200 GB SDXC inserted. When I record movies as MP4 after about ~ 20 minutes the recording is interruped with an error. At that time the file has a size of ~4GB. Then the camcorder powers off. When I turn it on again a "control data error" is displayed followed by...
  18. jkomg

    Yamaha RX-V383 - no sound when hooking up Technics SL-1900 record player (with Pyle pre-amp)

    Hey y'all, I've been fighting this for weeks now and I can't find a solution. I have a Yamaha RX V383 (with bluetooth) receiver, and I just recently bought a Technics SL-1900 record player. The 383 doesn't have a pre-amp or phono input, so I also have a Pyle PP444 pre-amp that I bought with...
  19. Member 749941

    How do I record stereo/audio out of my 70s record player via headphone or RCA sockets, into my phone via headphone/mic or usb?

    I want to video record my vinyl 70s singles with my phone to upload to my YouTube channel. I want the audio recording in stereo as best I can. I've tried recording from the headphone socket and the left and right RCA outputs but the audio is too loud and distorted. I'm guessing I'll need some...
  20. F

    LG 32LM6300 does not record from a KPN-topbox

    LG 32LM6300 does not record from a KPN-topbox connected to a HDMI-port. Recording on the LG-TV the video from a DVD-player connected to the AV-port works fine. I use an usb-HDD. Could it be that LG agreed with KPN to block recording from the KPN-top-box in order for KPN to sell (at a monthly...
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